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Lithium Orotate

Supports Healthy Mood & Emotional Wellness

28 Reviews

Lithium Orotate

Supports Healthy Mood & Emotional Wellness

Get an edge on life by taking the edge off life! Lithium orotate is nutritional support that promotes a balanced mood, sharp focus, and a healthy response to stress. It’s lithium bound to orotic acid for superior bioavailability.†

60 vegetarian capsules

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Learn About the Astonishing Power of Lithium Orotate!

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What Is Lithium Orotate?

Few things are as important as your mental well-being. If your mood is off or stress levels are high, it slows down your energy, outlook, and nearly every part of your life. Lithium is a naturally-occurring, important trace mineral with a long history of therapeutic use for supporting a healthy mood and overall mental wellness. When bound to orotic acid as lithium orotate, the result is specialized nutrition for a happy mood, healthy response to occasional stress, and normal cognitive function. Each vegetarian capsule provides 10 mg of elemental lithium.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Lithium Orotate

1. Promotes a Healthy Response to Stress

Stress can make you feel fatigued, unmotivated, and down. Lithium orotate positively supports normal brain chemistry to promote a feeling of confident relaxation. Stop feeling on edge and start feeling what it means to be calm and collected.

2. Improves Mood

A down mood is like a dark room with drawn curtains; it's time to let in the sunlight. Lithium orotate supports the production of brain-derived nerve growth factor, which not only has a neuroprotective effect but may also promote a positive, stable mood. Feel joy, happiness, and — most importantly — like yourself.

3. Sharpens Focus & Concentration

Maintaining consistent focus in a fast-paced world is a challenge. When demands pile up, it can be overwhelming and hard to stay on task. Lithium orotate helps brain receptors and neurotransmitters so you can concentrate your focus on the important things in life.

4. Encourages a Healthy Outlook

Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes the lows can make you feel discouraged about the future. The neuron-stimulating effects of lithium orotate can help you feel better equipped to deal with life’s extremes. Stay balanced and move past the thoughts and emotions that hold you back.

5. Promotes Restful Sleep

When the volume in your head doesn't turn down with the lights, lithium orotate can help. Lithium orotate promotes restful sleep, all night long. Experience what it's like to wake up happy, refreshed, and clear-minded.

The Health Benefits of Lithium Orotate

  • Promotes a normal response to temporary stress and anxiety.
  • Supports a stable, balanced mood and emotional state.
  • Encourages normal brain health, structure, and function.
  • Promotes a deep sense of calmness and clarity.
  • Stimulates cognitive function.
  • Promotes sharp mental focus and motivation.
  • Promotes stable behavior and positively influences impulse processing.
  • Supports optimal memory function.
  • Provides nutritional support for emotional wellness and behavior.
  • Boosts neurotransmitter function.
  • Supports the brain’s detoxification pathways.

Facts About Stress

  • Stress throws gut bacteria out of balance and, overall, it’s as bad for the digestive system as a diet filled with junk food.
  • Too much stress is associated with poor cardiovascular health.
  • Stress weakens the immune system.
  • Experiencing too much stress can raise the risk of obesity, reduce the body’s ability to regulate inflammation, and affect long-term health.
  • There is a link between work-related stress and cancer in men.
  • Stress is contagious! Studies have found that if the people around you are stressed, it affects your stress level, as well.
  • Stress affects memory in middle-age adults.
  • Stress affects physical appearance and makes skin look dull.
  • Stress negatively affects decision-making abilities and even promotes poor decision-making.

Why Global Healing Center Lithium Orotate Is the Best Lithium Orotate Supplement

  • Easy-to-swallow capsules provide 10 mg of elemental lithium.
  • Meticulously formulated with the highest quality ingredients for consistent, predictable results.
  • Lab tested for purity and consistency.
  • No soy, artificial colors, dairy, gluten, or other toxic impurities.
  • Manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered, cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Process) compliant facility.

The Top 3 Questions People Ask About Lithium Orotate

1. Should I get regular check-ups and testing while taking lithium orotate? Follow the advice of your healthcare practitioner. Once-a-year kidney function and thyroid function tests should be performed if you have known thyroid or kidney conditions or as recommended.

2. Does lithium orotate interact with other nutritional supplements or prescription drugs? Lithium orotate can interact with a number of prescription medications, including antidepressants, blood pressure medication, anti-seizure medications, NSAIDs, and diuretics. If you’re taking these, or any other prescription medication, consult your healthcare practitioner before adding any form of lithium to your routine. Additionally, lithium orotate can interact with some herbal and nutritional supplements, including, but not limited to, St. John’s wort, GABA, tryptophan, 5-HTP, and other supplements that affect neurotransmitters.

3. How long does it take to notice the benefits of lithium orotate? Results vary but some people have reported feeling benefits in under an hour, while others don’t notice benefits for a few weeks.

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Lithium Orotate

Lithium Orotate

Supports Healthy Mood & Emotional Wellness

28 Reviews

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