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7-Day & 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanses

Dr. Group's Oxygen Colon Cleanse Programs

Please choose the colon cleansing program below that you feel best fits your current health status, timeline, lifestyle needs or desired results. For full instructions, dosing and usage information, click on the blue link below the cleansing program you choose.

1) The 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse (Easy to Perform)

  • Simple cleanse to perform, only requirement is taking some capsules prior to going to bed at night & drinking water with organic Apple Cider Vinegar during the day.
  • Recommended for first time colon cleansing individuals.
  • Does not require making, mixing & drinking Dr. Group's "Colon Cleanse Cocktail".
  • Does not require a raw fruit only diet.
  • Contains minimal changes to your diet.
  • Requires minimal lifestyle changes.

View Dr. Group's 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse Instructions

2) The 6-Day "Advanced" Oxygen Colon Cleanse (More Difficult - Excellent Results)

  • Designed for people who are generally healthy already and want a deep cleansing and repairing of the intestinal tract.
  • A more detailed & time consuming cleanse
  • Requires daily making, mixing and drinking of Dr. Group's "Colon Cleanse Cocktail".
  • Designed for people who are very serious and take the time & effort to maximize their colon cleansing results.
  • Requires you to eat only organically or locally grown fruit daily for 6 days.
  • Because of the strict diet and the "Colon Cleanse Cocktail" this cleanse only requires 6 days with the 7th day being a rest day.
  • Featured in Dr. Group' Blockbuster book 'The Green Body Cleanse'
  • Suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians

View Dr. Group's 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse Instructions

3) Dr. Group's "Overnight Colon Cleanse" (Easy)

Overeating is something that many of us are guilty of at one point or another. As an example, imagine a late night out for dinner consisting of a hearty steak with a compliment of potatoes, wine, desert, and maybe more. This combination of food can sit in your intestinal tract for days, not digesting properly.

If it sits in your intestinal tract too long, the steak with putrefy, carbohydrates will ferment and the fats will turn rancid causing a massive production of toxins in the bowel. This will most likely make you feel miserable and sluggish the next few days.

It's not recommended that anyone should eat like this, certainly not on a regular basis. If you find that you've splurged like this, it's a good idea to expel this toxic material as soon as possible. An overnight colon cleanse is a fast, easy way to accomplish this. By performing this colon cleanse you will eliminate the previous night's meal the following day, preventing the formation of toxins in the bowel.

View Dr. Group's "Overnight Colon Cleanse" Instructions

Oxy-Powder Maintenance Dosing

Use the same dosage you used for your 7-Day or 6-Day Colon Cleanse two to three times per week or as needed. Your "dosage" is the amount of Oxy-Powder capsules you will need to take each night to achieve 3-5 bowel movements the following day. This amount can be taken indefinitely without it becoming habit forming or harmful to your body. Continuing with the maintenance dose helps keep your intestinal tract clean and prevents toxins from being absorbed into your body. It also provides your body with a steady supply of beneficial oxygen.

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