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6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse

    • ATTENTION! - Before you start cleansing, read the information and cleansing steps that have worked the best for our customers to maximize your cleansing results. [Read Here]

Dr. Group's 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse Instructions

This advanced cleanse requires using an oxygen-based cleanser because I believe they are the safest and most effective. If you would like to jumpstart the intestinal cleansing process, you may also want to receive a colon hydrotherapy session first.

Supplies Needed for the 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse:

  • 6 gallons of distilled or purified water
  • 8 ounces of organic, raw, non-pasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
  • 3 organic lemons (If you cannot find organic or locally grown then use fresh lemons from your supermarket).
  • 1 bottle of Oxy-Powder®.
  • 1 Bottle of Latero-Flora™.
  • Fresh fruit (preferably organic or locally grown)
  • 16 ounces of Organic Whole Leaf Cold Pressed Aloe Vera Juice

Note: If you purchase aloe juice from your local health food store, make sure it's the highest quality available (without any added sugars and preferably organic).

What Should I Drink during the 6-Day Advanced Colon Cleanse

Try to drink 1 gallon of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail every day during the 6-Day Cleanse. It is best to keep this Cocktail refrigerated throughout the day. If you are not able to finish the gallon by the end of the day, discard the rest and start fresh the following day. Do your best to finish 1 gallon per day.

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Daily Instructions for making the Colon Cleansing Cocktail:

Each Morning:

  • Start with 1 gallon of distilled or purified water, preferably stored or purchased in a glass container.
  • Pour out 4 ounces of the distilled or purified water from the gallon so that you can add the additional ingredients listed below.
  • Add three tablespoons of raw non-pasteurized Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to the gallon of water. Shake well. If the taste is too strong for you to handle, reduce to 2 tablespoons per gallon until you become accustomed to the taste.
  • Add 2 ounces of aloe vera juice from your local health food store.
  • Add the juice of ½ organic lemon
  • Mix well and keep refrigerated

Personal Note: Distilled water works beautifully to help detoxify the body. However, if you regularly consume distilled water it may cause a mineral depletion from your body. Therefore, I recommend always adding Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to distilled water to replace the essential minerals normally absent.

Why is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail?

Apple Cider Vinegar may be one of nature's most potent detoxifiers against a wide variety of negative health conditions. Created through the fermentation of raw apples within wooden barrels, vinegar from apple cider is extremely acidic (with a pH around 2.8) and this may be the key factor of its amazing curative powers.


pH: stands for "potential hydrogen" and is a measure of acidity and alkalinity.

Mother: essentially, a structure of protein filaments clinging together in ACV that resembles a spider’s web.

The greater the purity of the apples utilized in the fermentation process, the greater the health benefits and detoxifying power for you. Only fresh organically grown apples that have not been treated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers or undergone genetic modification are used in the production of ACV.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar contains fibrous pectin and the "mother" or "the veil of the mother." The mother is usually visible floating in the vinegar when it's held up to the light. You'll see a minute cloudiness within the vinegar appearing like tiny grains or strands. These particles add fiber to the ACV and ensure you receive the most beneficial components of the original apples — essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. Nearly a hundred different health-promoting substances have been identified in organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Caution: Most non-organic brands of ACV undergo pasteurization (boiled at high heat to remove bacteria), and filtration, leaving you with a form so refined that it's nutritionally worthless.

ACV is arguably one of the best all-around detoxifiers for your body's intestinal tract and organs. Once the body is detoxified, it can begin the process of self-healing from an array of health depleting ailments. This is why it's so important to use only organic Apple Cider Vinegar — it's the only way to obtain all the life-promoting enzymes and vitamins needed for proper intestinal detoxification.

High quality sources of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar include: Solana Gold™ Virtues of Vinegar Organic ACV, Bragg™ Organic ACV, and Spectrum™ Organic ACV.

Why is Organic Aloe Vera Juice in Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail?

The structural composition of an Aloe Vera plant includes the very building blocks of life such as essential vitamins and minerals, proteins, polysaccharides, enzymes, and amino acids. Therefore, the Aloe plant's internal makeup closely relates to the human biochemistry and its juice provides many positive health benefits.

Aloe Vera possesses multiple natural qualities for healing and detoxifying the body. When taken internally, Aloe aids the bowel in flushing out accumulated waste and toxic debris. Aloe Vera can help ease a variety of bowel disorders and improve the regularity of bowel movements.

Organic Aloe Vera Juice (from the whole leaf) is helpful in calming the symptoms of a number of digestive disorders such as:

Aloe Vera contains a large number of mucopolysacchrides (basic sugars) which are found in every cell in the body. As mentioned, Aloe contains essential compounds that enhance nutrient absorption and overall digestive function. With more than 200 valuable substances, Aloe Vera provides many health benefits.

Aloe Vera's tissue regeneration properties work towards rebuilding cellular materials within the stomach and intestinal tract. Such tissue can become damaged through disease or even extended bouts of constipation, and researchers have found that Aloe Vera stimulates fibroblasts into constructing new tissue. Aloe polysaccharides improve immune system strength and are very effective at eliminating toxin-filled waste by boosting the body's natural detoxification processes.

In any event, an important fact must be remembered — Aloe Vera presents no known side effects and is quite safe. Throughout history, the Aloe Vera plant has been universally regarded as nature's gift for treating burns, skin conditions, and digestive difficulties.

Traditional methods of refining the Aloe Vera plant involve a hand filleting process to remove the gel from the leaf. The leaf is then discarded. Ironically, the largest concentration of the active ingredients, polysaccharides, and mucopolysacchride (Acemannan), are found just beneath the outer surface of the leaf (the rind), which can be bitter, indigestible, possibly abrasive, and difficult to refine.

The new whole leaf process employed in the making of the Aloe Vera 18X Concentrate allows the cellulose to be dissolved so the aloin and aloe emodin are removed. The cold process results in a product rich in polysaccharides including mucopolysacchrides (MPS). For these reasons, I personally use this product.

Why is Organic Lemon Juice in Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail?

Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice while cleansing provides an incredible nutrient boost for your colon. Due to the amazing digestive properties of lemons, the juice maximizes "The 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse" by providing the following benefits:

  • It removes impurities from the intestinal tract and body
  • Its antiseptic properties reduce the presence of harmful bacteria within the bowel
  • Helps alleviate symptoms of heartburn, excess gas, and bloating
  • Helps the bowels eliminate daily toxin intake more efficiently, reducing possible diarrhea or constipation
  • Stimulates the liver and gallbladder for enhanced enzyme production
  • Helps create an alkaline condition within the body

Lemons are one of the only "anionic" foods, meaning they possess a greater number of negative ions than positive ones. Most of the fluids produced by the digestive system (such as bile, stomach acid, and saliva) are also anionic, so lemon juice is quite compatible with your digestive system.

To receive the natural healing properties present in lemons, it's important to use whole, fresh, organic lemons. Lemons from a grocery store are usually not as "pure" as you might believe due to over-processing, early picking, pesticide spraying, or being grown in nutrient-depleted soil.

Using fresh squeezed, organic lemon juice helps you eliminate more toxins (substances that are damaging to living tissue) on a daily basis. The more toxins you can flush out of your system, the more your colon will be receptive to your cleansing efforts.

How does Oxy-Powder or Oxygen Cleanse my Colon?

Illustration of How Oxygen Colon Cleansers Work

As far as I'm concerned, the most effective way to cleanse the entire intestinal tract and a toxic colon is with an oxygen-based cleanser.

Oxy-Powder uses a controlled reaction to release pure singlet oxygen straight into the bowels. What exactly is singlet oxygen? Well, it might sound like something technical and complicated, but it's really just a single, un-bonded oxygen atom (O1). The air you breathe is actually O2 or 2 oxygen molecules bonded together.

Oxy-Powder uses specialized forms of ozonated magnesium oxides to break down the solid toxic mass into a liquid or gas, so it is easily passed from the body. Basically, oxygen "singlet" atoms are bonded to a magnesium compound. The hydrochloric acid in your stomach (along with the organic lemon juice and other acids in your bowel) releases these bonds, thus allowing oxygen to escape into the intestines.

Oxygen is a lively element, and if you're using a high quality oxygen cleanser, it will pump enough oxygen into your bowels to literally burrow through the toxic sludge and contaminated mucous caked on the sides of your intestines. The vital oxygen provided helps to purge garbage from the colon and it also serves as an excellent remedy for occasional constipation.

As the years of waste melt away, the intestinal lining hidden beneath is revealed. In most cases, this lining is littered with microscopic holes due to years of abuse. In a toxic colon, these holes allow toxins to enter the bloodstream. This damage is referred to as Leaky Gut Syndrome. After cleansing the colon, however, these same holes present a perfect opportunity for oxygen to work its way into the bloodstream where it can help detoxify the entire body.

I should point out not all oxygen-based intestinal cleansers are created equally. As with any health product, it's important to conduct your own research before you start experimenting with your body. Many so-called oxygen cleansers simply don't release enough oxygen to do any good.

By utilizing the advancements in technology made over the past 100 years, we developed Oxy-Powder® which is more effective than any other oxygen-based colon cleanser in the world!


Oxy-Powder® is globally recognized for the positive results reported by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. This all-natural product helps relieve symptoms associated with constipation (such as waste compaction and bloating) and promotes intestinal cleansing in a gentle yet extremely effective manner.

Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, Oxy-Powder® is safe and non-addictive. Oxy-Powder® utilizes a powerful oxygenating action to remove impacted waste and toxic matter. Once they are cleansed, your intestines and colon can focus on their normal tasks of nutrient absorption and waste elimination without being hindered by the presence of toxin-heavy fecal matter.

Many users even lose weight after a thorough cleanse. It must be noted, however, this is due to the body expelling accumulated waste retained in the intestinal tract and not due to loss of fatty or muscle tissue. Oxy-Powder® is provided in Kosher-Certified Vegetarian capsules so it's great for vegetarians and individuals whose religious or cultural beliefs prohibit the consumption of certain animal products. Oxy-Powder® works great! View Oxy-Powder® FAQS, View Oxy-Powder® Success Stories.

Why is Latero-Flora™ recommended during the 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse?

An agriculturalist visiting a remote part of Iceland discovered rich tasting vegetables produced without chemicals. Returning to the U.S.A., the agriculturalist conducted a series of studies to determine the secret of the soil's growing power. The secret was a unique Probiotic strain of Bacillus laterosporus (B.O.D. STRAIN), a naturally occurring bacterium that was later incorporated into Latero-Flora™.

Latero-Flora™ Probiotic Bacterium Supplement Latero-Flora Probiotic Supplement

Dr. Group has found Latero-Flora™ to be an especially beneficial and effective supplement for encouraging growth and reproduction of your body’s natural protective flora.

These Probiotic organisms can help you maintain proper digestive function and thus a healthy colon.

I recommend Latero-Flora™ because I have seen the most dramatic results with this product. Latero-Flora™ has demonstrated significant effectiveness in easing gastrointestinal symptoms and food sensitivities while enhancing digestive function. If you choose to use your own brand of probiotics during the cleanse, or on a regular basis, research these supplements well and make sure you are using a very high quality product.

Just as the Earth holds an abundance of life forms (sometimes existing harmoniously, while struggling fitfully at other times), the human body likewise harbors a vast internal ecosystem consisting of thousands of billions of living microorganisms that co-exist in peace or in conflict.

This vast internal ecosystem (referred to by many researchers as "human intestinal flora") dramatically influences and even directs each person's state of health and well-being, including our physical and mental health and metabolism. Hundreds of distinct species of microorganisms inhabit the various regions of the complete digestive system (from the mouth through the intestinal tract). Their population (over 100 trillion) can actually exceed the number of cells in the entire body!¹

When functioning properly, this vast unseen world:

  • Helps protect your body against harmful bacteria
  • Helps maintain the function of the digestive system
  • Maintains your body's vital chemical and hormone balance
  • Performs a vast number of needed tasks for maintaining high energy levels and proper immune function

Transient microorganisms are especially worth noting. These "transients" include food-borne microorganisms and soil-borne microorganisms that make their way into the human digestive tract and, depending upon the characteristics of the organism involved, influence the overall health of the human system for good or ill.

Since they do not take up permanent residence in the gastrointestinal tract, transient microorganisms differ from resident microorganisms.

Transient Probiotics establish small colonies for brief periods of time before dying off or being flushed from the intestinal system via normal digestive processes or by peristaltic bowel action. However, in taking up temporary residence, they contribute to the overall function and condition of the digestive system. For example, the lives of some of the most important resident probiotics involved in human digestion and intestinal health depend on byproducts produced by the transient probiotics.

Therefore, in many cases, these two very different types of microorganisms nonetheless enjoy a complex symbiotic relationship that may dramatically influence the health and well being of your entire body. Bacillus laterosporus (B.O.D.™ strain) is one of the most rare and unique of the "friendly" transient microorganisms found in the human gastrointestinal tract. Bacillus laterosporus is a spore-bearing bacterium. This enables the encased spore to survive exposure to stomach acids. Thus, the Bacillus laterosporus B.O.D.™ will bloom and flourish in the colon and establish colonies that enhance your immune system and cleanse the colon of unwanted harmful organisms.

What Should I Eat During the 6-Day Advanced Colon Cleanse?

The Oxygen Colon Cleanse Fruits
  • Apples
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Grapefruit
  • Oranges
  • Papaya
  • Pineapples
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Watermelon
  • White Grapes

During the 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse, it's ideal to feed the body adequate amounts of fresh organic or locally grown fruit. It is best to eat only fruit during the 6-Day Cleanse. Not only does fruit supply the body with the right kind of energy to draw out unwanted substances, it also ensures the colon remains well hydrated so it's an ideal environment to support the cleansing and toxin elimination process. Fresh fruit supports the elimination process by providing water, oxygen, live fiber, pectin, and many vital nutrients.

Also, fruit is easy to carry with you wherever you go (even in your purse or briefcase), making it easy for you to perform the colon cleanse during work hours or other daily activities. Fruits provide you with the energy you will need during your colon cleansing regimen. Fruits also break down easily and prevent the body from expending too much energy. You should eat 5 times daily during the 6-Day Cleanse. This might sound difficult, but when you think about it, it really only takes about 2 minutes to peel and enjoy a banana or eat an apple or a bunch of grapes.

The fruits in the chart have been specially chosen to assist you in the cleansing process. It is best to keep a little variety in the fruits you eat throughout the day and the week. If the fruits I recommend are not in season or you have a difficult time finding them, you can use apples or bananas (which are typically available year round) as a replacement.

NOTE: I'm sure you've heard this since childhood, but it really is essential to chew each bite of food 25 times before swallowing (or, in the case of fruit, until it has turned into a liquid). Proper digestion begins in the mouth with proper chewing! Chewing your food will help your body absorb vital nutrients better and faster and will help with the cleansing process.

Instructions For The 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse:

Days 1-6 of Colon Cleanse


  1. Mix your own Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail. Drink 20 ounces from the time you make your drink till the time you eat breakfast.
  2. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.


  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full, but eat only 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose 1 of the following: grapefruit, white grapes, pineapple, oranges, or watermelon. If these are not in season substitute with apples or bananas.
  3. After Breakfast and before your Mid-Morning Snack, consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail.
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.
  5. Take 3 capsules of Latero-Flora™ or another high quality Probiotic supplement.

MID-MORNING SNACK (halfway between breakfast & lunch)

  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full. Only eat 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose one of the following: blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or goji berries. If berries are not in season, replace them with apples or bananas.
  3. After your Mid-Morning Snack and before your Lunch, consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail.
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.


  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full. Only eat 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose one of the following: apples, papaya, or bananas.
  3. After Lunch and before your Mid-Afternoon Snack, consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail.
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.

MID-AFTERNOON SNACK (halfway between lunch & dinner)

  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full. Only eat 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose one of the following: grapefruit, white grapes, pineapple, or oranges
  3. After your Mid-Afternoon Snack and before your Dinner, consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail.
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.


  1. Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full. Only eat 1 type of fruit!
  2. Choose one of the following: avocados or tomatoes (tomatoes need to be vine ripened for best results). You may use fresh lime juice, natural sea salt (preferably Himalayan salt), cayenne or black pepper to season the avocado, or tomato if necessary. However, it is best to eat these fruits raw.
  3. After your dinner meal and before bedtime consume another 20 ounces of Dr. Group's Colon Cleansing Cocktail
  4. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.


  1. Repeat the following Affirmation 9 times: I Am Clean and Healthy.
  2. Take 6 capsules of Oxy-Powder® with the remaining 8 ounces of the Colon Cleansing Cocktail. If you do not achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements the following day, increase your serving by 2 capsules each night until you achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements the following day. Take this same serving every night before going to bed for the remaining days of the 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse. If you experience 6 or more bowel movements the following day, reduce your serving by 2 capsules each night until you achieve the recommended 3 to 5 daily bowel movements. After the 6-Day cleanse I recommend following the Oxy-Powder maintenance dosing below.

MUST READ! Oxy-Powder® will cause watery, extremely soft and easily passed stools similar to diarrhea. The watery and soft stools are the result of the oxygen in Oxy-Powder turning the solid waste and bowel compaction into a liquid or semi liquid form.

This is a NORMAL reaction and a sign that you are cleansing properly. This is NOT diarrhea, which is usually the result of an infection or laxative and is associated with dehydration and electrolyte deficiencies. Oxy-Powder is completely safe and will not cause dehydration or an electrolyte deficiency.

For You to Know: Temporary abdominal cramping may occur in individuals performing their first colon cleanse. Cramping is a sure sign your digestive tract is not functioning at optimal levels and you need to continue the 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse. This should subside by the 3rd day. To help relieve temporary cramping I recommend you get up from bed, drink 8 ounces of distilled or purified water and walk around for about 15 minutes to increase your blood flow and let gravity help move the Oxy-Powder and toxins down through the intestinal tract.

Click Here to Read Colon Cleansing FAQ's

Oxy-Powder Maintenance Dosing

Continuing with a maintenance serving of Oxy-Powder® helps keep your intestinal tract clean and prevents toxins from being absorbed into your body on a regular basis. It also provides your body with a steady supply of beneficial oxygen.

Use the same serving you used for your Oxygen Colon Cleanse 2-3 times per week or as needed. Your maintenance serving is the number of Oxy-Powder capsules you will take each night to achieve 3- 5 watery, extremely soft and easy to pass bowel movements the following day.

This serving can be taken indefinitely without it becoming habit forming or harmful to your body. To reduce the need for maintenance dosing we suggest you adopt a diet consisting of organic healthy meals and clean up your living environment.

Other Tips for Enhancing the 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse:

What Should I do after I finish the 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse?

  • After the 6-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse I suggest cleansing your liver and gallbladder, harmful organisms, chemicals and toxic metals, and your living environment.

Cleansing Caution! - What is A Healing Crisis?

This term describes a common phenomenon occurring in a small amount of individuals who actually feel worse during or after cleansing than they did before starting. The accumulation of toxic material must be processed before being removed from the body. This process can include physical symptoms as toxins are metabolized or oxidized. The most common symptoms include: fatigue, headache, minor rash, lack of mental clarity, joint or muscle ache, irritability, difficulty sleeping (or sleeping too much), or mood swings. Some people experience multiple symptoms while most people have none. These symptoms are temporary and will subside within 1-10 days as the body naturally expels these toxins. If you experience any of these symptoms drink plenty of distilled or purified water and be patient with your body as it slowly eliminates the toxic buildup.

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¹ Todar, K. "The Composition of Normal Flora." Todar’s Online Textbook of Bacteriology. Pub. 2002. Online. Accessed 8 Nov 2007. Available: www.textbookofbacteriology.net/normalflora.html

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