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Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier

HEPA and Ionic Air Purifier with Germicidal UV light

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The Surround Air Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D combines six air purification technologies into one unit. HEPA filtration, activated carbon, a germicidal UV lamp, and an ionizer nearly all types of air pollution, including dust, allergens, mold, organisms, smoke, and odors. Quiet operation, low energy, low cost replacement filters, and 600 sqft of coverage make this the perfect unit for spaces at home or work. †
†Results may vary.

Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier

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What is the Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D?

Need a replacement filter for your Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D? Click here!
Need a replacement UV bulb for your Multi-Tech XJ-3000D? We have those too!

The Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D is everything you need in an air purifier and uses six proven technologies to cover up to 600 square feet!

How it works

1. Pre-Filter

  • Preserves the life of other filters, so more pores can remain available in the activated carbon and HEPA air filters for the harder-to-remove pollutants.
  • Destroys bacteria.

2. Activated Carbon Air Filter

  • Carbon filters remove odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals that other filters cannot.

3. True HEPA Air Filter

  • Removes 99.97% of particles (at .3 microns in size) that pass through the filter, verified by strict testing procedures.
  • The most effective air filter for particle allergens such as dust, pollens, pet dander, mold spores, ragweed, dust mites, etc.
  • HEPA filters are recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

4. Germicidal Ultraviolet Light

  • Destroys micro-organisms. UV light is scientifically proven to destroy viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi, and mold.
  • Recommended by Centers for Disease Control for its ability to destroy biological pollutants.
  • Sanitizes the HEPA Filter. This powerful UV lamp is positioned where it can effectively sanitize the Hepa air filter.

5. Sanitizer

  • Ozone free operation.
  • Powerful odor eliminator.

6. Air Ionizer

  • Effectively removes particulate from the air, such as bacteria, smoke, and allergens such as mold and dust mites.
  • Circulates ions throughout the room, in areas where the filter has little effect.
  • Increases the effectiveness of the HEPA by causing smaller particles to conglomerate into larger particles.
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture studies show negative ions to be effective at removing dust and micro-organisms from the air.
  • Columbia University researchers found negative ions to have relatively no side effects.
  • Ozone free.

What are the Benefits of the Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D?

  • Removes Dust and Dust Mites
    According to the Journal of Hygiene, ionizers help to increase the efficiency of filters by causing airborne particles to conglomerate, making them easier to capture. Negative ions also cause airborne particles to precipitate out of the air you breathe, and have been found to be extremely effective at controlling dust. UV light can be deadly for dust mites.
  • Effective Against Bacteria
    The Hepa filter and anti-bacterial pre-filter are effective at capturing bacteria, which si then disinfected by the germicidal UV lamp. According to studies by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, ionizers/negative ions are extremely effective at reducing airborne bacteria.
  • Reduces Pollen and Allergens
    Hepa air filters are commonly recommended filter for allergens, and are generally considered the most effective filter for allergens. Ionizers/negative ions increase the efficiency of filters by causing airborne particles to conglomerate, making them easier to capture. Plus, negative ions also cause airborne particles to precipitate out of the air.
  • Obliterates Mold and Fungi
    Mold spores are effectively captured by the HEPA filter with the help of ionizers/negative ions. UV light is deadly against the microbiological toxins associated with mold, and ozone sanitization is effective against mildew smells. The ozone sanitizer can be completely turned off if not needed or desired.
  • Captures Cigarette Smoke
    The carbon filter absorbs smoke particles and the toxic chemicals associated with cigarette smoke. The programmable ozone sanitizer (which can be turned off), also helps to reduce or eliminate odors from cigarette smoke. The ionizer/negative ions also remove smoke particles from air.
  • Neutralizes Chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
    The carbon air filter is very effective at absorbing chemicals and gases. The ionizer also help to neutralize chemical fumes.
  • Reduces Germs and Viruses
    The UV light is deadly against micro-organisms such as germs/viruses, and highly effective at destroying them as they pass by the UV lamp. Negative ions have also been known to help to neutralize viruses.
  • Removes Odors
    Both the ozone sanitizer and activated carbon air filter are effective at eliminating or reducing strong odors. The ozone sanitizer output can be adjusted, or turn off completely if not needed or wanted.
  • Defends Against Carbon Monoxide
    Researchers at Brompton Hospital in London discovered a significant decrease of CO values was found with an ionizer activated.

We Asked Customers Why They Like the Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier

  • "The best air cleaner ever made! This is my fifth one. You may think why do I need five of them unless it breaks easily. Not at all! I had the xj 3000c first and then it was so good that I bought for two of my children who had allergy and they were in the dormitory at the time. And I kept giving it to my family members who needs this in their home. Now I bought XJ-3000 D. This one is much more quieter and powerful. Whenever we had a cooking order in the house we use it. In about an hour any strongest smells disappear with ozone. I like this so much that I cannot live without them." † ~ Soexci Ted
  • "Helps! I can tell a difference in the air - smells cleaner. I purchased 2 since I thought it was worth it. One for my teenager's room. It appears to help my allergies. No problems." † ~ E. Haught
  • "Wonderful for allergy sufferers! I suffer from horrible dust mite and cat allergies (I have 2 cats) and this purifier has made a world of difference. I no longer wake up with the stuffy nose and crusty eyes. It's a little loud, but not much louder than the air conditioning. I researched a lot of purifiers online and this one had great reviews for those I found around this price. Definitely worth the money. I've had it a few months now and I wouldn't sleep without it." † ~ ShastaLynne

Why is the Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier Different from the Others?

The Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D is an upgrade from the Multi-Tech XJ-3000C and features:

  • Increased air-cleaning efficiency compared to original Multi-Tech.
  • Multiple technologies to remove nearly all types of pollutants with very low replacement costs.
  • Removes dust, allergens, odors, chemicals, bacteria, and more.
  • 29% more air flow.
  • A more powerful UV lamp for greater germicidal capability.
  • Pearl white housing for a more attractive appearance.
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects (does not cover filter or UV lights).

How does the XJ-3000D Air Purifier compare?

The Multi-Tech II outperforms The Ionic Breeze in clinical tests, and offers several functional advantages, thanks to its combination of six air purification technologies. The Multi-Tech II is less than half the price.

The Multi-Tech II offers better dust removal and germicidal capability and at less than half the cost of the Oreck XL Professional.

The Multi-Tech II performed comparably to the Friedrich C-90A (Consumer Reports Top-Rated Air Purifier) in clinical tests, yet costs more than $300 less.

Model Chemical Toxin
Removal Test
Micro-Organism (Mold)
Removal Test
Particle Removal
Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D 97.5% 99.3% 99.5%
Friedrich C-90A 83% 99.6% 99.9%
Oreck XL 53% N/A 99.9%
Ionic Breeze 13% N/A 91.5%

The U.S. Government recommends technologies used in the Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier.

  • U.S. Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommends air purifier with both HEPA Filter and UV Light. The CDC also recommends UV lights in homeless shelters to prevent the spread of disease, particularly TB (tuberculosis).
  • Department of Homeland Security recommends HEPA air filters, along with a pre-filter to preserve the life of the HEPA filter.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture found negative ions (ionizers) to be highly effective against dust and bacteria in recent studies.

Still Not Sure a Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier Can Help You? Read These Reviews...

  • "Most sensible thing I've ever bought! started to run this air purifier exactly 52 hours ago, and it has already changed my quality of life. I have never owned an air purifier before. I have been literally choking on the air in my own apartment during the several months that I have been living here, and I had extremely unrealistic expectations about an air purifier: I imagined posting something like, "Wow! I could feel the difference after two hours!" Well, OK, it took more than two hours! But it happened." † ~ Marie-Claude
  • "The best purchase I have made in many years! I can't say enough about how good it works at removing smoke and tobacco odors in a fairly good size room. I've bought other so-called air cleaners and wound up putting them out for the trash. Not to mention the money I save on expensive room deodorant sprays (which never really work anyway as they only mask the smell for an hour or so). It feels good to come home and not smell cigarette smoke as soon as you walk in the door. Do not hesitate to buy it. It's worth every cent and more." † ~ sweet sue
  • "Smokers Heaven! I'm a heavy smoker,and can't stand the smell of smoke in my home. When company comes into my home, they swear it is free of the old smoke smell, that bothered me so before ... I would totally recommend this product to anyone who has stale or bother some odors, expecially a smoker in their homes, as this unit totally works!" † ~ camichel

Enjoy Clean, Healthy Air At Home Today With a Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier

  1. What are the specifications for the XJ-3000D Air Purifier?

What are the Specifications for the Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D

Air Purification Technologies

  • Air Ionizer/Negative Ions for allergens, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and more.
  • HEPA Air Filter for particles including dust and mold spores.
  • Germicidal UV Light for microbes such as viruses, germs, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases, cigarette smoke, and odors.
  • Optional/Programmable Ozone for strong odors and filter sanitization.

Air Ionizer Specifications

  • Ionization Method: Needlepoint (ion-producing electrode pins)
  • Needlepoint Composition: Stainless steel
  • Negative Ion Output: 12,000,000/cm3 (trillions per second)
  • Negative Ion Distribution: Air flow from fan

Room Air Filter Specifications

  • Combination Filter Cartridge: Consists of HEPA and activated carbon air filters
  • HEPA Air Filter: Captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns
  • Activated Carbon Air Filter: High absorbency
  • Replacement Frequency: 1-2 years
  • Replacement Filter Cost: $36 each (Also compatible with the XJ-3000C & XJ-3000A)
  • Air Filter Cartridge Size: 11.25" x 5.25" x 4"

Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamp Specifications

  • UV Wavelength: UV-C, the short, germicidal range of the UV wavelength that is effective at destroying the DNA cell of microorganisms.
  • Nanometer Frequency: 254 nm, the ideal frequency for destroying DNA cells of microorganisms. 
  • Ozone Production: Virtually zero, less than .008 ppm
  • UV Lamp Life: 10,000 hours (over a year)

Ozone Generator Specifications

  • Ozone Output Settings: Off, Low, Medium, High
  • "Off" Setting: Ozone Completely Disabled
  • "Low" Setting: Intervals of 30 sec. "ON" and 3 min. "OFF"
  • "Medium" Setting: Intervals of 3 min. "ON" and 3 min. "OFF"
  • "High" Setting: Continuously "ON"
  • Ozone Output: Maximum Ozone Concentration of 22 parts per billion per UL 867 Testing Protocol (UL Standard = 50 ppb)

Fan Specifications

  • Speed Settings: High, Medium, and Low
  • Fan Speed: 90 cfm with filter installed (fan speed is higher without filter installed)
(cfm = cubic feet per minute)

Electrical / Power Consumption

  • Power Consumption: 50 Watts
  • Electrical: 120VAC/60Hz


  • Dimensions: 15" (W) x 13" (H) x 7.75" (D)
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Cord Length: 72"

Coverage Area

  • Square Footage Covered: 600 sq. ft.
  • Heavy Pollution: Derate to 250 sq. ft. in heavily polluted environments


  • Timer Option: 1, 2, and 4 Hours (If not set, will run continuously)
  • Ozone/Sanitizer: Off, Low, Medium, and High Settings (If not set, will not produce ozone)
  • Power: On/Off
  • Fan Speed: Low, Medium, High

Enclosure / Housing

  • Enclosure Composition: Environmentally-Safe Corrosion-Resistant ABS Plastic
†Results may vary.

Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier

Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier

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