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TheraSauna® Infrared Saunas

Burns calories, Sweat Toxins out, & Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
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Product Name Qty
TheraSauna® Opposite Facing Infrared Sauna Model TS7552
TheraSauna® Corner Executive Far Infrared Sauna Model TS6238
TheraSauna® Four Person Infrared Sauna Model TS7951
TheraSauna® Dual Person Ultra Infrared Sauna Model TS5651
TheraSauna® Dual Person Infrared Sauna Model TS4544

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With the TheraSauna® Infrared Sauna you can wake up your immune system, improve circulation and remove toxins. The deep penetrating heat of the TheraSauna® Infrared Sauna brings relief to muscles and joints, supports weight loss, burns cellulite, and boosts circulation! Multiple sizes available.

TheraSauna® Infrared Saunas

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Learn About The Amazing Power of TheraSauna® Infrared Saunas and How You Can Benefit!

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What is the Therasauna® Infrared Sauna?

Find relief in the power of infrared heat! TheraSauna® Infrared Saunas provide low, comfortable infrared heat at a lower temperature, 100 to 140 degrees, than traditional saunas, which can reach 180 to 200 degrees. Far infrared sauna are more efficient than traditional saunas and heat your body, rather than the surrounding air.

Which model is right for you?

ModelDimensionsPlugTheraMittersCapacityRetailOur Price
Opposite Facing
76”W x 54"D x 74"H20 Amp124$7,895$6,095
Corner Executive
64” x 64” x 37” x 39” x 74"20 Amp124$7,695$5,995
Four Person
80"W x 52"D x 74"H20 Amp124$6,895$5,395
Dual Person Ultra
57"W x 52"D x 74"H20 Amp102$5,675$4,495
Dual Person
48”W x 45"D x 74"H15 Amp72$4,995$3,995

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Therasauna® Infrared Saunas

  1. TheraSauna® is recommended by more American medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and naturopathic physicians than any other sauna.
  2. Regular sauna sessions are amazing at relieving tension, soothing stiff muscles, and more. Do you suffer from...
    • Arthritis
    • Low Back Stiffness
    • Shoulder Discomfort
    • Muscle Spasms
    • Muscle Tenderness
    • Soft Tissue Injury
  3. Burns calories and promotes weight loss!
  4. The TheraSauna® Infrared Sauna is an amazing complement to any exercise regimen!
  5. Sweating encourages natural detoxification and it will give you soft and vibrant skin!

What are the Benefits of a Therasauna® Infrared Sauna?

  • Used by medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, physical therapists, and sports medicine specialists.
  • Offers the same far infrared heat technology NASA uses for cardiac conditioning.
  • Relaxes muscles and joints, relieves discomfort and stiffness.
  • Assists in improving skin tone and reducing cellulite.
  • Helps support the cardiovascular system.
  • Great before a workout, run or massage.
  • Safe and FDA approved.
  • Increased circulation boosts the immune system and nourishes damaged tissue.
  • The patented TheraMitters™ naturally dilate blood vessels and capillaries, providing increased flow of oxygenated blood to muscles and joints.
  • Toxins block circulation and impair cellular energy. TheraSauna’s® 9.4 microns of far infrared heat expands the capillaries and skin pores and breaks down the ion bond to safely expel toxins!

Why are Therasauna® Infrared Saunas the Best Saunas Available?

  • TheraSauna® Infrared Saunas are high quality and made in the USA with high quality, non toxic, formaldehyde-free Aspen hardwood. This is the healthiest home sauna choice!
  • Patented soft touch controls incorporate two solid-state controls with timers. One control is located on the inside with the second control located outside the sauna. Each control is heat, humidity, and water-resistant.
  • The TheraSauna® StableHeat™ Control System is energy efficient and maintains constant output and doesn't turn on and off like other saunas. Continuous far infrared heats your body more evenly, safely, and effectively.
  • Patented ceramic TheraMitters are the gold standard for producing the most vital range of far infrared for the human body. No other sauna manufacturer can deliver constant 9.4 microns of far infrared, the level required for greatest absorption by the body.
  • TheraSauna® TheraMitters™ are 96% efficient and have no harmful EMF.

The Top Questions People Ask About TheraSauna® Infrared Saunas

1. Which model TheraSauna® Infrared Sauna is right for me? It depends on your needs! How big of a space do you have available? How many people will be using it? What's your budget? Review the comparison chart at the top of the page to determine which TheraSauna® InfrarRed Sauna is right for you!

2. Why isn't cedar used? Cedar contains a natural insecticide called turpines. When heated, it off gasses a substance called cedrine. Cedrine attacks the central nervous system of insects and can also cause vomiting and convulsions in humans. Aspen is 99% non-toxic and does not produce an insecticide.

3. Are these difficult to assemble? No! It's easy to get started with your TheraSauna®!

  • Easy, bolt together design.
  • Needs no additional wiring, plugs into a standard 15 or 20 amp, 120-volt outlet.
  • Sliding roof vent.
  • Soft touch controls.
  • Decorative foot and roof molding.

Boost Your Health and Wellness Today With a TheraSauna® Infrared Sauna!

TheraSauna® Infrared Saunas

TheraSauna® Infrared Saunas

Availability: In Stock

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Product Name Qty
TheraSauna® Opposite Facing Infrared Sauna Model TS7552
TheraSauna® Corner Executive Far Infrared Sauna Model TS6238
TheraSauna® Four Person Infrared Sauna Model TS7951
TheraSauna® Dual Person Ultra Infrared Sauna Model TS5651
TheraSauna® Dual Person Infrared Sauna Model TS4544

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