How Do I Eliminate Stress with Love?

What Is Love?

There is no doubt that love is one of the most potent forces on earth. As powerful as it is, it is as difficult to explain. Really, there is no absolute definition that stands for all. On a basic level, love is an affectionate "warm" emotion that we experience for others whether it's pets, relatives, plants or trees. When we engage in love and affection for people, places and things, it can have a transforming and fortifying effect on us.

Would you believe that love is also a tremendous stress management tool? The more love you experience, then the more stable will be your personal grounding in life, your foundation. The more stable your foundation, the more you will be able to withstand good stress and eliminate bad stress. Love is a powerful, healing, fortifying emotion that is abundant throughout your life.

Did You Know

Did You Know?

  • Women, through love, can improve the health of the men with whom they have relationships.1
  • Loving, supportive relationships protect us against major depression.2
  • People who feel higher levels of love experience up to 300% less stress.3

Why Use Love to Combat Stress?

Stress is a dangerous and destructive force present in our environment. Very few if any people live their entire lives without ever facing stress, because it comes from so many natural and man-made sources. Death in the family, a debilitating illness, a flat tire all of these can bring on stress to some degree. What about good stuff? A promotion offers change in your routine and usually more responsibility. Moving to a new, bigger home requires you to coordinate utilities being activated, furniture being delivered, packing in time for the movers, all while continuing to go to work daily. The loss of the familiar even to a better unfamiliar is still a LOSS, moving you to a space relatively UNFAMILIAR.

Can love relieve any of this stress? Without a doubt science and faith alike agree that love helps. Love gives sick people and pets incentive to get better and lifts their spirits while they recover. In fact, love actually releases chemicals in the brain that can make you fell better when you are down. Love can give you a sense of security as you move from the familiar to the unfamiliar. That sense of security translates to a sense of wellbeing and confidence. You can experience clarity and better focus as you continue in you days. This positive state of being presents an environment that is quite inhospitable to stress. Love is a powerful stress reliever and it can sustain us through many situations that seem untenable as we face them. Use love to reduce your stress.

How to Eliminate Stress with Love

You can cultivate your love experiences by being fully involved in them, honoring them by acknowledging them and being honest in them. It could be your spouse or your pet, give them time and attend to what they indicate their need. Part of the power of love is sharing and these are 3 ways you can maintain good relationships:

  • Communicate - This is the most vital aspect of any relationship. You must take the time to communicate with each other, even if it's over the phone or through a text message.
  • Spend Time With Each Other - Your space of love will be useless without face to face contact. You must make the time to spend together, even if it seems difficult.
  • Physical Contact - You may be amazed at how powerful a simple hug can be as a stress management tool. Take advantage of this, and use physical contact as a way to reduce stress.

Dr. Group suggests that you create "space of love" like a garden where you and your family can be, in love. He further suggests that you read the Anastasia books written by author Vladimir Megre.