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1 Week Only: 40% Off Paratrex®!

Coupon Code: Paratrex2015

Paratrex® helps create an environment hostile to invading organisms and promotes a natural cleansing of your system. Available in 2 or 4 fluid oz. sizes.

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  1. Latero-Flora


    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $24.95

    Only available through health professionals, Latero-Flora™ is an effective probiotic supplement that can help maintain a healthy colon by populating the intestines with beneficial bacteria. Contains 60 capsules.

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  2. Androtrex®


    Regular Price: $69.95

    Special Price: $59.45

    As low as: $54.95

    Androtrex® is designed to assist the body in regulating proper hormone balance to create superior vitality in males. Contains 2 fluid oz.

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  3. Dr. Group's Secret to Health Kit

    Dr. Group's Secret to Health Kit

    Regular: $44.94


    You can achieve true health and happiness! This powerful combo pack includes The Green Body Cleanse eBook and The Secret to Health DVD and offer simple, at-home solutions for internal and external cleansing. Reduce the toxins in your life and restore your bodys natural healing process!

    Includes: The Secret to Health DVD, The Green Body Cleanse (PDF), The Green Body Cleanse (Hardcover)

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  4. Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit

    Harmful Organism Cleanse Kit

    Regular: $99.85


    Concerned about harmful organisms? This kit is highly recommended and contains everything you need to cleanse your body of harmful, invading organisms and replace them with healthy, beneficial probiotics!

    Includes: Latero-Flora™, The Green Body Cleanse (PDF), Paratrex® 4 oz.

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  5. Liver Cleanse Kit

    Liver Cleanse Kit

    Regular: $89.85

    As low as: $69.95

    This complete liver cleansing kit is a comprehensive approach to cleansing your liver and rejuvenating your system. Kick start your liver's natural cleansing ability with Livatrex® and facilitate toxin removal with Latero-Flora™ and Oxy-Powder®. For maximum efficacy, add the optional 16 oz. bottle of Bragg's Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. This kit is easy, effective, and powerful. Start your liver cleanse today!

    Includes: Latero-Flora™, Livatrex®, The Green Body Cleanse (PDF), Oxy-Powder® (60 capsules)

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  6. The Secret to Health DVD

    The Secret to Health DVD

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price: $9.98

    In The Secret to Health, Dr. Group will show you exactly how to restore your health and take control of your body! Run time is 80 minutes.

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  7. Veganzyme


    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price: $49.95

    VeganZyme® is an advanced, full-spectrum, enzyme formula that will help enhance the digestive process and increase the nutritional value of your food. Contains 120 vegetarian capsules.

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  8. Oregano Oil

    Oregano Oil Blend

    Regular Price: $29.95

    Special Price: $24.95

    Our super potent oregano oil blend is rich in vitamins, minerals, and contains a minimum 80% carvacrol! Each bottle contains 1 fluid oz. and includes 90-100 empty, Kosher certified, vegetable capsules.

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  9. Female Fuzion™

    Female Fuzion™

    Regular Price: $69.95

    Special Price: $59.45

    As low as: $54.95

    Female Fuzion™ was designed to assist the body in regulating proper hormone balance to create superior vitality in females. Contains 2 fluid oz.

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