E3 Light Crème™

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E3 Light Crème™ Reviews (14)

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  • Pure Results (5/5)

    I have ordered this product a few times now. I actually get anxious when I am getting low. It is everything described by GHC. My husband has started using it too and loves it. I don't like wearing foundation for many reasons. I am also fortunate to have rather good skin. However, this cream really does give a radiant quality to my skin. Only 2 pumps are needed morning and nighttime. To finally find a moisturizer that can give a glow without being greasy is money well spent. Read the label. You actually can pronounce the ingredients! What a concept. I first thought that keeping it in the fridge would be a pain. No, just change in routine. A small price to pay for the quality that I am rewarding my largest organ with. No garbage added to be able to keep it on the shelf for years. Expensive? I guess it depends on what you are buying now. Worth it? Unfortunately...yes:). As a reminder to all, whether a review is good or bad, no matter what it is, it is dependent on the persons perception. Seems silly to write that. However, many people take reviews deeply to heart. My experience of this product, I love it!

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    By: Simple Rules
    Date: 2014-06-07

  • Will continue to buy this product (5/5)

    Eliminates the need for primers recommended with powdered foundations.

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    By: Pat
    Date: 2014-06-05

  • Best Moisturizer ever! (5/5)

    I have been using this E3 live moisturizer for months now and would only use this. This helps with my oily skin problem.

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    By: Skin Gal
    Date: 2014-05-28

  • Good cream (4/5)

    I use the product everyday during AM time. I found that it helps the elasticity of the skin.

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    By: MS
    Date: 2014-05-19

  • Love this creme (5/5)

    This is a really nice cream. Feels great on my skin and absorbs quickly. I use it mostly in the morning but have used at night also. The best part is that it is non-toxic!

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    By: Maharaja
    Date: 2014-03-14

  • Awesome!! :) (5/5)

    Great stuff, very light and makes my skin feel wonderful! My husband comments all the time how much better my skin looks. Goes wonderful with the E3 scrub!

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    By: Purewithin
    Date: 2014-02-11


    YOU know when you use a product and you see that it did what it said it would do.. you feel like wow I'm glad I came across this product. yes yes for me this works...THANKS..

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    By: G.
    Date: 2013-11-18

  • FAB!! (5/5)

    Great face cream. I've tried every expensive face cream you can imagine and I keep coming back to this wonderful, creamy, natural, unscented, smooth, whipped, non-greasy, my face looks amazing cream!

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    By: Sonia B.
    Date: 2012-11-26

  • Love it! (5/5)

    Love it! The creme absorbs perfectly and makes my skin glow!

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    By: Britanny B
    Date: 2012-07-27

  • It really works (5/5)

    I have spent thousands of dollars on face cremes that still showed dryness, wrinkles and sun spots. I ordered the light creme by chance and guess what? It really works. I do apply it over Tracie Martyn's organic, natural serum am and pm and I have never looked back.

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    By: Karon S
    Date: 2012-07-27

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