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Eliminate Toxic & Harmful Organisms From Your Body

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Paratrex® Reviews (48)

Average rating: (4.6/5)

  • By: Seeker

    Paratrex is the key to the beginning of a Healthy Gut! (5/5)

    I read Dr, Group's (free)ebook on gut health I received with an order I placed with Global Healing Center, and decided to try Paratrex after realizing all attempts to cleanse myself wasn't working. I was eating organics, stopped eating sugars, sweets and have been doing warm water enemas, nothing appeared to reverse my condition, the bloating, excessive gas issues and cramping continued to be a major constant issue. I am here to tell ALL that the very first day I started the 40 day Paratrex cleanse I felt positive results! I am now on day 23 and I have absolutely zero bloating or cramping and the gas is nearly gone! I am feeling so much better, I feel I have a new beginning in life and no longer feel the end is near! I will complete the 40 day Paratrex cleanse and follow up with the recommended maintenance program of Paratrex! Paratrex has proven to be a great source of cleansing of bad bacteria in my gut and I recommend it to all who have gut issues! Sincerely grateful to Global Healing Center and Dr. Group for their commitment to helping those who are in need of real answers to their health problems. In addition, I am a disabled veteran(non wartime) honorably discharged US Marine on a very tight budget, and the price for Paratrex is very reasonable and affordable. I was on my last leg of hope, and now that hope of a future healthy life has been renewed. God bless Global Healing Center and all who are a part of their cause.
    Sincerely, Dennis Charles Durbin †

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  • By: Octopus

    Feeling good! (4/5)

    I've only been taking it for about a week but I noticed from day one that bloating and gas is now minimal. I'm going to continue as suggested. Overall, I've never been disappointed by a Global Healing product and this is another winner. †

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  • By: BWayne Campinyourfield

    WONDERFUL (5/5)

    Exceeded expectations. It does everything it says it does, plus more! I have Morgellons (lesions, etc.) and it cleared up EVERYTHING. God Bless you Dr. Group! I am FINALLY free of Morgellons for the first time in two years! †

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  • By: Batman

    Get those bad things out of you! (5/5)

    Oxy powder made me spend more time on the toilet than normal, this one didn't. However, when I did go a lot more came out than normal. It was a little painful coming out at times, but I felt a lot better afterwards and after only 5 days I can tell I've already lost weight, mostly in my belly. †

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  • By: Gerald

    I will buy this product again and again!There is no parellel (5/5)

    There is nothing out there that even comes remotely close to these products. I am completely sold, I have tried every type of supplement and nothing even comes close to the extremely high quality of these products. First couple of days I was thinking Wow this stuff is kind of harsh, By the 7th 8th day I was experiencing energy levels that were unparalleled. I haven't felt this kind of energy levels in years! I kid you not I am literally doing the work of three men. My boss even said to me "man your stoked huh" I thought they were going to ask me for a drug test. I cannot express enough praise for this product. Thank God for Alex Jones and Dr. Edward Group who put this stuff together! †

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  • By: I am clean and healthy!

    This cleanse is easy and effective! (5/5)

    This product is easy to use. It's so gentle I hardly knew that it was working, but after finishing the 6-week cleanse I noticed some minor annoying things were gone; things like itchy spots and skin irritations simply vanished. I would use this product again, especially if my lifestyle exposed me to any more microscopic unwanted guests. †

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  • By: Joanna

    Not sure if it's working (3/5)

    I am on the second bottle. I am using it as a preventive. Not sure if it's working besides making me deal bloated. I will continue using it with hopes for desired results. †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Paratrex is designed to rejuvenate your energy levels and eliminate harmful organisms. Initially, Paratrex may cause discomfort as it creates a hostile environment for these organisms, and as a result, your body becomes accustomed to this potent, proprietary blend of herbs. Please note that Oxy-Powder may be used for maintenance throughout this 6-week protocol to maintain your regularity and relieve bloating. Please view our maintenance serving size by going here: If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our support center. Have a green and healthy day!

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  • By: Law

    Best product I've ever experienced for cleansing the body (5/5)

    I have been using this product now I'm in my second month and it really has helped me over any other product I have tried I would deff recommend †

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  • By: Mpk

    excellent product and excellent result! No more iching !! (5/5)

    Use it daily to get the best result! †

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  • By: Wandatryanything

    I would buy this product again (4/5)

    I would take two in the morning and three at night but if you don't drink a lot of water it will make you a little constipated †

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