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VeganSafe™ B-12

All Natural Healthy Energy Booster

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VeganSafe™ B-12 Reviews (699)

Average rating: (4.8/5)

  • By: Lisa was less, now the best

    Dr. says No, I say YES! (5/5)

    I had been sick for 2 1/2 months with pneumonia. Extreme weakness to the point of not carrying a purse or even walking more than 2 minutes without collapsing from sheer exhaustion. Couldn't think straight, depressed, puffy all over. I had been researching my symptoms and even had 7 vials of blood drawn by the doctor for her to tell me my B12 was in the normal levels, my white and red blood cells were fine, and all other blood work was in the normal range. Knowing vitamins and herbs can take longer to show results I was extremely surprised when I took my first dose of B12 on Saturday to wake up Sunday a different person. I had strength to get up out of bed, I had energy all day. I washed dishes, spent time having conversations, thought of things I hadn't thought of in a long time, and just enjoyed my day. I thought, oh it's a fluke, but amazingly every day gets better and better. I take walks, I lift light weights, do yoga, think of behaviors to increase my vitality and still feel good. My mind works as though I have cleaned the window pane and can see through a sparkling piece of glass. I am in awe of what this product has done for me. Yesterday, 3 weeks of taking the B12 someone said I looked younger that I had a month before. I looked in the mirror to realize some of the wrinkles had softened. A great side effect! All in all, I couldn't feel more appreciative of this product's help to my body. Thank you Global Healing for seeking out the best way to make this product. It has made a difference in my life and I am excited to share my success. †

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  • By: LL

    WOW (5/5)

    First of all, wow. Where do I begin. I will start out by saying that this was actually suggested to me by my mom, and once I did my own research about b12 deficiency, it made sense to start taking it. For a brief health background, I suffered from hypothyroidism for a year and a half and had set out on a mission to heal myself. I started taking iodine (not GHC brand) and it worked wonders for me, and got my levels back to normal. I was feeling a lot better, but still was not 100%. Everything was good except no matter how much I slept, I still did not have energy. During my own research I had read that B12 and hypothyroidism sometimes go hand in hand. I am also in college so I had been drinking and smoking for a while before, and eating tons of junk food. I knew it was not normal to be so tired all of the time (despite cleaning up my eating habits and hardly ever drinking or smoking anymore) and I was beginning to worry because I was scared I would just have to deal with being tired all the time. Anyway, I received the VeganSafe and had started taking it for a few days with no effects, and was beginning to lose hope (since i was a little skeptical in the beginning) but then after about 5 days I started noticing its effects and WOW. First of all, my mood is constantly happy and excited and grateful, which makes me feel very good. My energy is just perfect, I never fall asleep in class and actually focus. I get home and instead of wanting to take a nap, I can actually get stuff done! Its a nice calm energy, nothing that would make you hyper (well maybe for some!) but not jittery. Even on very little sleep I am still alert. I am hoping it will help with my hair and nails (I will update in a few months.) Sorry for the long review, but I am trying to give insight to anyone who may be having the same problem. This product is seriously so amazing I want to take it for the rest of my life. I can't even describe how happy this has made me ( i actually cried happy tears haha) and how I feel like myself! I actually have a zest for life again. Thank you to all at GHC!! †

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  • By: Jesse

    Yummy (5/5)

    All I can say is Yummy!

    I have tried a B-12 from a company with the word 'Bounty' in their name and their product tasted really bad.

    VeganSafe B-12 tastes great!

    Only thing that I suggest in NOT drinking a whole bunch of coffee before taking... Got lots of cleaning done that day. †

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  • By: Feeling Good Guy

    This B12 Rocks (5/5)

    Fist time user of this new GHC product. WOW, this stuff works. Everything they claim is true. Increased Energy. Better Sleep, and increased metabolism. I have never gotten a B12 shot before but now I now what that must feel like. This liquid B12 is the real deal. The first time you use it, you feel a rush of warmth, energy and better sleep. Since using this product, my sleep has gotten better as I sleep longer, deeper and feel better waking up. My Energy is through the roof! This stuff is pure energy in bottle. I love this product will will continue taking it forever. Another GHC product that I can't do without.

    From what understand, this B12 product uses the best quality, purest form of B12 there is that can be ingested orally and quickly. Of course, it is 100% toxic and GMO free!! Yes, its a bit pricey for just B12, but you are getting the best B12 on the market (which is why it works so well). I love Dr. Group and GHC!! †

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  • By: Pro Liberty Pool Guy

    Clarity (5/5)

    I have been taking this now for about a month. It is hard to describe the effects, but the best word I believe is clarity. You can feel the difference in just a few minutes. I take it in the morning and, if I feel like I need a little something later I will take it when I get home from work. It has a great affect on mood. †

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  • By: Captain Sunshine

    Best I've had (5/5)

    I have tried many many B-12 products including the former methylated B12 from GHC.

    This product out shines all products I have ever taken and is very similar to the effect I would get from eating oysters of mussels - both very high natural sources of B12.
    Too me this is an indication that my body recognizes this as bio-available like a food source.

    Unfortunately seafood is no longer safe.
    B12 is an important part of the methylation cycle helping your body to make SAMe and is a final step in manufacturing epinepherine (adrenaline) in the body.

    In other words if your Adrenal Glands are fried - this may be what your body is looking for even if you have tried typical adrenal supplements.

    Since B12 is measured in micrograms all the B12 you will use in your lifetime would fit on your fingernail ( weight wise).
    That is how powerful this substance is.

    Our environment is changing and peoples stores of B12 are being depleted resulting in mental and physical decline which can be countered with this product.
    Everyone should consider buying a bottle of this for their parents or grandparents. †

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  • By: David D

    VeganSafe B-12 is INCREDIBLE! (5/5)

    I bought this not really knowing what to expect as I am quick to dismiss peoples high reviews because I feel they could be fake but I bought it regardless because their iodine worked great. The first day I can't recall anything but the 2nd or 3rd day I noticed I wasn't tired at work like usual and by a week later my mood and overall outlook improved dramatically. I had family tell me I seemed different and my kids said I seemed happier too. My mother bought it a couple weeks after she saw my results and she got it for my younger teenage sister who is always grumpy and angry.....(teenagers?). My sister even said she noticed she felt better when my mother told her she seemed happier.
    I love the taste and the effects are literally phenomenal. I have told a dozen people about this product and how it's helped my family's energy and mood and I don't do that because I don't want people to be let down but they won't be with this. †

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  • By: Chris the hiker

    great product (5/5)

    I've been using vegansafe b-12 since ghc released it. First thing in the morning I take a dropper full swish it for around 20 seconds to allow for sublingual absorption, swollow and follow it with a small amount of water with detoxidine. This combo gives me a huge boost in energy and cognitive function plus it tastes great. I would recommend to anyone †

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  • By: Donna

    Better than many injections! (5/5)

    As a senior woman with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, I have been accustomed to regular injections of B-12. I never really thought they were doing me much good -- and each shot was at least $15. While I will never feel great or even good on some days --- I do feel a bit better taking this product. I take it regularly every morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Another of its benefits to me is better sleep -- don't know just why; but sleep is improved and I do not wake up tired as I generally do. I also take the American Ginseng Fusion, and this helps as well. My Mom who is 85 really feels its effects much more so than I do. This is an excellent product that is very economical and really works! †

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  • By: Houstonian

    Good product (5/5)

    I was having a constant eye twitch that I was told was due to low b12 and the pill form of b12 my dr originally had me try was not being absorbed well. He switched me to this b12 supplement and within a week my twitch was gone. It is definitely a much better option if you have absorption issues with b12. †

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