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9 Step Body Cleanse Kit

All Natural Complete Body Cleanse System

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9 Step Body Cleanse Kit Reviews (10)

Average rating: (5/5)

  • By: Beth

    Amazing Results so far (5/5)

    Although I have only completed the colon cleanse so far, I am extremely happy with the program. Looking for more amazing results as I move forward with the cleansing. †

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  • By: Jen

    Amazing Cleanse (5/5)

    Great products! I was having an abdominal bloatness from the first cleanse I did from another company. The other company used all herbs and it was very pricy, $1,500 per month. After having completed the first cleanse I couldn't figured out why I was bloated as I have never had this issue before starting the cleanse. I'm happy to have found Dr Group as his colon cleanse took care of my bloating issues the very first week. I'm so grateful! And I appreciate that his prouducts does what it said it suppose to do. I'm currently doing the harmful organism cleanse 2/3 of the way of the 9 body system cleanse. After completion of the kidney cleanse I can see my skin clearing up from lifelong acne sufferer. Yay! Can't wait to complete the rest! I feel great and healthy. My gratitude to Dr Group and his staff. †

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  • By: Kji

    The BEST Cleanse on the market! (5/5)

    My whole family did this cleanse, beginning right after Christmas 2015. We completed around May 2016 sometime.
    It is truly my estimation Dr. Group 'walks on water'. He just does his role REALLY well and knows what he's about. Does not surprise me that he completed Grad School at Harvard and now consults with M.I.T. What a guy. No wonder this cleanse does a body "makeover". I feel like I have added an extra 20 years onto my life span. I liked it so well I purchased two extra liver cleanses and am planning on repeating the whole 9 step again within a year. My body/mind deserves it and so do I! †

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  • By: tracetown

    Pleased as Punch (5/5)

    I had always dealt with another herbal cleansing product. However, my $89 colon cleanse cost $24.99 to ship. As I was looking for another holistic cleansing site I found Global Healing. I did a little research and decided to go all in for the 9 Step Body Cleanse.
    The program was easy to follow and very doable. I never felt like I was "restricted" or "starving". The 4 month process was exhilarating. I even ordered another Liver Cleanse for the end. Whether you have cleansed before with great results or not so great results or even if you have never cleansed before, you will find the Global Healing products more than satisfactory. †

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  • By: Suz

    Feeling good! (5/5)

    I tried the liver cleanse kit first and was so thrilled with the results. I was amazed at what was inside my gallbladder and liver. Kinda freaked me out that those stones were actually in my poor, overworked, extremely important organs. I knew without a doubt there were more in there and wanted them OUT. I decided Dr. Group really knew his herbs and I am not at all a pharmaceutical believer. I jumped all in and purchased the 9 step body cleanse because I know our air, food, water and products are really loaded with unhealthy chemicals, pesticides and GMO's. I try to eat organic and clean but we live in a unhealthy world and everything is processed and hidden under misleading labels. I anxiously awaited my motivated package. I was really excited to make a step in the right direction for my overly neglected inner body. I am currently on step 7, Which is my favorite, the liver cleanse, visible results that are so rewarding. I believe in Dr. Group's products so much and when I am excited about something and trust in it all my friends and coworkers will know about it. I have shared global healing website with several people now. This is an easy cleanse to follow, they give good instructions and you're not hungry, just eating wiser and healthier. It's a feel good feeling to go to the store and make healthy choices for your body. I love this step by step plan and also teaches you a life change that you prefer. I can't even put certain foods in my mouth anymore after you learn what's in them. My son introduced me to THC , I thank him all the time. He really does his research on companies and products believe me and he gave Dr.Group a five star rating. He calls me a global healing junkie. Lol. I lost about 15 pounds and sleep soon much better, deeper and more rested. I wake up before my alarm on workdays. I am entering step 8 after my rest week. The metal cleanse, can't wait to get those nasty toxins out of my body. I love the videos. So helpful. †

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  • By: JeanK

    Excellent program!! (5/5)

    Have completed the colon and first liver cleanse and feel fantastic. Skin is younger looking all over as I'm now totally hydrated. Looking forward to doing the remaining 7 steps. †

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  • By: steve

    Epic and amazing! (5/5)

    I was in very good shape when I started the 9 step cleanse. I was having some stomach issues so I decided to give this a try(after rigorous research). This is nothing short of phenomenal and unlike anything I have ever tried. Each product is impeccably configured and the cumulative effect was remarkable.
    However, this is not for the faint of heart or dabblers. If you are going to do this-follow Dr. Groups instructions for each step. Everyone around me thought I had lost my mind for taking this epic cleansing journey. Now, some friends want to know what to order to get started! For this bio-individual, Dr. Group was a God send. Blessing to the Global Healing family! †

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  • By: Katharina S.

    Sencond time around and definitely not the last! (5/5)

    I've used quite a few of GHC's products individually before, like the liver cleanse, colon cleanse and a few others. All the products are amazing, safe & work great! Getting the kit was a no-brainer, since it shaves a few dollars. Whether it's used to follow the cleanse or on separate protocols over time... It's well worth the investment! †

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  • By: kristy d.

    High quality products that WORK! (5/5)

    I wanted to get my health back on track and your products work. I love them. There are soo many products out there but yours are genuine and authentic. †

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  • By: Kayley G.

    Will be doing again (5/5)

    This product may take time and money but it was well worth it in the long run. You can really notice a change in energy, mood, the bloating is gone, my kidneys no longer hurt. My skin looks amazing. †

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