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GMO Detox Kit

Cleanse Your Body of GMOs with a Digestive Cleanse

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GMO Detox Kit Reviews (8)

Average rating: (5/5)

  • By: Husidic

    My Acne is Gone (5/5)

    I already have a review under the name "Husidic", but I wanted to post a review as a verified buyer as well, because if you are like me you'll only look at the verified buyer reviews. It's now been around 5 months since I did my cleanse (I followed the instructions to the T)and my face is still clean. I didn't think that this would initially help to clean my acne, so this is just like a huge bonus! I just wanted to feel more energetic and normal again, because I was experiencing a lots of detox symptoms from changing the way I eat. I, also, bought 02Zap and used it on my face and it helped tremendously to heal my face faster. I can't tell you enough good stuff about these products. My advice is that you follow the product instructions and you will get results. I have been learning a lot about how a human body works for the past two years, and I can tell you that for some people results will come slower than others. But don't be discouraged! Take it one small step at a time! You can do it! Good luck! †

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  • By: Joe Giant

    Very Good Product (5/5)

    I used to be so constipated and now I am very regular. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the GMO detox kit. It's changed my life (for the better). I highly recommend it. †

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  • By: serviceking01

    goood (5/5)

    i like to take reg. works good with liver cleane, and deep cleanse. †

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  • By: David a.

    Works (5/5)

    It works †

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  • By: Rob ..

    I definitely would use this product again (5/5)

    Dr. Edward seems to know what he's talking about. So, I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. It cleaned me right up. Gave some to my mother and a friend. They loved it!..Cleaned them out also! †

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  • By: Garrison L.

    I will purchase this again (5/5)

    Great product †

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  • By: Ken ..

    I would buy this again (5/5)

    I decided to buy this and try it before starting eating totally clean. It works. I was able to feel the difference in my body in just a few days. †

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  • By: Joseph C.

    Works as advertised (5/5)

    Works as advertised †

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