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Colon Cleanse Kit

Natural Colon Cleanser plus Probiotics

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Colon Cleanse Kit Reviews (217)

Average rating: (4.8/5)

  • By: Pat T

    This is the real thing!!! (5/5)

    This combination is not one that my husband and I will be without. It works!!! It is the ONLY product we have ever used (and we have tried many) that does what it says...does what we need. Thank you for your expertise. It truly makes a wonderful difference. †

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  • By: Hikergirl

    Phenominal product! OXY POWDER rocks... (4/5)

    I love the colon cleanse diet.......I will never be without OXY POWDER! †

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  • By: Chuy

    Best Colon Cleanser! No doubt. (5/5)

    I took the pills at night and the next morning I was amazed by the results. My intestines were flushed out. Immediately I could feel the difference in my tummy that all the waste was gone. Easy to use. Safe. NonGMO. Vegan. Gluten free! What else would you want? †

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  • By: Dawn

    FINALLY!!! (5/5)

    My husband and i have used this product for over a year. GREAT PRODUCT. We tried all other kinds of colon cleanses and nothing tops this. The number one thing is that it is easy to take in our busy lives. Also the big plus is that you only need to take it at night and not all throughout the day. You do have to figure out how many to take at a time that works for you.We have told many people about Oxy-Powder. All have had great results. The only problem is the price. Wish it was a little less Thanks!! †

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  • By: Clean Plumbing

    Works as Advertised (4/5)

    You may wish to start this product on a Friday night if you don't work on the weekend. This product is great for removing toxins and flushing the digestive tract of buildup that accumulates over time. I think doing the six day regime should be done at least twice or more within 90 days. I also drink sugar free psyllium fiber drinks almost daily to keep my system clean and regular. Note this product liquifies the waste buildup in your system. †

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  • By: Jacque

    Just Awesome Really Works (5/5)

    Thought I would have problems while taking this but that never happened... And I also saw quick results. Thanks †

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  • By: NNawawi

    I would do it again in the future. (4/5)

    I have been having digestive issues for more than a decade. I've tried other products in the past but it either has no effect or too hard on my stomach. Then I found out about liver and gallbladder detox from a friend, but didn't have the gut to do it, as it was hard to follow. I searched on Internet to see if there is any regiment that is more suitable and easier to follow. I found Dr. Edward's website, ordered the products last year when I returned to Canada for a short visit, but didn't do it as it was difficult to find organic produces where I live. As my other health issues got worse I finally decided to start the detox with colon cleanse even without using all organic fruits or vegetables. The first day was fine, but on the second day my eczema flared up, felt lethargic and had to lay down on bed on my third day. I also lost my appetite. When I emailed the customer service, they said, it was part of healing crisis. Surprisingly on the 4th day I felt energetic and my problems improved a bit, but that is ok because I think I also need to do other detox as well in order to gain full recovery. †

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  • By: Yoga Instructor

    Great Products (5/5)

    I have used a number of colon cleanse products and this is by far the best. You don't have to plan your day around being near a bathroom. I felt so much better after the first few days. I now take one Oxy a day, just to stay on track. Would highly reccomend this product. In fact, it was recommended to me. †

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  • By: Marc the juicer

    This product is shaken and baken!!!! (5/5)

    AWESOME easy to use.YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! †

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  • By: Pat

    worked great and was easy (5/5)

    I did the cleanse exactly like Dr.Groups instructions said and when done my midsection felt lite and for lack of words just felt right. Its a very easy cleanse to do and i recomend it to anyone.thanks for products that work! †

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