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Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser

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Oxy-Powder® (120 capsules)
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Oxy-Powder® Reviews (2684)

Average rating: (4.8/5)

90% of people would recommend this product

  • By: Flow master

    Epic Volcanic Results!! (5/5)

    I loved the intensity of the bowel movements. The numerous trips I made to the bathroom made me energized after each subsequent explosive delivery. As I cleaned my toilet I liked observing the byproduct of use from oxy powder. Each time I mounted my toilet I prepped the bowl with toilet paper to avoid catastrophic backsplash. I knew I found a winner when I ate Mexican one night and delivered an alien from the depths of my colon the next morning. My wife used the product with excessive results. She had approximately 30 explosive bowel movements in approximately 8 hours. She went so many times her lower region felt "poached" or shall we say "seared". Overall I like the product and will use it again! †

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  • By: Lauren

    Works for me but with major side effects (3/5)

    I tried this product looking for a way to relieve bloating due to only having one bowel movement a week for years. I have had severe constipation for as long as I can remember(4 years old) spending hours a week in the bathroom. I only have bowel movements once a week but it used to be every other week when I was younger. I've even once gone 30 days without a bowel movement. This product was like a godsend to me...., at first. I had to take 8 pills to receive the desired results(3-5 bowel movements a day) after a week of this I was feeling great. A few days later I came down with SEVERE stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. This went on for a few weeks and I have never been so sick in my life. My insides felt like they were literally burning. I didn't touch this product again for months, although I wasn't 100 percent sure it was the pills causing this or just a coincidence. So I ended up having a wedding to go to months later and decided to take 6 pills two nights before. Worked great the next day. Looked great for the wedding. But sure enough 3 days later I was in severe abdominal pain, vomiting , cramping, diarrhea. It's been almost a week since the pain started and im hoping this is the end of it. I will never take those pills again, as the side effects and pain was extremely awful. For somebody like me who can take every pill, laxative on the market and have no results, this did WORK and I was amazed. Although, I will never take them again BC of the brutal side effects. Not saying this will happen to everyone else, just be cautious and take it slow. Maybe do a few days instead of a week. Good luck! †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Since you've had some serious bowel mobility concerns for so long, many of these are now being addressed while you are using Oxy-Powder. The oxygen being released by Oxy-Powder will bubble up and bombard the solid build up to liquify the stool and provide a watery/loose movement. Please note that this is normal and a sign that the product is working. This concern usually subsides after getting "cleaned out". The gas that you may experience may also come across as a sharp pain or cramping but should be temporary. This is the result of build up being broken down.

    You may consider taking a lower serving size over a longer period of time. This may allow the process to be more gradual without having extreme concerns with cramping or pain. Likewise, most of these concerns should be short lived and will subside as the system is balanced and fully cleansed.

    Please feel free to contact us if you find that we can further assist you in your cleanse.

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    Nature's Shovel (5/5)

    Look, let's be honest. It makes you defecate your guts out...BUT it does it without trauma and discomfort. You vent all the bad sludge in your lower GI, and you feel great. Make sure you rehydrate, because it turns everything in your digestive system into liquid and you'll lose a ton of water. Try it for about 5 days running, then rest. †

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  • By: Kiwi Will

    Oxypowder is Excellent (5/5)

    I used Oxypowder daily as part of Dr Groups 5 day liver cleanse (with Livatrex and Lateroflora,) and have used it every second day since. I was constantly fatigued, overweight and unable to work.
    I found Oxypowder excellent and very gentle to use, and the results were dramatic. I lost 6 kg (12 pounds) in the first 5 days; feel better and with more energy than I have in years; and have cancelled surgery I was booked for(to remove a lump I had on my neck)which has now shrunk away. I highly recommend the Oxypowder; also the 5 day liver cleanse (Lateraflora and Livatrex). I am currently doing my second cleasne, and intend to do more. Thanks Dr Group. †

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  • By: Krissy

    This amazing product is HELPING me!!! (5/5)

    Hi I just wanted to let you know how very much this amazing product is HELPING me!!! I had twins 8 years ago and have been suffering from on and off constipation for years! I live on only beautiful organic and fresh home made food, tons of raw and lightly cooked veggies, lots of raw fresh juices and I still had no relief! I started with the oxy powder and I feel like a different person! Stunning! My tummy is no longer full and bloated and wow!! I have suffered from acne my WHOLE life and it is clearing up so quickly!! You have a customer for life! Brilliant! Thank you so much! With Gratitude, Krissy :) †

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  • By: Tracy H.

    I Love Feeling This Good! (5/5)

    Oxy-Powder is everything these testimonials state and more. I am a 41 year "young" woman that has had years of bloating, gas, and moderate to severe constipation. Many times it was so bad I felt cranky, achy, and so tired. I knew I wasn't actually sick, but I was so tired of feeling this constant lack of energy that wouldn't go away. I couldn't eat without bloating, I only had bowel movements 1-2 times a week (if I was lucky), I was truly miserable; and yet with a full time job, a home to run, a husband and 2 teenagers, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a variety of meetings and clubs I have "NO" time for feeling poorly. This stuff is GREAT! I started on a Friday and by Sunday the "clean-out" had begun. After one week I literally felt rejuvenated. Due to my schedule I often don't sleep well, but the first night I woke up only 1 time and fell right back to sleep. By the second night I slept through until 5:00 a.m. (my normal get up and go time) and I have slept completely through every night since. I even have an overall sense of not wanting to eat something that might not be good for me. This is something I wasn't expecting. It is truly a strange feeling to feel good like this, sleep so well, and feel your body telling you "Eat the good stuff." I don't know if others have noticed these benefits, but I love feeling this good. I am doing the maintenance as suggested, it is working beautifully and I have ordered a sufficient amount to continue on. This is a product that does what it says. For those of you who may read these and think they are made up, well I use to be one of you. My overall health, combined with the schedule I need to keep, drove me try anything, and I am so glad I found Oxy-Powder. Needless to say, I have recommended this site to family members who have suffered as I do. They can read for themselves and decide...but to help out I got them each a bottle for their first time use. Once they use it, they will want to order for themselves. Thank you again for your product. †

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  • By: Evander Smart

    Great product! Worked as advertised (5/5)

    For less than $30, this is a great value, and your body after 7 days of hardcore use will appreciate the internal reset. Had plenty of gas, which is what they said, the matter would turn to liquid or gas. Didn't have one solid movement for about 10 days total. You will be in the bathroom quite a bit.

    After the 10 days, my movements were floating, and a totally different color (Much lighter in weight and color, like a baby). This leads me to believe darker color is a sign of fermentation or decay within your intestine. Babies have a light color movement and a much lighter weight to them. It's like my bowels went back in time!

    I think one 60 tablet bottle is fine. Highly recommend this product. Probably should use this every 6-12 months as an internal cleanse. Buy with confidence. I'm glad I did. †

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  • By: Amy

    It works! (5/5)

    This product works! My daughter has problems with chronic constipation. She was at a point where she was facing surgery. This product has turned her problem around and she is no longer a candidate for surgery. †

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  • By: Steven, very health conscious Triathlete

    Awesome product (5/5)

    My 11yr old daughter was diagnosed with a compacted bowel (it was originally thought to be appendicitis as in the same region).
    She was prescribed the usual GP's bowel cleaning drug which after 12 days produced no better than 1-2 small bowel movements every other day.
    When she came over for her fortnightly stay with me I gave her 2 oxy powder tablets a few hours after the evening meal (I left the precription tablets in her bag).
    The next day between waking up & mid afternoon she had 8 very good bowel movements, a couple I would have been proud of myself :))
    Needless to say she felt so much better. I now just give her a couple of oxy powder tablets every couple of months just to keep on top of things & she has never had another problem. I highly recommend this and all other products from the Global Healing Center, I have used most of them and found them to be of very high quality and do what they are designed for, working with the body naturally. †

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  • By: Black bear

    Best colon cleanser (5/5)

    I cleansed my colon using the oxypowder and eating fruit only. My stomach immediately shrank during this period of time. It completely cleansed my colon. I continue to use the product once or twice a week. It is an awesome product. I tell everyone about this great product. †

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