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Body Cleanse Advanced Kit

Colon Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, & Harmful Organism Cleanse plus Beneficial Probiotics

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Body Cleanse Advanced Kit Reviews (16)

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88% of people would recommend this product

  • By: M. the happy camper

    I wish I could buy it in bulk! (5/5)

    I bought a kit and had my best friend buy one too so we would have each other as support. We both ate fruit for 6 days. Our results were nothing less than impressive. Oxycleanse is a star; easy, gentle, thorough, perfect!
    We went straight to the liver cleanse - easy dietary preparation and then the dreaded oil - and to bed. My friend had no discomfort whatsoever, but I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a slight bit woozy but not so bad as to throw up. After about an hour a strange thing happened. Suddenly, all wooziness stopped and a beautiful feeling of comfort flooded my body. I knew that the detox crisis was over and it felt as if my liver was now radiant; I am not exaggerating. Next day, I asked my friend if something sudden happened to her, and though she didn't experience any queasiness, she remembered feeling suddenly super well about 4 in the morning! For the next 3 days I saw what added up to probably 75 to 100 little green stones floating in the toilet. Job well done! On to the Paratrex , which we will be taking for about 3 more weeks; also an easy process. One last thing to say about the colon cleanse; the results are long lasting. I feel like I have gone back in time with my elimination. I haven't eliminated 3 times a day since I was a teenager; now it has become my continuing trend.
    I plan to do the Advanced Body Cleanse twice a year, and the colon cleanse every change of season. Thank you Global Healing Center for the great products! †

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  • By: Busy Mom

    first cleanse (5/5)

    This was my first cleanse ever and it was so easy! I am a working mom of two toddlers and time is never on my side so being able to follow the instructions in this kit to the T was great. I am finally back to my pre mom weight! I believe the weight loss is due to my body being able to function more properly since there is much less of a toxic load. Thank for a great product! †

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  • By: Greenheart

    Best body cleanse kit I have ever had (5/5)

    I was so amazed using GHC products. I had no idea I would release so many liver stones. I defenetly will go through liver cleansing again in 3 month. I couldn't believe my body was so toxic. And I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. But I strictly followed instructions and first 6 days choose to eat fruits only. So happy! I am 5'3 and 110 pounds now! still continue taking product for another 6 weeks. So far so good! †

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  • By: stjaggers

    Lost 12 Pounds in 3 Weeks (4/5)

    Okay, so I know this wasn't a weight loss diet, but following this cleanse to the letter, I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks. Works for me. There are a lot of pills and potions to take and some very restrictive dietary guidelines, but I can honestly say that I wasn't ever hungry. Maybe I was filling up on all the supplements and Vinegar Water. Anyway, I'd say the cleanse was a success and portions of it I will definitely repeat. †

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  • By: lanabos

    Calm gut~(feeling) + Concentration! (5/5)

    I noticed that the upsets I usually feel in my stomach/guts, were gone while I took Latero Flora, and my focus & concentration was clearer. Weeks after I ran out of Latero Flora, the upsets are back and my brain feels foggy. It is clear to me that it does its work. Ordering more now! †

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  • By: Banker lady

    Great products (5/5)

    I will continue to purchase your products, it was overall pretty easy to use and follow. After using the products I feel very energetic and I just have this feeling of well being overall. I was rather apprehensive about the liver cleanse but actually it went very smoothly, now I don't feel sluggish and also my face skin is beginning to get a glow again I am super excited because I a 55 and have tried other products that did nothing for me.

    Its worth the money I paid for in fact I have some friends trying the products.
    I feel for being quality products they are reasonably priced. Their service is superb :) I am very satisfied and will continue to use the products an recommend to friend and family members. †

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  • By: GHCFAN



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  • By: Lost In Translation

    Great products/line (5/5)

    Super easy to use and comprehensive program. Truly addresses what I wanted it to!
    Great quality and very efficient! †

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  • By: Watchlistener

    Must have! (5/5)

    This kit is the best on the market. I have done tones of research many similar products and this is the best out there. †

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  • By: Tricia

    Ease of use (5/5)

    The product worked as indicated. Expectations were in line with my experience. †

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