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Body Cleanse Starter Kit

Cleanse your Colon and Liver

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Body Cleanse Starter Kit Reviews (45)

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71% of people would recommend this product

  • By: Wish I found this sooner!

    Not afraid to try it! (5/5)

    I have done the liver/gallbladder cleanse twice now about 10 days apart and I have actually gotten rid of my heartburn/acid reflux. I could hardly eat anything that didn't hurt my stomach before! I got out 100's of stones each time and some of the stuff that was eliminated during the 5 days was also surprising. Good riddance! My digestion is working so much better now. Elimination is back to normal, perfect text book looking BM'S when before they were not.I would highly reccommend this cleanse! Don't wait til your 50's like me. Just do it! †

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  • By: Derek

    Great product!!! (5/5)

    This is an amazing product. Being that I'm in the military, we have to exercise daily. I didn't think I was going to be able to follow the recommended diet plan. Reading the instructions at first glance seemed like it was going to be hard to follow with my busy, and sometimes hectic work tempo. After I completed the first day it was actually pretty easy. I was suprised at how I didn't feel drained. Being that I eat pretty healthy on a consistant basis, made it a little easier to follow the recommended diet also. I went from a 34 to a 33 inch waist. I had passed between 100 to 200 stones on the last day of the cleanse. I was amazed by how they look exactly like the photos on the internet! In the past I purchased the Oxy Powder from this site, and it worked wonders. I have much more energy even after an intense pt (physical training) session. I have recommended your products to my coworkers and family and I'm confident that they'll be satisfied also. I will definately purchase more in the near future. Thanks guys. †

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  • By: Patti

    After completing the Colon and Liver Cleanse I feel great, and have lost 15 lbs (5/5)

    Thank you for your speedy response. I neglected to mention that after completing the Colon and Liver Cleanse I feel great, and have lost 15 lbs.- - most of all I feel great. I was always a healthy eater, and take care of myself, and didn't think of myself as overweight, but after the cleansing I feel like a million bucks. I am anxious to see how I feel after I complete the Parasite CleanseÌ_Ì__. Again, thank you, Patti †

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  • By: Drexel

    Mission accomplished (5/5)

    I was having constant diarrhea and toxic gas for about a year. I tried the colon cleanse. It took a lot of discipline, and I had a slip or two ( dietary wise). It was a challenge, but worth the effort. All is well, definitely try this before resorting to pharmacological solutions. And I dropped 7 pounds in six days. †

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  • By: Roscoe

    I was really amazed at the effectiveness (5/5)

    I use this product for cleansing my colon and liver, and I have always gotten good results and found it simple and easy to use and it does not conflict with my busy schedule †

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  • By: Keolahou (New Beginnings)

    64 going on 34! (5/5)

    Aloha Everyone,
    I just finished the Colon and Liver cleasne (back to back) with amazing results. I am 64 years old, and for the last two years my overall health, energy and happiness have been tanking. With this being my first cleasne ever, you can imagine how much 'fun' I was expecting to encounter. At the same time I sensed this is what my body was telling me to do, and I can tell you it was worth every visit to the bathroom!

    The Colon cleasne was simple and easy to follow. I didn't have any side effects except for the expected bloating. Within in a couple of days I could feel an enormous improvement in both my physical and mental well being. Probably the biggest change though was in the area of my sinuses. For the longest time I've felt my constant stuffiness was the 'norm' for me. Now my congestion has disappeared and my sinus drains daily. I can't even remember the last time I had to blow my nose!

    The Liver cleasne, although very effective, did not go as smoothly as the Colon cleasne. I had a similar reaction as did another reviewer. At first I thought nothing was going to happen. I felt bloated, constipated, and had slight nausea the entire time. I was becoming a little discouraged and was ready to ask for my money back. I felt lousy and as if all the gains I had achieved had reversed themselves. Even on the infamous "Flush" day nothing seem to go as expected. Well not until 5PM that evening. Without being too TMI (too much info), and not being from Missouri, I still had to see for myself. Needless to say, the results were incredible. I do want to point out, for me it wasn't until Day 8 or 9 before I felt full of vigor again.

    Again, both of these cleanses are worth every penny. So don't hesitate, there are many reasons why Dr. Group III and his GHC are so highly regarded. You will reap the benefits from all their hard, caring work!

    Mahalo much Everyone,
    Keola †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Thank you for sharing your incredible feedback with us! We believe that most health problems are caused when the body becomes contaminated with toxic residue from our environment. This toxic accumulation suppresses the body's own internal self-healing mechanism. However, when you cleanse all of these toxins out of your body, it resets your body's ability to heal naturally. It sounds like you may have experienced a healing crisis toward the end of your Liver Cleanse, which is why it took several days to feel like yourself again. A healing crisis occurs when toxins are released at a faster rate than your body can process and remove them. This typically lasts just a few days. You may view more information about a healing crisis here.

    Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team here for further information about cleansing. Take care and be well!

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  • By: G

    Affordable! (5/5)

    All of these products are a must have in my life now. If I get off of my regimen suggested by Dr. Group, I experience fatigue, headaches, brain fog, and an overall feeling of heaviness. I know it is because of my environment and the toxicity that I am exposed to daily. These 3 products provide the support that my body needs to prevent becoming over burdened with toxins. Life is a much much better place because of Dr Group and his products! †

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  • By: CA

    I will be buying again! (5/5)

    My wife purchased this for me...was the mildest, most effective cleanse I have ever done. I will be repeating this. †

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  • By: Pvic

    My favorite products. (5/5)

    I love the products as well as the company. †

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  • By: Pam V.

    Body Cleanse Starter Kit (5/5)

    I really like the philosophy of Dr. Group and the view to cleanse the inside of your organs (colon, liver, gallbladder) is the first big step towards optimal health. To preface this, I had a confusing, challeneging, expensive series of tests and medical office visits with a doctor who seemed clueless about a proper diagnosis of me and how to treat me. I searched online and listened to several of Dr. Group's lectures and a bell went off in my mind that this approach to health and well being made sense. I did my first colon and liver cleanse and plan to do another in a few months. And I replaced old products to newly discovered GHN's products to address maintaining a healthy thyroid, female hormones, calcium and a liquid muti vitamin and mineral product. These products seem cleaner and more absorbal for the human body and the healthy food plan is an additional tool (using good clean food and water as medicine). The cleanse is good and makes sense, but if one is new to this type of cleanse, it is not just popping a capsule and that is that. You have to focus a bit and follow the detailed protocols which ultimately will serve you and eventually you get use to it. And you get educated on healthy foods and drinks for the body and learn to make them a healthy habit in your life. †

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