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Liver Cleanse Kit

Detox your liver and eliminate liver stones, increase your energy, and lose weight.

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Liver Cleanse Kit Reviews (275)

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73% of people would recommend this product

  • By: Angelo

    After my first cleanse my liver enzyme levels were immediately normalized! (5/5)

    The liver cleanse is awesome! This was my fourth or fifth full liver cleanse. As I do have a compromised liver I need to stay on top of cleansing. Liver enzymes are usually elevated in a liver with Hepatitis C and that was exactly the case with me. I was getting into allot of different alternative treatments, and while I felt better and had more energy, my enzymes were still high after every blood test. After my first cleanse my liver enzyme levels were immediately normalized! Dr. Group has stated that when he worked with cancer patients, just giving them supplements and formulas, was good but cure rate percentages were still low. Then he started with the intestinal cleanses, and that was the key to everything. Liver cleansing and intestinal cleansing is the key, without it, I would have been dead long ago. Dr. Group's formulas are the cutting edge. I know, I have been trying different natural methods for over twenty years, thank God I stumbled onto the Global Healing Center Website! †

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  • By: Linda

    I Will Do This At Least Twice a Year (5/5)

    In a routine ultrasound it was discovered that I had a large stone in my gallbladder. I used the GHC Liver Cleanse Kit with the apple juice and painlessly passed the large stone along with many smaller ones from my liver. I had a follow-up ultrasound and got proof positive that the large stone was gone. †

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  • By: Kx

    Holly CoW it does work! (5/5)

    the product works as stated, fallow the directions and stick to them!

    the thing that's so great about it is that IT WORKS! lost 20 pounds sticking to the diet and the supplements, plus I feel more energetic.

    the only thing that I'm not trill about is the taste... lets face it... IT BLOWS... that being said if you fallow the regiment to the T; you will see the results at the end, I GUARANTEE IT. †

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  • By: SJC

    Good, but leaves me with questions (4/5)

    I am a 43 year old female. I eat a healthy diet of mostly organic vegetables, some grass fed and organic meats, nuts, seeds, grains, legumes, very little grass-fed orgainc dairy, and very little processed food. I exercise 4-6 times per week. I wanted to do the liver cleanse because I've never done one before, and I feel like I should feel better and have more energy than I do, and I have all kinds of acne all along my jawline and the sides of my face that I can't seem to get any relief from. I am thin and do not need to lose weight, and have a history of eating disorders(many years past) so I was worried about the diet portion of the cleanse.(as were my family and friends, who did give me grief about it) I had to adjust the diet a bit to add more calories. I did eat a hard boiled egg each morning with my fruit. I ate more nuts as a snack than was recommended. I was just hungry. I did have to work through 4 days of the cleanse, which went just fine, I just had to plan ahead for meals. I still lost weight and dipped into what I call my "danger zone" but not by much. The livatrex had a good taste, and I also enjoyed drinking the acv mixture. The flush day went fine and I didn't think the epsom salt or oil was too difficult to drink. I did feel my gallbladder purging after taking the oil mixture. I had a difficult night's sleep with a lot of hot/cold, stomach cramping, and a horrible taste in my mouth. I looked at my tongue and it was literally white. I ended up scraping my tongue at 3am and felt better, but still didn't sleep much after that. I did pass stones the next day, but didn't count them. Several larger ones, mostly very tiny ones. It's been over a week since then and I have been continuing to eat mostly salads, the soup, and nuts, fruit and veggies. What I would really like is more information on what could happen after a cleanse and why. I have had no relief from acne, though my skin feels and looks in better condition overall(softer, etc). The rest of my skin got very dry right after the cleanse, even the backs of my hands were rough. I am losing more hair than I usually do. I have had persistent leg cramps during the night. I wish I could figure out why these things are going on. If there was a "what to expect" resource or community where everyone could share and toss around ideas about the liver flush, that would be helpful. †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Thank you for the honest review. The solution we currently offer to gauge the progress of a cleanse is a general health questionnaire which is available on our website. It can be found here:

    We actually used to have a forum, but the problem with having a forum were the claims being made about our products. In regards to your other question about what you can expect to feel after a cleanse. You may experience what is known as a "healing crisis". If you look at the FAQs section of the Liver Cleanse Kit, you will find what I am talking about and what you can experience during or after the cleanse. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any more additional questions. We are here to help.

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  • By: PBunyan

    Worked for Me! (5/5)

    Follow GHC's included daily instructions religiously for the time period requested and you shouldn't have any problems. No weakness if followed correctly, ie, I was weak around "brunch" and ate a handful of Goji Berries as a snack option from GHC's list. My energy increased immediately. It was awesome controlling how I felt simply by introducing the proper nutrients at the right time. I would recommend going to GHC's website and further research Dr. Group's "The Body Cleansing Diet" to learn how to eat properly. Read it all, here's the website link. †

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  • By: amck

    Amazing! (5/5)

    This was an amazing adventure. I have tried Dr. Group's products in the past, so I knew when I did my next cleanse, it would be from the Global Healing Center. It took me weeks to figure out when I was going to attempt this, as I was apprehensive and really didn't want to put my life on hold. The directions seemed rather intense, and I was really concerned about having to drink the olive oil on day 5. Suprisingly,the cleanse was not a big deal at all. The foods were great, and I felt motivated to continue. This cleanse has given me my life back! I lost 8 pounds. I feel lighter. My stomach has gone down. I feel like I have so much more energy. And it has prompted me to embark on this weight loss journey. I feel so much better eating organically that I am not going back to regular/GMO food. I already ordered another kit to start my second cleanse next week. Try it. It works! †

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  • By: Energizer lady

    Completed 3 cleanses! (5/5)

    I have reviewed after my first liver cleanse. This is a 5day follow-up from my 3rd one.
    Every cleanse, I have a headache during the first 3 days and it goes away the 4th day and I notice an increase in energy. On the 5th "fast day" I have a large amount of energy near the point of it being difficult to focus. I found it was not hard not to eat on that day, although the first couple days it was difficult not to eat more food and I found myself cheating the diet recommended. I do however recommend following the diet if you can, keeping as close to raw foods as possible, I just got better results.
    After my second cleanse after 5 days, I noticed my skin was not very dry and this year has been a terrible year for dry winter skin. I have no dry skin after my third (on my face was the worst).
    I have a lot more energy now that I have completed the 3 cleanses. I still have indications, more gall than liver, so I will be performing a 4 cleanse in a month after I work on the kidney cleanse.
    I wish I knew about this before I had my gallbladder removed. I also wish I got paid for telling other people about it because I have talked 3 people into the colon and liver cleanses, including my physician. †

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  • By: Joe

    Great Program! (5/5)

    The liver cleanse program really works. At the end of the 6-day detox I came out 10 pounds and 200 stones lighter. I've since continued the good habits picked up on the plan - eating fruit for breakfast, drinking ACV water throughout the day and keeping more fresh vegetables in my diet - it just makes you feel so good. In fact, it helped me lose cravings for sugar & carbs. I recommend Dr Group's cleansing programs very highly. I've seen other liver detox plans that call for no food at all for 6 to 10 days straight. That seems a little ridiculous. This plan at GHC makes lots of sense. This kit only provides you with the tools you'll need for the job. The plan works only if you make it work. It's up to you to achieve your own success. Which is essentially Dr. Group's mission statement - Take control of your own health! †

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  • By: Kalee

    Excellent Experience for a NEWbie! with Liver Cleanse Kit (5/5)

    As a first time cleanse, this was absolutely the best experience! I only ask, What took me so long to find these amazing products and Dr Group's informative process and educational videos. I felt so light, healthy and free as a result of the liver/gall bladder cleanse. I lost 10 pounds!, my eyes were clear and my skin began to glow just a couple days later! Everyone that knew me could 'see' the difference in my appearance and in my mood. Thank-you! †

    Customer Video review for Liver Cleanse Kit

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  • By: Gannah

    I will definitely buy this product again (5/5)

    My husband was doing the cleanse and I decided I am over 40 and will do it with him altho' I had no serious health issues. I was pleasantly surprised how easy and painless it was . I passed hundreds of stones and felt clearer and the fog was gone, altho' I didn't realize there was fog till it was gone:) I definitely recommend this product to all my friends!! †

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