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All Natural Lung Cleanser with Organic Herbs & Essential Oils for Respiratory Support

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Allertrex® Reviews (250)

Average rating: (4.5/5)

71% of people would recommend this product

  • By: Fancy

    amazing stuff (5/5)

    Doc said I have emphysema. He said "not really bad" when I asked how bad is it? After long time chronic bronchitis, 3 rounds all different antibiotics, followed by 30 days of another, miraculously I found this. This product, along with a Himalayan salt pipe, almost all wheezing and congestion is gone. Amazing. I have been sick for over 3 years. I almost feel brand new. Won't be without this product...get it now if you want to enjoy getting off inhalants. Amazing stuff. Thank you. I am 73. †

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  • By: Marcia

    WOW! This really works! (5/5)

    My 3 year old daughter was given Albuterol Sulfate in two different forms by her doctor to stop wheezing. Each time my daughter would have a terrible skin rash or act out of control behaviorally only for the wheezing to return. I discontinued the Albuteral Sulfate and began my search for something natural that would strengthen her lungs. I found "ALLER TREX"!

    The name was very catchy. I called to inquire if the product was safe for my child and to my surprise a very nice man answered the phone and addressed my concerns beyond my expectations.

    Within a few days I received my order of "ALLER TREX" and gave it to my daughter as directed on the bottle. After only two doses, NO MORE WHEEZING, even while she slept! She also likes the taste.

    -A Very Happy Mother! †

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  • By: Judy G

    Keeps my lungs clean! (5/5)

    It may sound contradictory to say that I'm health conscious and in the same breath, say that I smoke, but that's life. Most of us are guilty of some habit or another that isn't healthy. I quit smoking for several months more than once and missed it and started back. The last time I started smoking again, I said I would only smoke organic tobacco and that's what I've done - about 10 a day is all I want. I started using AllerTrex in the hopes of counteracting the smoking. I am pleased to say that my lungs work fine and I do not have a "smoker's cough". I work out and also walk and my lung capacity has greatly improved since I started smoking organic cigarettes and using AllerTrex regularly. I'll keep using it and I intend to keep smoking too! †

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  • By: Regina

    copd (5/5)

    Having copd makes me look for products that help me keep my airways clean. Love this natural product. †

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  • By: jasonandbeth93

    Better breathing (5/5)

    After having trouble breathing from mold sensitivities,I couldn't even do my daily walking and tennis playing.It had gotten so bad that I didm't even want to go outside.I felt like I had to keep taking deep breaths,just to get enough air. After 2 days and 3 servings I feel so much better.I even walked 3 miles this morning and didn't get short of breath at all.My sinuses have also been clogged up and now I can breath freely out of my nose.I would recommend this to anyone with breathing or allergy problems. †

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  • By: Mary Ruth

    Finally seeing improvement (4/5)

    I'm 77 years of age, I smoked off and on for 40 years and finally had the brains to quit. A chest x-rays showed that my lungs were clean and clear. But then, after 10 years of non-smoking, I developed respiratory problems, i.e., difficult breathing on exertion.. I didn't know if I had COPD or some sort of allergy (I don't go to doctors), since I have moved to an "unhealthy" environment with unpleasant weather, high humidity, etc. . I am currently on bottle #5, and I am definitely much improved. I will use this product as long as it benefits me. †

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  • By: Blueler

    Great product! (5/5)

    I was sick for almost 2 months with lung issues. I went to the doctor twice and they gave me all sorts of things like a nebulizer, antibiotics, and nothing worked. I had seen this product on alex jones' show but was hesitant at first to try it but I was desperate nothing I got from the doctor helped they just made things worse. The first use of dr. Groups product immediately helped within 2 hours I was breathing better and could tell this was no gimmick. 1 week later I was completely back to normal! I've since recommend this to everyone I see that is sick and they've all told me that it cleared them up too! Awesome product recommend to everyone! Thanks dr. Group! †

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  • By: tineke

    things get better. (3/5)

    i have COPD for quite a long time. I use inhalers for that. I cough a lot and make much slime. With allertrex it gets better. It really helps. I have good nights now without coughing. I feel a lot better.
    Since I live in Holland it cost me quite a lot. But it is worth it. †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Thank you for taking the time to give feedback on our product! We're sorry that the international shipping option was very expensive for you. We recently added a new international shipping option that is much more affordable if you don't mind waiting longer to receive the product. We are thrilled to know that Allertrex showed promising results for you! We hope to continue being your #1 stop shop for all of your natural health supplement needs in the future. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.

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  • By: Bill

    Thrilled with this product! (5/5)

    Delivery is prompt. I mistakenly used it every day on the first bottle but changed to every other day on the 2nd one.
    It stopped the burning feeling in my lungs and improved my ability to walk longer and faster without getting out of breath. I bought some for my sweetheart who coughed frequently and it has brought relief to her as well. We both are extremely pleased with our results and are happy we found it. Both are coughing up much less phlegm now. I love the fact it works with no side effects. †

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  • By: Paul

    Great Tasting Respiratory Benefit (5/5)

    I followed the instructions after spraying in mouth and inhaling deeply, holding a bit and releasing. Would like to have the instructions improved if Dr. Group suggests spraying in mouth while inhaling as the one time I did I coughed uncontrollably. So, in other words, it's not used like an asthma inhaler. Thereafter, I didn't inhale as I was spraying, inhaled immediately after the spritz.
    As for helping, it has echinacea which stimulates the immune system. I like that. †

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