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Chemical & Toxic Metal Body Cleanser

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Zeotrex® Reviews (49)

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71% of people would recommend this product

  • By: dachu3

    Detox to get rid of the mind fog (5/5)

    My advise to how to use this product to have the BEST results (at least that's how it works for me):

    Take this product on an empty stomach after not having a meal for at least 6 hours. Take 15 drops with 2 oz of water. Wait 15/30 mins and then drink a lot of filtered water. If you are doing this for the very first time, you will be going through detox and you will feel as if you are coming down with a flu and you might get a headache. This means you are really contaminated.

    Also try to compliment (don't use it at the same time) this product with Oxy pills and the new Iodine drops †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Thank you for your feedback, and for sharing your experience! Because most people have years of accumulated toxins, they may experience a healing crisis, which you can learn more about here.

    Zeotrex will bind to and flush stored substances from the body. These harmful substances may include built up mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, and other damaging metals and chemicals. These toxins will be eliminated through your fecal matter and urine. Other forms of toxic material trapped in the cells, tissues and organs may also exit the body after your cleanse.

    Also - you are correct that Oxy-Powder is helpful for use in conjunction with Zeotrex, because this keeps the colon and intestines clear of compaction, making elimination routes more efficient. Detoxadine also has the ability to flush toxic halogens and chemicals from your body. Please contact us if you have any questions here. We look forward to hearing from you, take care and be well!

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  • By: Always learning

    Innovative excellence (5/5)

    I am 60 years old and spent a lifetime of cleansing and rebuilding my health from the 50's, 60's and on. I went from very sick and on a path of serious illness until the 90's when I decided to be 100% responsible for my health, in every way, diet, lifestyle, supplements, research. I consider myself extremely well informed. I created a lecture series and taught this at Wild Oats for a couple of years that was very well attended. I have been taking since 9/13 and had to gradually increase dosage. Going too fast created cleansing symtoms that were more than I wanted to tolerate, but understood that removal of body toxins can do this. I had to be very careful. Today I am taking around 10,000mcg and am virtually free of symtoms. I started at around 500-1000mcg. I have been using this product along with Dr. Groups products at infowars. They have taken me to an even greater success in my efforts. I am deeply in debt to Dr. Group and Alex Jones. †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Thank you for sharing your tremendous feedback. We always enjoy hearing about our customers’ personal experiences with our products. What you described is most likely due to a “Healing Crisis” which occurs when your body releases toxins faster than it can flush them out. It is helpful to start at a lower serving size and build up gradually until you have reach the recommended amount to allow your body to adjust to the removal of toxins. You may view the full protocol for Zeotrex here as well as more information regarding a healing crisis here. Please contact us here for additional tips and advice. Happy cleansing!

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  • By: GABMFT

    Great taste, works well! (5/5)

    First, let me say that I love the taste! These drops are delicious (in my opinion). Not that the taste has to do with the effectiveness, but it sure helps. I had no side effects taking these and after a few days of being on them, I noticed a BIG improvement in my cognition and mental clarity. It was like a dark cloud was lifted. I would HIGHLY recommend these drops to anyone who wants to improve their overall mood, sense of well being and mental clarity. Great stuff! I will be buying these again! †

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  • By: deem

    Awesome Zeotrex! (5/5)

    Have gone through 3 bottles with my two Special Needs boys, & love the results...feel more clarity. Will be ordering more soon! †

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  • By: Rich

    Lower Mercury Count (5/5)

    I ordered Zeotrex becuase I had a hair mineral test done and the results came back that I had too much Mercury in my tissue. I thought Zeotrex would be a good way to help bind to the toxic metals to aid in my detoxification and I was right. On my 2nd Hair Test my Mercury levels were way down. I was also doing frequent coffee enemas to help dispel the toxins, but between the two I found it to be very effective. †

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  • By: Jonathan

    We are very happy for having acquired this special product (5/5)

    Since a month ago my wife and I are taking the product Zeotrex because we wanted to detoxify our bodies. Apparently we did not have serious health problems to resolve or extra weight to lose but we believe that the organism has the need to be cleansed. I personally have obtained a lot of benefits for the stomach heaviness and digestive disorders which always made me have a swollen stomach. My skin has also shown improvements and I can sleep better at night, and the day after I wake up without fatigue. My wife and I are losing some pounds. We are very happy for having acquired this special product which has improved our health a lot removing the toxins from our bodies; we are accompanying the intake of Zeotrex with an especial diet to prevent the accumulation of toxins. †

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  • By: Lee

    Not sure but..... (4/5)

    Im not sure about this one because I cant 'feel' the difference. I wish I did a lab test before I started taking this so I can compare the results a few months later.

    What I can say is that it gave my Wife a headache for about a week. It did nothing of the sort for me. Apparently the headache is a sign that toxins are being removed.

    I am more than happy to accept that this product is a hgh quality form of zeolites and that it will gradually remove the toxins and I will be buying it again. I just cant say I feel any better for it, but I definately want those metals etc gone from my body.

    Ill probably be buying a few more bottles of this and keep on it for a while. Should do a lab test too! †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    We appreciate your review of this product! Zeotrex provides active defense against many environmental sources of chemicals and toxic metals. It is possible to take Zeotrex on an ongoing basis should you feel that you need additional cleansing, however, each individual's results will vary depending on the level of toxicity.

    Most people will notice a difference in energy levels, mental clarity and balanced mood, but it can take some time for these improvements to be noticed. It sounds like your wife did experience a mild healing crisis, which you may learn more about here.

    We definitely recommend testing before and after using Zeotrex so that you have definite results. Take care and be well!

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  • By: toxic person

    Excellent results, but a bit high in price for an essential (4/5)

    I used this product during and after performing a liver cleanse to enhance the overall effectiveness of this product. I also eat a fairly clean diet and drink filtered water.

    During use and 3/4 of the bottle in I have noticed a significant increase in mental and emotional lucidity that resulted in more energy and a calm focus I haven't experienced in years.

    It is ridiculous how toxic our environment is, and after going through this understand how necessary it is to use a chemical and toxic metal cleanse in order to function properly without the hormonal and neurotransmitter jamming effect of a toxic brain load turning our everyday phenomenological experience into a foggy mess.

    I just with this came in a 2 oz bottle so that it would be more affordable, perhaps a 2oz bottle for $50-60. †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Thank you for your feedback! You are correct, we believe that many issues begin when the body becomes contaminated with toxins and its internal self-healing mechanism is suppressed. These toxins come from our air, food, water, beverages, harmful organisms, stress, chemicals, toxic metals, radiation and other sources. Eventually, our body becomes so overloaded with toxins that it is no longer able to perform as it was designed, and this is why cleansing regularly is so important. Please keep us updated as you continue to cleanse!

    Global Healing Center products are made with the highest quality ingredients possible which is reflected in the cost of the products. However, we offer coupons and discounts regularly through our weekly emails. To subscribe please go here.

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  • By: Edmond

    Thank you Zeotrex (5/5)

    I have to admit that I have been benefited a lot when I found valuable information of Zeotrex just when I was looking for a suitable solution for my problems of health. Since I started taking Zeotrex I started feeling better, with just a week taking the product I noticed important changes, I used to be bottered by acidity and with the intake of Zeotrex and after the first week that annoying problem was almost completely gone. Due to my diet I used to have constant diarrheas and stomach aches, and thanks to Zeotrex those are not bothering me anymore. I honestly did not believe that any natural product was going to help in such an effective way as Zeotrex is doing. †

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  • By: Randal

    Helps with thinking (5/5)

    I getting a bottle again soon, for me and my 80+ parents for clear thinking and general Detox this product works for me. †

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