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Herbal Liver Support Formula

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Livatrex® Reviews (246)

Average rating: (4.7/5)

78% of people would recommend this product

  • By: Gretchen

    WOW!!!!! (5/5)

    I seriously cant say enough about this product! I am currently on my 6th liver flush. EFFECTIVE! I use this product between my liver flushes as well since Im not doing all of my liver flushes back to back due to traveling. But let me tell you...once i started using this product...this is just a few things that happened. Expelled hundreds of stones, my energy was boundless, clear and bright skin, clear eyes, better sleep, mental sharpness and clarity, digestion, decreased lethary after I eat, bowel movements, better moods, decreased tinnitus, an overall sense of well being. It tastes great! Easy to take! If you need any support or guidance, the support staff are awesome! If you have ever taken a liver support product before, try this one, like he says...."you wont be disappointed" †

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  • By: Eric

    OMG Livatrex!!! (5/5)

    Hi my name is Eric and I am 31 years old. Unfortunately I have abused alcohol for the last 7 years of my life. It got so bad at one point, I was drinking 2 liters or more of hard liquor a day for a period of 8 months. My body was in terrible pain all over. I decided I wanted to quit drinking and detoxify my body, because I was sure soon to find myself on a gurney. I first heard Doctor Group talk about Livatrex on the Alex Jones Show. I was fascinated by some of the things he had to say. I quickly ordered the Livatrex and began the regimen, but quickly failed to follow through. I felt like a failure. I went right back to the bottle. Over the next few months I began to feel like I was dying. I had to try the Livatrex again. I did follow through this time and to be completely honest I cheated on the diet a few times and did a horrible job following the schedule, but I wasn't going to let my lack of discipline stop me from trying. I passed hundreds of small stones 8 marble sized stones and 1 larger than a quarter! My body pain is subsiding and I feel tons better. Even if this doesn't make it through review I want to thank you Dr. Group -Eric †

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  • By: MrsTetzlaff

    Livatrex Is The Fountain of Youth (5/5)

    When I first tried Livatrex two years ago I was really grossed out and stopped using it. It took me quite some time to adjust to the fact that the foods that I was eating and digesting were bad for me. Once you start cleansing and sticking with it, you begin to realize that pretty much everything is bad for your body. Then you ponder the meaning of life and death to the federal government... and you wonder why some food regulations ever came to be in the first place. Your body adjusts to the cleansing and when you fall off the cleansing wagon and try to go back to your old ways, it is very hard. I used to love Milk, not anymore. I used to love Steak, not anymore. I used to love fruits and vegetables that were not organic, not anymore. If it isn't organic it is extremely noticeable. My physical ability to eat poorly changed completely because of Livatrex. Once the toxins are released from your body, you feel like a clean slate. You feel better overall as a human being. If you stay healthy, you always feel healthy and good about yourself. Even one time eating something you shouldn't can make you realize how unhealthy that thing is. That is what I love about Livatrex. I take it twice per week now for maintenance. I was never able to do a full cleanse without feeling ridiculously sick. The maintenance amount was plenty enough to make me feel and realize that what I was consuming and the ways that I was living were just not right. I don't eat after 630 at night anymore. I sleep soundly. I wake up early feeling refreshed. I have less stomach issues and feel much less sluggish than before. My depression is 75% less than what it was. I swear by Global Healing Center and its products. Thank you Livatrex! †

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  • By: Happy and healthy woman

    AMAZED by the Livertrex and GHC! (5/5)

    After reading the reviews, I was still skeptical but bought 2 kits. It did everything I read in reviews. I recommend use the orange juice in olive oil on next to last day to help get it down. On the last night of the first week after taking the epsom salt and olive oil, I didn't sleep well and woke up every hour feeling nauseated and awful. I strongly recommend to buy a bag of sugar-free hard candies to take throughout the night and on the last day to help keep oil down and not feel so nauseated. It was very helpful. On the last day I felt like I had the flu and stayed in bed all day and swore I was not going to do the Livertrex again and planned to send the second kit back!

    I am a woman in my mid-40's who used to have a super abundant amount of energy until about age 38. I was always pretty healthy and therefore, never really detoxed. But then in the last 6-7 years, I started ALWAYS feeling fatigued, irritable, had a hard time getting focused at work at a great but demanding job position, and just felt too tired to get up and enjoy life and even people anymore. I just wanted to go home every night, have dinner, and go to bed. It seemed my entire adult life of of working non-stop 12-14 hours day (work, career, continuing education, volunteering, family etc...) finally started catching up to me. And it seemed no matter what I tried from online research, health food stores, and latest trends, nothing seemed to work, give me energy, or be worth the money spent. I tried essential oils, diets, top vitamins, extra caffeine, goji berries, you name it, etc...

    What astounded me was on the Monday morning after the first week detox, I woke up feeling SO ENERGETIC, LIGHT, CLEAN, JOYFUL, and SO FULL OF VITALITY and VIGOR that I did not need my usual four cups of morning coffee (and stayed that way all day). I was AMAZED BECAUSE I HAD NOT FEEL THAT GOOD, YOUTHFUL, AND ENERGETIC SINCE I WAS IN COLLEGE IN MY LATE TEENS TO MID-TWENTIES!!! I forgot how good I used to feel!!!

    So, I immediated jumped into Week Two the next day Tuesday and even felt better afterwards. The Week Two olive oil / epsom salt night and last night was actually easier.

    I am sold on the Livertrex Kit and I am VERY GRATEFUL to GHC and Dr. Group.

    GHC is THE BEST company I have found. I have decided to incorporate the Livertrex Kit into my lifestyle every 3-4 months and will be trying the entire Detox Plan. Actually, I am totally sold on GHC and will use their their products for years to come.

    I feel like GHC and Dr. Group TALK WITH THEIR GAME.


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  • By: tepi

    works wonders (5/5)

    first time i used it, came out about one pound white-yellowish cholesterol-"grains" and about 30 soft dark-green stones, biggest about 2cm, 1/2 inch long, most of them size of a fingernail. because of green color,they came from the gallbladder. amazing!

    second time i did it, out came about 20 green stones again, about fingernail size most of them, but no more cholesterol.

    will do it soon third time. will continue to do it as many times stones come out. this is an amazing product! †

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  • By: Trying to get healthy

    Really works (5/5)

    Started because recent blood work came back with elevated liver enzymes.
    Stayed true to the entire process, and had more blood drawn the day after I finished the cleanse. My liver enzymes dropped significantly!
    My husband and I will be doing another cleanse soon, he was so impressed with the results!
    (Also dropped 5 pounds, but that was not the focus...but a nice benefit!) †

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  • By: Kiwi Will

    Excellent Product - Dramatic results (5/5)

    After years of working rotating shifts; high stress; exposure to toxic chemicals; flu vaccinations; and a root canal; I was constantly fatigued and overweight. I had developed a large lump on the side of my neck. After tests and an MRI scan, doctors recommended surgical removal.
    Before having surgery, my mother persuaded me to try Dr Groups liver cleanse. I was skeptical that it would have any effect on me, but I agreed to try it.
    I used the Livatrex, Oxypowder and Latero-flora with Dr Groups 5 day liver cleanse diet. By the fifth day, I had lost 6 kg (12 pounds), and my neck lump had shrunk from what the doctors described as a large plum, to about the size of an almond. My doctors were amazed at the dramatic shrinkage, and I no longer needed the surgery. Instead, I am currently doing my second liver cleanse, and intend to do more.
    I found the online advice about how to do the liver cleanse, diet and information, very easy to follow and helpful.
    It was a very gentle cleanse, although I felt a little tired while doing it, and I vomited on the fifth night, which Dr Group says is not usual, and a sign I have a lot of toxins in my body. I felt so much better after the cleanse - better than I've felt in years. I HIGHLY recommend the Livatrex, and the other products. Thank you Dr Group. †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    We deeply appreciate hearing about your personal experience and are thrilled that you have benefitted so wonderfully from Livatrex! It sounds like you experienced what is known as a healing crisis, which can include nausea, body aches, and general fatigue. This is considered normal as you metabolize and release toxins. These symptoms will dissipate as soon as the toxic material is removed from the body. You may find further information regarding this phenomenon here.

    If you have any questions or concerns in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Satisfaction Team here. Take care and be well!

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  • By: Bgc

    Best liver cleanser my wife has used (5/5)

    I purchased this for my wife because she had issues with her liver hurting. She also has high liver enzymes due to a fatty liver. My wife would not do the dr.hulda Clark liver cleanse due to the taste of Epsom salts, so I searched online and ran across livatrex. The first day she was nauseous, the second day she was very tired but made it thru the day. Day three she did nothing but sleep only getting up to drink the livatrex. Day four she was feeling very well. Needless to say she is not complaining with her liver hurting and is feeling well. I would greatly recommend this product to anyone.. Look forward to my wife doing another round shortly.. †

    Response From Global Healing Center
    Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear that the maintenance serving size of Livatrex worked so well for your wife! Should you decide to perform a full Liver Cleanse, you can view the protocol here.

    Please let our Customer Service Team know if you or your wife needs support while cleansing - you can get in contact with us here. Take care and be well!

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  • By: Tellitstraight

    Livatrex effectively cleanses the liver (5/5)

    When i began to cleanse my body, i began with a 6 day colon cleanse first. This cleared out my GI tract, and then, i proceeded with a 6 day liver and gallbladder cleanse, during which i drank a mixture of Livatrex and water. The Livatrex effectively targets the liver and gallbladder and after drinking the Livatrex and water mixture, i could feel the Livatrex working to cleanse my liver. This product is effective for any person who desires to cleanse their liver and hence enhance their entire body's ability to detoxify and function optimally. Because of the constant bombardment of our bodies with chemtrails, food additives, pollutants in the water, radiation exposure, pharmacologicals, there is a great need for a wide spectrum of people: men, women, and old people, myself included, to cleanse our bodies on a regular basis. Keeping our bodies in top shape prepares us in advance for what is about to BEcome on the earth and enables us to endure to the end; whatever that end may be, because "he that endures to the end the same shall be saved." Matt. 24:13 ! †

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  • By: Ordinary guy

    Livatrex detox (5/5)

    The last day of the detox for liver and gallbladder, I was astounded to actually see I passed a whole bunch of gallstones. I was expecting this product to be helpful as a cleanse, but the visible results were proof of its claims. I have three family members who all had their gallbladders surgically removed. So unnecessary when there are products available like Livatrex to quickly and effectively address the problem. I highly recommend this product. †

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