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Global Healing Center Quality Assurance

  • Money Back Guarantee
    Quality Guaranteed or Your Money Back

    Global Healing Center offers only the highest quality natural and organic health products produced from ingredients that are non-GMO, organically certified, wildcrafted (organic conditions) or as pure as can be obtained with the highest level of active ingredients.

    We are committed to product quality and all Global Healing Center products are backed by a 180 day, 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you all your money back. It’s as simple as that. Learn more about our satisfaction guarantee.

  • Better Business Bureau
    BBB Awards for Excellence 3 Years in a Row!

    Global Healing Center has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and won the BBB Award for Excellence three years in a row from 2007-2009. We have also won the BBB Pinnacle award. Learn more about Global Healing Center’s BBB standing.

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Oxy-Powder® Featured on!

"This is a powerful colon cleansing product that actively releases small amounts of cleansing oxygen in your large intestine. If you're looking for some serious cleansing that cleans out the plumbing, you've found it!"
"Oxy-Powder is phenomenally good..."

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"This is an unbelievably good form of calcium & magnesium that just blows away common mineral supplements... For those suffering from poor absorption, low stomach acid, or just lousy digestion, these high-grade forms of calcium & magnesium can seem miraculous in their ability..."

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Our Organic Oregano Oil Blend Was Featured on!

"This is a super potent form of oregano oil, which kills many harmful invaders! I consider this to be one of the top oregano oil products in the industry"

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Slimirex® Featured on!

"I emphasize that weight loss ALWAYS requires exercise and dietary changes. With that said, if you want to accelerate your weight loss results, GHC's "SLIMIREX" product is the way to do it!"

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Our Parfait Visage® Was Featured on!

"Parfait Visage means 'Perfect Face' in French. And this is what this product helps you to achieve. After using this face cream, I am convinced that this is the most effective facial moisturizer I have come across."

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  • USDA Organic
    USDA Organic Symbol

    Global Healing Center strives to source organically certified raw materials whenever possible. Organic farming, as outlined by the USDA's National Organic Program and the Organic Foods Production Act relies on ecologically based practices for pest management and doesn’t use dangerous chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones in crop and livestock production.

  • Natural Health & Organic Living Seal
    Natural Health & Organic Living

    The Seal of Natural Health and Organic living represents Global Healing Center’s goal to educate and heal the world through good health, positive thinking, happiness, and love. By teaching our customers to cleanse the body as a whole instead of addressing individual symptoms, they can begin to unlock their body’s own self-healing mechanisms.

  • Organic Trade Association Seal
    Organic Trade Association (OTA)

    Global Healing Center is a proud member of the Organic Trade Association (OTA). Established in 1985 with the intent of making organic the norm, the OTA is a membership-based association for businesses that have committed to producing organic products. Learn more about Global Healing Center’s standing with the OTA.

  • Vegan Symbol

    Global Healing Center strives to offer vegan friendly selections that are 100% free of animal products. Our vegan friendly products include Oxy-Powder, Livatrex, and VeganSafe B-12, and our liquid turmeric extract.

  • No Animal Testing Symbol
    No Animal Testing

    Global Healing Center is against animal testing. When you see this seal, you can rest easy knowing that cruel animal testing was not a part of the development process for the product in question.

  • GMO Free Symbol
    GMO Free

    Global Healing Center makes every effort to offer products that are GMO free. We believe the health risks and dangers of genetically modified organisms are not completely understood or acknowledged. When you see this seal, you’ll know that the product in question is free from genetically modified ingredients.

  • Kosher Certification
    Kosher Certification

    A number of Global Healing Center products are certified through Scroll K and one of our manufacturers holds the distinction of being one of the first liquid herbal manufacturers in the world to have operations and all products being Kosher certified by a standardized Kashrus certifying agency.

    'Standardized Kosher (Kashrus)' means that Scroll K standards are in line with (and recognized by) the largest of standardized kosher certifying organizations, including Orthodox Union (OU) and many other eminent Kashrus certifying agencies (OK, Star K, KOF-K, KSA, etc.) and strict independent rabbinic standards. A 'standardized' kashrus (kosher) standard is one of the best purity, safety and quality standards in existence because it is the oldest, most well developed and one of the most stringent.

  • The American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN)
    What does the DACBN mean behind Dr. Group's name?

    Dr. Group received his certification from The American Clinical Board of Nutrition (ACBN) in 2000. Founded in 1986 the ACBN is a professional certification organization acting in the public interest by establishing education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements for certification.

    The ACBN is the first and currently only certifying agency in nutrition beyond the doctorate level to have received full accreditation by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), a federally recognized, national accreditation agency. Visit for more information.

  • The American Board of Functional Medicine (DABFM)
    What does the DABFM mean behind Dr. Group's name?

    Dr. Group received his certification from The American Board of Functional Medicine (ABFM) in 2009. The ABFM is an independent evaluation organization and ensures that doctors who have earned the title Diplomate of the American Board of Functional Medicine (DABFM) have met or exceeded the requirements set forth by the Board. Certification by the American Board of Functional Medicine represents the highest standard in functional medicine. Doctors who achieve this status have demonstrated excellence in the clinical skills essential for excellent patient care. Visit for more information.

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
    What does the DC mean behind Dr. Group's name?

    Dr. Group received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Texas Chiropractic College in 1998. For over 100 years, Texas Chiropractic College has earned a reputation for producing highly skilled Doctors of Chiropractic. Graduates of TCC are second to none and are committed to serving the needs of the community through leadership, research, patient care, and service activities.

    TCC is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Chiropractic Education, which is the accrediting agency for Doctor of Chiropractic programs as approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Visit for more information.

  • cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices)
    cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices)

    Being cGMP compliant is no longer a voluntary standard for nutritional supplement manufacturers. A recent review of the approved standards showed that Global Healing Center is already compliant with or exceed cGMP in many areas of our operation as applies to our business and place in the industry.

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

    Under the emerging FDA mandated cGMP standard, being HACCP compliant will only apply to certain companies in our industry. Though we will not be required by the uniform cGMP standard to be HACCP compliant, we will still continue to maintain and build upon our proven HACCP compliant quality standard that will continue to add an underlying and overriding embrace of greater product safety and Quality Assurance (QA) to our already stringent cGMP standard. Being both cGMP and HACCP standard compliant has brought us close to being more ISO standard compliant than any other company in our particular segment of the herbal products industry.

  • FDA Registered
    FDA Registered

    As part of our commitment to safety, Global Healing Center only conducts business with FDA registered manufacturers. Being FDA Registered provides assurance that public health, product safety and compliance with importation laws and regulations are being followed.

  • NSF certified
    NSF Certified

    Global Healing Center uses and chooses products from NSF certified manufacturing facilities. NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, is the world leader in standards development, product certification, education, and risk-management for public health and safety.

    For 60 years, NSF has been committed to public health, safety, and protection of the environment and the NSF mark is recognized around the world and is respected by regulatory agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. NSF is recognized for its scientific and technical expertise in the health and environmental sciences and even earned the Collaborating Center designations by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Food and Water Safety and Indoor Environment.

  • Environmental Working Group (EWG)
    Environmental Working Group (EWG)

    Global Healing Center supports and promotes the work of the EWG. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) protects the most vulnerable segments of the human population from health problems attributed to toxic contaminants by working to replace federal policies, including government subsidies that damage the environment and natural resources, with policies that invest in conservation and sustainable development. The EWG provides practical information you can use to protect your family and community. Visit for more information.

  • Organic Consumers Association
    Organic Consumers Association

    Global Healing Center supports and promotes the work of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA). Formed in 1998, the OCA has been able to mobilize the organic community to pressure the USDA and organic companies to preserve strict organic standards. Through its public education, network building, and mobilization activities, OCA works with a range of public interest organizations to challenge industrial agriculture, corporate globalization, and inspire consumers to "Buy Local, Organic, and Fair Made." Visit for more information.

  • Fuzion

    Fuzion products represent a careful and conscious blending of time-honored materials and ideas with contemporary methods and processing. Using the philosophies of traditional healing systems, Fuzion products are produced from components which are selected based on individual healing attributes, energetic qualities, and intended organ system targets. These components are then "fuzed" with an understanding based on comprehensive information provided by modern biochemistry, physics, and biology.