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The Power of Mentorship: Finding Your Passion

An Inspirational Book to Motivate your Journey

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The Power of Mentorship: Finding Your Passion is the book to help ignite your passion! Featuring insight from Dr. Edward Group, Zig Ziglar, and Bob Proctor of The Secret, this is an incredible and life changing source of inspiration that can help you get on track to creating perpetual wealth and the lifestyle of your dreams! †
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The Power of Mentorship: Finding Your Passion

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What is The Power of Mentorship: Finding Your Passion?

This powerful and compelling book includes insight and perspective from leading minds to help guide you in making the best choices to achieve and enjoy success!

Open your mind to the wealth of information in this book and there's little doubt your life will be improved. Have you considered that your physical health is directly linked to your ability to THINK about a new way of living? Would it surprise you to know that the language that was spoke to you as a child, like "Stop!" and "Be Careful!" subconsciously shape the person that you are? You can learn about this and much more in the pages of this book!

Featuring Insight from Inspiring Minds Such As...

Dr. Edward Group
Dr. Edward F. Group III
Zig Ziglar
Zig Ziglar
Bob Proctor from The Secret
Bob Proctor
of The Secret
Annie Armen
Annie Armen

How Can You Benefit by Reading The Power of Mentorship: Finding Your Passion?

  • Learn new ways to discover your passion
  • Discover how to release the power behind your passions
  • Give yourself permission to embrace the activities you get lost in
  • This book will provide methods to instill passion in everything you do

What Do Customers Say About The Power of Mentorship: Finding Your Passion?

  • "More than I expected! This is definitely a page turner and all of the contributing writers provide inspiration to their readers. My passion has laid dormant for a very long time. Finally I have come into my own after reading this book and I am even more inclined to follow my passion. I encourage everyone to take the time to read this book. It will definitely ignite a fire in your heart and soul to follow your passion and take many along with you. It is amazing how one person's empowerment can transfer to another like an infectious disease. I have found my passion . . . have you?" † ~ T. Hines
  • "Choose the Great Life! This is just the book I needed for inspiration to get moving toward not just finding but 'acting' upon my true passion. Living a 'great life' is about much more than just making a lot of money. This book contains necessary ingredients for living 'great' financially, relationally and with importance on staying healthy all the while!" † ~ Angela Major
  • "The Awakening of Passion... This book was right on time for me..... As I am finding less and less joy in my current work and looking toward another career. It helped me re-ignite all of the goals and dreams that I have allowed to lay dormant. It is a quick and easy read full of inspirational stories and ideas of how to find passion in your life!" † ~ Carletus Willis

Get Inspired NOW to Take Action and Start Living Your Dreams!

†Results may vary.