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Advanced Immune System Booster and Cell Nutrition

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Poly-MVA® (4 oz.)
Poly-MVA® (8 oz.)

Poly-MVA® is enhanced nutrition for compromised body systems. It’s specially formulated to provide an easily absorbable, full spectrum combination of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Boosts energy production at the cellular level and supports the immune system. †
4 or 8 fluid oz
†Results may vary.

Poly-MVA® (8 oz.)

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What is Poly-MVA®?

Poly-MVA® is a powerful, patented combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production and promote overall health by restoring certain nutrients that may be depleted during intensive medical procedures and therapies. It is designed to provide energy for the compromised body systems by promoting beneficial electrical potential of human cells and encouraging the charge density of DNA within the cell.

A Brief History of Poly-MVA®

Merrill Garnett
Dr. Merrill Garnett, Formulator of Poly-MVA

Poly-MVA® has been available in the U.S. since 1992. Dr. Merrill Garnett, doctor and research chemist at the Garnett McKeen Laboratory is the inventor of three Poly-MVA®. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Garnett has studied molecular biology and searched to find a molecular compound that would restore healthy pathways for cellular growth and normal development. In 1991, 20,000 compounds later, he discovered that palladium combined with lipoic acid, B-12 and thiamine created a safe and effective cellular nutrient.

Tests have shown that Poly-MVA® is safe and nontoxic, and Dr. Garnett continues to work in cooperation with other researchers to determine the effectiveness of principal ingredients of Poly-MVA® for other uses.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Poly-MVA®

1. Advanced Nutrition

Poly-MVA® is a unique formulation of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids designed to promote overall health. It provides considerable nutritional support for optimum functioning of essential body systems.

2. Energy

The nutrients in Poly-MVA® support cellular energy production and promote oxygenation and rejuvenation of cells.

3. Potent Antioxidant Action

Poly-MVA® contains palladium allows lipoic acid, a strong antioxidant that can help to neutralize the free radicals that accelerate aging processes. Alpha-lipoic acid is both water and fat soluble and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and is functional in nearly all parts of the body.

4. Supports Nervous System Health

Poly-MVA® is quickly absorbed and fast acting nutritional support for nerves and neurotransmitter function.

5. Unmatched Quality

Produced by AMARC Enterprises in the United States, the credit for the Poly-MVA® formulation goes to Dr. Merrill Garnett. Dr. Garnett has spent over 40 years conducting research on the action of DNA.

What are the Health Benefits of Poly-MVA®?

  • Replaces nutrients that may be depleted during aggressive therapies.
  • Powerful antioxidant.
  • Supports the liver in removing harmful substances from the body.
  • Assists the body in removing toxic metals from the bloodstream.
  • Fights B-12 deficiency-related mental disturbances.
  • Promotes normal white blood cell function.
  • Supports a healthy pH balance.
  • Available in 8 fluid oz. or 4 fluid oz.

Why is Poly-MVA® the Best Nutritional Support Available?

  • In a league of its own, no other product is manufactured by bonding lipoic acid to palladium (LAPd).
  • LAPd with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provides unparalleled nutrition.
  • Tremendously powerful antioxidant action helps neutralize free radicals.
  • Research and anecdotal reports suggest the active ingredients may help protect DNA and RNA.
  • The ingredients in Poly-MVA® support normal cell health and toxic metal cleansing.
  • Peer reviewed journals have evaluated and confirmed the biochemical significance of LAPd.

What are the Top 3 Questions People Ask About Poly-MVA®?

1. How does Poly-MVA® work? Poly-MVA® maintains the function of mitochondria, the main source of energy within cells. In healthy cells using aerobic respiration, Poly-MVA® protects cells from damage and enhances function. Healthy cells have "oxygen radical pathways." Normally, oxygen radicals are formed when fatty acids donate electrons to oxygen. These oxygen radicals have an unpaired electron charge and are unstable. Special proteins, in the mitochondria, convert the oxygen radicals into water and useable energy.

2. Why is Poly-MVA® effective? Lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant. When it is connected to an electrically charged metal substrate, and joined with B vitamins, it becomes soluble in water and fat and can easily and safely travel throughout the body and into every cell.

3. Is Poly-MVA® safe? Poly-MVA® does not have any known negative effects. All of the ingredients are natural and safe, Poly-MVA® is assimilated in the body as a food. During the development the highest administered serving (fifty times higher than maximum recommended serving) still did not produce negative effects. However, everyone is different and if you are under the advice and care of a physician, you should discuss your situation with them. Certain medical conditions may be susceptible to a rapid change in indications when using some dietary supplements, including Lipoic Acid Palladium Complexes.

Additional Tips for Success

  • Avoid chelating agents, vitamin C over 1000mg, and extra antioxidants for six hours before taking Poly-MVA®.
  • Minimize your use of free alpha lipoic acid as it may compete with the palladium lipoic acid in Poly-MVA®.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and excessive caffeine. These can inhibit the uptake of Poly-MVA®.
  • Avoid Graviola, Zeolites, hydrazine sulfate and pau d’arco, as they may interfere with absorption of Poly-MVA®.

Get Started Today and Boost Your Health and Wellness With Poly-MVA®!


  • Thiamin (B-1)
    Vitamin B-1 (thiamin is a coenzyme that, in combination with lipoic acid, is involved in the decarboxylation of pyruvate and the oxidation of alpha keto-glutamic acid. These functions are essential to energy production, metabolism of carbohydrates, and neurotransmitter function.
  • Riboflavin (B-2)
    Vitamin B2 riboflavin acts as a cofactor for enzymes involved in metabolism. It is an essential part of flavin adenine dinucleotide coenzymes and FMN or flavin mononucleotide. These coenzymes are involved in energy production and the metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates. They are also cofactors for two important antioxidant enzyme systems – glutathione peroxidase and xanthine oxidase. Riboflavin coenzymes are important in the cytochrome p450 enzymes, the body's primary detoxification system.
  • Vitamin B-12
    Known as the “energy vitamin,” B12 releases energy into the cell and may support endurance and sustained vigor. A water-soluble nutrient, vitamin B12 is essential for the nervous system, brain, and for the formation of red blood cells.
  • Proprietary Blend
    • Palladium
      Palladium is a metal that belongs in the platinum group of metals and is a powerful catalyst for organic reactions.
    • Alpha lipoic acid
      As a powerful antioxidant, LA can help to neutralize the free radicals within the body that are thought to influence aging processes.
    • Molybdenum
      Molybdenum is a trace mineral that is crucial for regulating pH balance in the body, which, in turn, directly effects oxygenation of cells and tissues, and the resulting metabolic rate of the body.
    • Rhodium
      Rhodium is a platinum metal that is inert and increases the corrosive resistant qualities of palladium and platinum.
    • Ruthenium
      A transition metal of the platinum group, ruthenium is a rare compound that increases resistance to titanium and is noted for its superconductivity.
    • Formyl methionine
      Methionine, an essential amino acid, is necessary for proper energy production, metabolism, and liver health. Formyl methionine may stimulate the immune system.
    • N-acetyl cysteine
      N-Acetyl Cystiene (NAC) is an amino acid naturally occurring in the body. It is a potent antioxidant that enhances the activity of Vitamins C and E. It supports the immune system, lung function, and helps transport sterol hormones.

Other Ingredients:

  • Distilled water
    Used mainly as a carrier for beneficial compounds, distilled water can trap and dissolve harmful compounds and may support detoxification.
  • Purified water
    Purified water simply acts as a carrier and provides hydration which is essential for metabolism.
  • Thiamine hydrochloride
    A derivative of vitamin B1, thiamine hydrochloride plays a role in similar metabolic reactions, aiding in energy production, cognitive function, and cardiovascular health.
  • Vitamin B-12 as cyanocobalamin
    Cyanocobalamin is a chemical compound that displays vitamin B12 activity, an important vitamin helpful for supporting proper energy levels. Vitamin B12 has also been shown to support brain health and metabolism.

Suggested Use for Daily Support

The recommended use for those seeking to maintain optimum health is 1/4 to 2 teaspoon per day, depending on body weight and desired results. Please note, the use of nicotine will reduce the efectiveness of this product.

Suggested Use for Maximum Support

For those seeking enhanced energy production and nutritional support during states of compromised body systems, the recommended use is 2 teaspoons 4-6 times per day(8-12 teaspoons total) for the first 12 to 16 weeks. Some individuals that feel depleted may choose to stay on the higher amounts for longer period of time. Everyone responds differently and your optimum benefit might be maintained at the higher recommended use level. Others may reduce to the normal recommended use after 4-8 weeks and reduce to maintenance use after 12-16 weeks.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate after opening.

Toxicology Study

Poly-MVA® has undergone extensive toxicology study by Calvert Laboratories and Pharmakon USA. The toxicology was conducted both intravenously and orally with PdLA. Mice were administered servings of 5,000 mg/kg (a typical human serving is 20 mg/kg). No deaths or signs of organ damage occurred in the test animals. It was concluded that the LD50 of PdLA exceeds 5,000 mg/kg. The same independent lab conducted the Ames test and no mutagenic effects were observed.

Palladium Safety

Platinum and palladium share chemical properties but it appears that platinum coordination complexes are carcinogenic and genotoxic. There is no evidence of any mutagenic property for palladium(Bunger et al. 1996). In a study examining human lymphocytes, platinum demonstrated significant genotoxicity, likely mediated by oxidative damage, compared to palladium (Migliore et al. 2002). Furthermore, palladium demonstrated no genotoxicity in mammalian or bacterial cells when tested using the cytokinesis-block micronucleus test (MNT) or SOS chromotest, respectively (Gebel et al. 1997).

Human Safety

In a university Phase I (SAFETY) study of PdLA, 13 research subjects received study compound (POLY-MVA 10 mL/day) for varying time periods. There were no reported serious adverse effects.

Recently, a Phase I serving escalation (2 tsp., 4 tsp. and 8 tsp.) safety study in normal patients has been completed at a major research university, prior the initiation of an integrative cancer support protocol. Again, no SAEs were reported.

Additional Information:

  • Poly-MVA® product brochure [PDF]
  • Liopic Acid Palladium Complexes
    A Breakthrough in Nutrition and Optimum Health [PDF]
  • Poly-MVA® complete information packet [PDF]
    • Includes:
    • Poly-MVA® Breakthrough: For Doctors and Patients
    • Poly-MVA®: The Complete Approach
    • Poly-MVA® product brochure

Frequently Asked Questions About Poly-MVA®

  1. Is Poly-MVA® just a mixture of different ingredients?
  2. What is Lipoic acid palladium complex?
  3. What effect does palladium have on the body?
  4. Can Poly-MVA® be taken daily?
  5. How long will one bottle of Poly-MVA® last?
  6. How long does it take to see results?
  7. Do any substances impact the effectiveness of Poly-MVA®?
  8. Why is Poly-MVA® expensive?

Is Poly-MVA® just a mixture of different ingredients?

This compound was synthesized to create a metallic bio-organic molecule with fat and water-solubility. Poly-MVA® is not a simple combination of palladium, alpha-lipoic acid, thiamine, etc. Poly-MVA® contains only bound alpha-lipoic acid and palladium.

What is Lipoic acid palladium complex?

Lipoic Acid Palladium Complex is a compound that chemically bonds palladium to alpha lipoic acid and B-1. The binding of palladium with alpha lipoic acid drastically increases nutrient absorption at the cellular level and throughout the body. This patented process is an exclusive achievement that sets Poly-MVA® apart.

What effect does palladium have on the body?

The palladium lipoic acid in Poly-MVA® acts similarly to the cobalt found in Vitamin B-12. Because palladium is bonded in the palladium lipoic acid molecule, it serves primarily as a transport mechanism to support uptake of lipoic acid, while also being theorized to have an effect on the electrical potential of the cell. The lipoic acid palladium complex contained in Poly-MVA® provides a significant portion of the unique action of the supplement.

Can Poly-MVA® be taken daily?

Yes. Poly-MVA® is intended to support the body's systems, strengthen immune response, enhance energy production, and provide high quality essential nutrients in a unique form that can be assimilated effectively.

How long will one bottle of Poly-MVA® last?

Depending on use, an 8 oz. bottle of Poly-MVA® could last over six months. If you are using Poly-MVA® to help maintain optimum health and function, a bottle can last a few months or more. For those who are using it to increase energy or for nutritional support during health challenges, a bottle may last 6 days.

How long does it take to see results?

Dr. Merrill Garnett believes most individuals will notice a difference in how they feel within the first 2-4 weeks. In some cases, energy improvement, increased appetite, etc are noticed in a matter of days.

Do any substances impact the effectiveness of Poly-MVA®?

Chelating agents, Vitamin C over 1000mg, and other antioxidants at high levels above recommended daily allowance should be avoided for at least 6 hours apart from Poly-MVA® ingestion. Tobacco products, alcohol and excessive caffeine may retard uptake of Poly-MVA®. Graviola, Zeolites, hydrazine sulfate and Pau D’Arco may interfere with the absorption of Poly-MVA®, it is recommended to alter these products on different days.

Why is Poly-MVA® expensive?

Palladium is typically more expensive than platinum and the other raw materials cost is much higher than a typical supplement. However, when comparing raw materials, production process, selling price, and benefits, the margins of Poly-MVA® are similar to many other nutritional supplements.

†Results may vary.

Poly-MVA® (8 oz.)


Availability: In Stock

Product Name Qty
Poly-MVA® (4 oz.)
Poly-MVA® (8 oz.)

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