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Wellness Carafe Cartridges (3 pack)

Replacement Filters for the Wellness Carafe

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Package of 3 replacement cartridges for the Wellness Carafe. Each cartridge filters approximately 40 gallons of water.

†Results may vary.

Wellness Water Cartridges - 3pk

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What are Wellness Carafe Cartridges?

Do you need replacement filters for your Wellness Carafe? This set of three (3) replacement cartridges for the Wellness Carafe is for you. Using a multi-stage gravity filter that reduces lead, chlorine, and other harmful contaminants, the Wellness' enhancement media adds trace alkaline minerals for the unique Wellness taste.

A Brief History of the Wellness Filter

Haru Naito
Haru Naito

The development of the Wellness water filtration system began in the early 1980's by a renowned Japanese sports physiologist and Olympic swimming coach named Harusuke (Haru) Naito. From years of working with world-class athletes, Naito understood the importance of hydration and its value in athletic performance.

Naito knew that even subtle differences in water purity, surface tension and mineral content could affect body hydration, cellular function, and athletic performance. After extensive field research, be began to design a water filtration system that delivered the physical, structural and energetic requirements for water of unparalleled quality.

The Wellness Filter is the result of his research. Introduced to the Japanese market in 1984, the Wellness Filter system is a natural water purification system that reproduces the natural filtration processes that exist in the best naturally occurring mountain springs.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Wellness Carafe Cartridges

  1. Contains three (3) replacement filter cartridges for the Wellness Water Carafe.
  2. Easy to change and maintain.
  3. Improves water taste and quality.
  4. Uses the famous Wellness enhancement media to enhance water.
  5. Reduces Chlorine, Lead, and THMs.

What are the Benefits of Wellness Carafe Cartridge Filtration?

  • Removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), rihalomethanes (THMs), taste, odor, and toxic metals.
  • Each cartridge filters approximately 40 gallons of water.
  • Made from poly propylene, BPA-free!
  • Filtration media is engineered to be effective and precise.
  • Easy to use! Simply pour tap water in and let gravity do the rest!

  • The Wellness Carafe provides clean, safe and refreshing water in a pitcher design!

What Do Customers Like Best about Wellness Carafe Filtration?

  • "Great Product! This water filter with the wellness carafe is a very very very very good product. It filters the water pure pure pure and also enhances the water energetically. Our plants just love it, too! Cut flowers keep much longer in it." † ~ Tomas
  • "Great Filter! Works really well. Water tastes great. You get what you pay for. Make sure you use the Wellness carafe that goes with the filter. The carafe is blue which also a great color energetically for the water. This is much better than a Brita." † ~ Scott F McKay
  • "Best tasting water I've had! I've been using these filters for about 3 years now in my carafes at home and at work. It does take a bit longer for the water to filter with this type of filter but that's because it's so thorough and is actually going through the most beneficial process of removing all the bad stuff." † ~ Conscious Eater

Why are Wellness Carafe Cartridges the Best Filtration Available?

  • Taichoseki is a proprietary media used in Wellness Filters® and was observed by the Kitazato Medical School of Public Health in Tokyo to greatly inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria and even approved as a natural disinfectant. Studies found that water treated by Taichoseki mineral stone slows down and even stops the growth of fungus and bacteria. Taichoseki also removes iron, cadmium, and other harmful substances found in tap water.
  • Bakuhanseki is a proprietary media used in Wellness Filters®. The Japanese Government’s Ministry of Health, Drug Approval Division, approved bakuhanseki for use in water filters for bathing and drinking. The Ministry of Health uses Wellness Filter® water in hospitals and in many approved health bathing spas. Because the Bakuhanseki mineral stone is designated as a medicine, treatments in health spas are covered by Japanese Government medical plans. Bakuhan mineral adjusts the water to a stable alkaline pH, increases dissolved oxygen, removes harmful substances and enhances the taste of the water. It imparts trace angstrom size minerals (silica, potassium, and magnesium). It will also remove lead, mercury, and chromium from tap water.
  • SPG Sand is obtained from volcanic rocks and has a high surface area that promotes high efficiency filtration, removes harmful organisms, absorbs trace toxic metals, and yields very pure water.
  • Granulated Activated Carbon is made from high quality coconut shell carbon and removes chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, tastes and odors.
  • Magnet and Magnetite Stone creates a magnetic field for magnetic resonance activation of the water. Lowers surface tension, increases solubility and increases absorptivity.
  • Far-Infrared Ceramic is made from far infrared emitting stone that produces hydroxyl ions and hydrogen ions to neutralize free radicals.

What are the Top 3 Questions People Ask About the Wellness Carafe Filters?

1. Why do the filters contain magnets? To facilitate a process known as magnetic structuring. This is done to significantly increase the transmissivity and solubility of water. Water with an increased level of solubility can hold more dissolved substances and more easily passes through membranes to provide a super-hydrating effect.

2. How are minerals added? The third stage uses rare igneous stones known as Bakuhan and Taicho to add trace minerals. This is done to provide a therapeutic and alkalinizing effect. Bakuhan is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health as possessing natural medicinal qualities and Taicho stone is toxic to harmful organisms.

3. Why is carbon used? Carbon is the perfect material for removing chlorine and other organic chemical compounds. It is the world's oldest known filtration method. Its use is recorded as far back as Egypt and Mesopotamia where it was used to remove contaminants, odors and to improve taste.

Additional Tips for Your Wellness Carafe Cartridges

  • When you replace a cartridge, mark the date with a marker so you know when to change it again.
  • Always keep a spare cartridge on hand, you don't want to be without clean water!

Start Enjoying Fresh, Clean, Refreshing Water Today With Wellness Filtration!

†Results may vary.

Wellness Water Cartridges - 3pk

Wellness Carafe Cartridges (3 pack)

Availability: In Stock


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