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Safe Space Cell Phone Protector

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The Safe Space Cell Phone Protector is designed to reduce the amount of radiation the brain is exposed to during cell phone use! Offering complete protection from cell phone radiation, the Safe Space Cell Phone Protector is the solution for cell phone health hazards... without affecting reception!

Cell Phone Protector

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What is the Safe Space Cell Phone Protector?

Finally! Peace of mind for wireless device users concerned about the harmful effects of EMF radiation. The Safe Space Cell Phone Protector is designed to reduce the amount of radiation the brain is exposed to during wireless device use. The small, unobtrusive round decal attaches to the back of your device and is laboratory-tested and clinically proven to transform and neutralize cell phone radiation - without affecting reception! While other encoded holographic technologies can make harmful frequencies even worse and contribute to stress, headaches, fatigue, and disorientation, the Safe Space Cell Phone Protector repatterns the EMF field by creating a coherent polarizing field effect. Many users report that the uncomfortable side effects of cell phone use immediately disappear. Protect yourself and your family today!

How the Cellphone Protector Works

A Brief History About SafeSpace

SafeSpace Founder Joyce Culkin
SafeSpace Founder Joyce Culkin

SafeSpace began developing products nearly two decades ago after the company's founder, Joyce Culkin, found herself concerned with the effects of harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Culkin, who had experience with energy healing and a background in industrial design, sought to create a line of products to alter the quality of a field rather than strength. SafeSpace is the result.

Thanks to the proprietary technology embedded into each product, thousands of people worldwide use SafeSpace products to restore harmony and vitality to their homes, workplaces and lives. The company is respected worldwide for their research and they make it a priority to raise awareness about the dangers of EMFs.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need the Safe Space Cell Phone Protector

  1. Cell phones are always emitting EMFs. Anytime a cell phone is powered on, it emits electromagnetic radiation and expose you to harmful radiation. Cell phones emit radiation from the antenna, the phone circuitry and battery. The most intense radiation occurs when your signal is being sent or received.
  2. Radiation from wireless phones can cause serious health effects. Potential side effects may include:
    • Blurry vision
    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Fatigue
    • Neck pain
    • Memory loss
    • Metabolic disruption
    • Changes in enzyme activity
    • Neurological hormone changes
  3. It works immediately. Independent laboratory testing shows that detrimental effects are completely neutralized when the SafeSpace patch is attached to the cell phone. Simply attach the metal substrate hologram to a wireless device and the protective effects are immediate.
  4. Protect DNA. Heat shock unwinds the two strands of DNA. As the DNA cools, it recovers by rewinding into an intact double helix. EMFs from cell phones are shown to affect DNA rewinding. In fact the cell phone energy is so toxic that it not prevents the natural rewinding process, it causes DNA to further unwind. Normal rewinding is enhanced when the DNA is exposed to neutralized EMF from the Cell Phone Protector.
  5. Encourages normal sleep. Research suggests that people who sleep near a cellphone have poor REM sleep, this can impair memory and brain function. Melatonin production is impaired by ELF radiation emitting from cell phones and wireless devices.

Shocking Statistics About EMF Dangers

  • There is a substantial body of scientific evidence showing that cellphone radiation causes significant biological effects and there may be possible health implications related to impaired brain function and behavioral disorders.
  • In a poll conducted in the UK by Mori (May 1999), it was reported that 40% of regular mobile phone users are afraid of potential health problems on the background of the scientific reports.
  • Cell Phone Dangers
  • 20-80% of cell phone radiation penetrates up to 2 inches into the adult brain.
  • A Swedish team surveyed 11,000 cell phone users and found that a variety of symptoms appear after as little as 2 minutes of use.
  • The British Medical Journal, The Lancet, reported a study that found that radiation from cell phones causes an increase in blood pressure and directly alters cell function in the human body.
  • A Stanford University report cited that cellular phone radiation can triple the number of chromosome abnormalities in human blood cells.
  • The UK's National Radiological Protection Board confirms significant absorption of microwave energy in the eyes and their sockets, brain, nose, tongue and surrounding muscles.
  • Research sponsored by the Department of Health at Bristol Royal Infirmary in western England showed portable telephones may alter memory and interfere with concentration and spatial awareness. The experiment was seen as powerful evidence of how cell telephones might temporarily scramble the thoughts of their users.

What are the Benefits of the Safe Space Cell Phone Protector?

  • The antidote to health draining electromagnetic fields (EMF) and imbalanced energies!
  • Designed to clear and protect your living and work spaces.
  • Proven to transform and neutralize cell phone radiation, without affecting reception.
  • Increase well being and clarity.
  • Establish a more peaceful, stress free environment.
  • Induce more restful sleep.
  • Neutralize imbalanced electromagnetic fields.

Why is the Safe Space Cell Phone Protector the Best?

  • Non-electric, metal substrate hologram holds a frequency that neutralizes electro-magnetic fields.
  • Effective when holding the device to your ear or head.
  • Protects the hip, reproductive organs, and other body parts when you're carrying the phone in your pocket.
  • Works on all cellular phones, smart phones, and wireless devices! Attaches in seconds.
  • Only 5/8" big but radiates a 24" field of protection.
  • Fits any budget!

What are the Top 3 Questions People Ask About the Safe Space Cell Phone Protector?

1. What is electromagnetic radiation? Electromagnetic fields are invisible electrical and magnetic forces that radiate from anything via electrical current, including cell phones. Electric currents produce electromagnetic field, or EMF. Normally, electric fields and magnetic fields occur together, hence, "electromagnetic fields." Electric fields arise from the strength of an electrical charge and can radiate at varying levels. Magnetic fields arise from the charges of motion in an electrical field and they fluctuate with that current.

2. Don't cell phones have safety standards? Safety standards for cell phones vary from country to country. However, a substantial, growing body of scientific evidence has demonstrated that there are significant biological effects associated with EMFs. Many scientists believe that the current safety standards are inadequate.

3. What does the cell phone industry and government say? No surprise, representatives of the cellular phone industry claim their products are safe. These claims only serve to mislead the public. There is no scientific evidence showing that cell phones carry no health risk. Although there is not yet scientific consensus regarding long-term health consequences of EMF exposures, current evidence should spur substantial concern.

Additional Tips for Best Results

  • Use on any wireless handheld device: smart phones, cordless phones, tablets, iPods.
  • Make sure the device surface is clean before attaching.
  • Do not remove once applied.
  • Use one per mobile device.

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