The Harmful Effects of Table Salt

Table Salt

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is a nutritional lobbying group and they claim that sodium chloride, common table salt, can be very dangerous to eat. They are so concerned, they are working to get the status of salt changed so that it can go from its current unregulated status to a status which the FDA has authority to regulate.

Salt has the preservative characteristic of being a natural antibiotic. On a food item, it kills living bacteria and therefore impedes the decay process of that food. Salt causes excessive thirst because it pulls water from the bloodstream. These present the two most damaging effects on the digestive system.

Because salt is a natural antibiotic, it kills good bacteria in the body. As a substance that draws water, it interferes with the normal absorption of water which possibly leads to constipation and the accumulations of toxins in the intestinal tract. Most table salts are depleted of minerals the body needs and have additives that are harmful when ingested.

Salt is pervasive in American food products and people have begun to pay attention. Low-sodium diets have become so popular, many companies have paid attention and started offering reduced-salt options.

Natural salts, like "sea salt," are partially refined. But, they are becoming much more popular and are being sold as a table salt replacement. Other alternatives, Himalayan Salt and Celtic Salt are living substances which contain the vital minerals the body needs. Because your body fluids resemble sea salt, these salts are beneficial for balancing body fluids. Himalayan Crystal Salt™, a favorite of Dr. Group's, contains the minerals the body needs without the toxins found in common table salt.

The Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  • Balances blood sugar and acid levels and helps the body's cells generate electrical energy.
  • Natural antihistamine which regulates phlegm and mucus in the sinuses and nasal cavity.
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis, muscle cramping, and irregular heartbeat.
  • Promotes healthy sleep and intimacy patterns

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How to Eliminate Toxins of Table Salt

  • Begin using Himalayan salt or Celtic Sea Salt, natural unprocessed salts.
  • Use alternative substances to flavor foods: Fresh herbs, lemon or lime juice, or Braggs™ Liquid Aminos (which contains essential and non-essential amino acids)
  • When dining out, try requesting NO SALT.
  • Regularly cleanse your colon of the toxins that build up.

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