What is Nascent Iodine?

Nascent iodine is a supplemental form of iodine thought to be more safe and effective than potassium iodide. Nascent iodine holds an atomic form of iodine with an incomplete number of electrons, giving it a high electromagnetic charge. The body can seamlessly absorb and utilize nascent iodine for metabolic and detoxification processes, making it more effective as a supplement for the body.

Nascent Iodine History

Since 1926, this form of iodine has been used as a cleanser and germicide. Prior to antibiotics and pharmaceuticals, nascent iodine was revered for its tissue-building properties and potent capacities against harmful organisms. It was commonly used for a broad range of ailments, including stomach and urinary tract imbalances, fevers, general infections, high blood pressure, venereal diseases, infections, bronchitis and even topically as a remedy for burns, cuts, and boils.

Nascent iodine was used in dentistry during the early 20th century to stop bleeding and prevent infections. It was frequently applied after tooth extractions to boost the growth of new tissue and speed up the healing process.

How Nascent Iodine Works

Unlike most forms of consumable iodine, nascent iodine works to naturally balance the thyroid to a state of homeostasis. Studies are examining its potential to positively regulate thyroid hormone production. If there is a clear connection, taking nascent iodine may lead to increased energy levels and a streamlining of the body’s natural detoxification processes. Biochemically, nascent iodine is the most readily absorbed and usable form of iodine supplementation for the human body.

Nascent Iodine Uses

Nascent Iodine has multiple benefits and uses. Perhaps most important is its ability to stimulate thyroid production of T3 and T4 hormones. Nascent iodine may help stop bromine, chlorine, and fluoride storage in the body, and slow the production of goitrogens. In this way, nascent iodine aids the body in removing harmful substances that can be stored. Goitrogens are found in sports drinks, sodas and processed vegetable oils. Bromines are present in toxic, chemically-laden household products, pool water and flame retardant fabrics.

Nascent iodine is the best form of iodine to protect yourself from harmful radiation exposure in the event of nuclear fallout.

In his book, Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without it (Rev. 2008), Dr. David Brownstein states that supplementing with iodine can help detoxify us of the toxic halides found in processed foods, water, and toothpaste. According to Dr. Brownstein, these halides have been correlated to multiple forms of cancer, including breast and prostate.

Other Health Benefits of Nascent Iodine May Include:

  • Healthy thyroid and endocrine function
  • Aids in regulating blood sugar
  • Reduced body odors
  • Improving thinking
  • Helps support iodine deficiency in children and expectant mothers
  • Helps balance iodine levels in autistic children
  • Aids in assisting normal immune function

I highly recommend supplementing with nascent iodine on a regular basis. We are all deficient of this crucial element and should further be aware of an increase in potential nuclear fallout from damaged reactors. Detoxadine is manufactured with a unique transformative bio-elemental matrix using a revolutionary process and contains nano-colloidal nascent iodine.

- Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


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  • chemed

    This article doesn’t really answer the question “What is Nascent Iodine?” It makes a lot of claims. That said, I would like to know, specifically, what are the ingredients in the bottle. I have a couple of problems with your explanation:

    1. Elemental iodine, I2, has a very low solubility in water. Is there a nonpolar solvent in the bottle?

    2. Your claim that the iodine…”holds an atomic form of iodine with an incomplete number of electrons, giving it a high electromagnetic charge” seems a little far fetched. How is the ion stabilized in solution? what’s to keep it reacting with any metal ions in the body before it is “absorbed”?

    Can you provide a chemical assay or MSDS of the contents of one of these bottles of nascent iodine?

  • ghc_health

    Nascent iodine is nascent iodine, it isn’t elemental iodine. Detoxadine contains nascent iodine, vegetable glycerin, and purified water. Please contact our customer service at 800-476-0016 with your product questions!

  • BGS

    My thyroid was removed when I was 9. Since I take thyroid, (Armour) will this interfere with my medication?

  • http://www.keithgriffiths.co.uk/ Keith Griffiths

    This sounds like a great product. It’s good to see people who are willing to go that extract mile by developing products that help people.

    How can you tell if you have an iodine deficiency?

  • ghc_health

    Thanks, Keith!

    Try the patch test, it’s an easy method-


  • Tyler in Boise

    I had a question because I am really interested in purchasing your nascent atomic iodine and our family has had thyroid issues and my mother had a thyroidectomy a couple of years ago because she developed cancer on her thyroid and my brother also had his “nuked” because he had “hyperthyroid storm”. Would it work or be beneficial for them if their thyroid is gone?
    I wish we would of known about this a few years ago but I am very happy that I just found it! Thanks.

  • ghc_health

    Hey Tyler, That’s quite the situation, please call our customer service directly at 800-476-0016.

  • Mike

    How do you know if you’re taking too much or if you need it at all? There’s studies out there saying too much iodine supplementation can cause sub clinical hypothyroidism…is this possible?

  • ghc_health
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  • david

    Is there a difference b/t Detoxadine and Survival Shield?

  • ghc_health

    They are similar but have slightly different concentrations.

  • Dbug

    I want to start taking the Survival Shield. Isnt there other minerals I should be taking at the same time ? Salts, magnesium ? Help, Thanks!

  • Jeff

    How so? I notice the label for Survival Shield just shows a double dose (6 doses per day) vs the GHC label which shows (3 doses per day). I see why survival shield is said to be double strength because you are taking a double dose… is this not correct?

  • ghc_health

    That is correct.

  • jdp

    Are there any side affects? I have been taking this for several weeks and have noticed I have a rash at my arm pits.

  • Taylor A

    How long should I take this product? There is almost a year supply in the bottle I ordered from you. Is it safe to take daily or do I need to take breaks after a few weeks/months of using?

  • ghc_health

    Iodine is one of the elements consistently and constantly required by the body, many people add it to their daily regimen. No need to cycle.

  • ghc_health

    Haven’t had any reports like that, give our customer service team a call at 800-476-0016.

  • RPM Motorsports

    There is a poster causing a stink on Amazon about Detoxadine, stating that Nascent Iodine loses is it’s special “atomic nascent deisgn” when it is combined with water……..which is true(after approx. 3 hours). He further goes on to claim that the Detoxadine has the nascent iodine in a mixture of glycerin AND water. Is this true ?

  • RPM Motorsports

    No answer GHC ???

  • ghc_health

    Thanks for the request to clear this up. Here goes… when a final nascent iodine product is directly mixed with water the iodine can be released and potency can be lost. Purified water is one of the ingredients in Detoxadine but the distinction lies in the production process. The water in Detoxadine is not freely available water; it’s combined with and absorbed into the vegetable glycerin during the first stage of production (before iodine has been added) to become one matrix. Then, during the Spagyrex process, iodine is added to the structural matrix of the vegetable glycerin where it retains its electromagnetic charge and potency.

    It’s an advanced process that requires special equipment custom designed by two of the top Russian physicists. It also needs to be mentioned that alcohol based nascent iodine products contain water as alcohol contains, at least, 5-15% water. Although stable as a solvent, alcohol is a toxin and endocrine disruptor. Vegetable glycerin has no toxic effects and has a much more gentle delivery system.

    Hope that helps!

  • tara

    I am scared to try! I was pretty sure my thyroid was off because of symptoms I am having. I was told to try an iodine supplement. Went to local health food store, picked up an organic sea kelp supplement. started taking it. with in a few weeks my digestive system…..pretty much stopped!!! it has been MONTHS and I am finally getting back on some what of a track! no fun!!! and TMI I know…..but have you heard of that before from taking an iodine supplement? This one seems to be a much better option, but scared it will mess me up again? I am very holistic in my approach to everything and organic, I consider myself very healthy. So I am really not sure what happened to my digestive system….thoughts?????

  • Curious Chemist

    As I understand Iodine uptake into the thyroid, it undergoes a rate limiting step at the Sodium – Iodide symporter, and only then is converted by thyroid peroxidase to the form of iodine.

    Can you explain this product bypasses the bodies natural mechanisms of entering the thyroid follicle? I just don’t understand this product being any different (chemically or otherwise) than SSKI or Lugol’s solution.

    Thanks for your help

  • AKW

    Hello, I would like to know if it’s necessary to go through a “loading phase” and if so, what Dr. Group suggests. I have read that if you are iodine deficient and taking 12.5 milligrams a day, it will take 1 year for your body to become iodine sufficient. The same article said that a “loading phase” of 50mg per day for 3 months should be done, then a maintenance dose of 12.5mg per day should be maintained. Thank you so much in advance for any information that would help me out!

  • Very Frustrated

    I have recently started taking this product and am exercising A LOT, eating very healthy and low calories but have actually gained weight! Is that something this Iodine would have done to my Thyroid? I have never had this happen before and the only thing I changed was to take this product as well as your Slimirex? Thank you

  • Trace Smith

    Hi, I was hoping to pick your brain w/ some questions. Nothing against Alex Jones or the good Dr. But when I ordered my survival shield it did not come w/ a pamphlet explaining in detail how to use it or how to take it, do I increase the dose ever? I put 6 drops directly on my tongue..is this ok? Will I feel sick at all while the toxins…( I’m sure there’s a huge build up of them…I’m 48 and drank MT Dew and ate Mcdonalds ect..) will. I feel sick getting rid of the toxins? I’m on almost wk 2 of taking it…any help you can give me would soooo be appreciated… A lot!!! Thank-you

    Trace H

  • Steven Hadden

    I’ve been taking Detoxadine for about 2 months now, using the dosage on the Survival Shield bottle(same thing but says to take 6 drops instead of 3 drops per day). I have noticed 2 real and pronounced effects. First, at age 48, my brain fog has been completely wiped out. I am much more clear headed, sharp and effective throughout the entire day. It’s almost as if my brain is functioning like it did 20 years ago. 2nd, and not so great, is that I’ve been getting very itchy and annoying bumps around my underarms, upper back and few on my upper chest. These things take over a month to go away and are really annoying. They do seem to be decreasing now though after 2 months of taking Detoxadine. Is this just a detox effect ? An allergic reaction ? The benefits in sharpness and reduced brain fog have made me put up with the bumps/itch. I’m just hoping this is a temporary thing.

  • Steven Hadden

    Well, I have now had to quit taking Detoxadine as these bumps have been spreading to my neck and are very irritating. I have never had bumps like this in my life. They itch like crazy for a week and then get sore. They take 2 + months to go away. I have some that have flattened out but are still red and noticeable well after 2 months.

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Could be a detoxifying effect, iodine can kick toxic metals and halogens out of your system. You mentioned they had been getting less severe with time, had that progress halted?

  • Steven Hadden

    I get several new ones each week. That seems to be fairly consistent. At least the newer ones I’ve been getting are not as big as some of the earlier ones. Smaller ones go away faster. Some of my larger ones are still noticeable after 2 months. They originally started in my armpits and on my back, then spread to my chest a little and lately I’ve been getting a few on my neck. Getting them on my neck where they are noticeable was what made me make a change. I’m now trying just 1 drop in the morning and 1 drop in the evening, trying to see if my system can handle a smaller amount.

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    Have you been to a dermatologist or consulted Dr. Internet on what they could potentially be? The closest info we’ve been able to find is that an “iodine allergy” (more accurately a shellfish allergy) can sometimes cause a rash.

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  • Steven Hadden

    Yes, exact same problem and it will get worse. See my posts here.

  • Steven Hadden

    I have now had to completely stop taking Detoxadine. Even the 1 drop in the morning and 1 drop at night has me still breaking out in sore bumps. I must be alergic to iodine.

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  • Moragh Lippert

    what is the best type of iodine to dissolve calcium buildup

  • http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/ Global Healing Center

    We recommend nascent iodine to people looking for the best iodine supplement.

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  • Daryl

    They say the Japanese take upwards of 12mg of iodine a day in their diet. How many drops of Detoxadine is 12mg

  • Edward Group

    Roughly 27.

  • Sarah

    Hi there, My daughter has Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Will Nascent Iodine help this condition or will it make it worse?

  • djhemp

    I took survival shield and about a month into it I started developing this rash. I thought it was a good thing. Toxins being pushed out. I stuck with it and finished the bottle. I am now two month into post-survival shield and it has not gone away. Mean anyone identify this? It appears to be right in the thyroid area. Can anyone identify this? I’ve tried coconut oil with no luck. Any suggestions? Today was the first warm spring day since it developed and it is more red and inflamed than I can remember. What the heck is it?

  • Edward Group

    We recommend she discuss iodine supplementation with her doctor before taking.

  • Edward Group

    Looks a lot like tinea versicolor, which is a fungal rash. Do you have any sulfur cream? (De La Cruz has a 10% one available at a lot of grocery stores). Apply that for a few days and see if it dries it up. Beware of the sulfur smell… it’s something you’d want to do at home for an hour and then wash off before going about your day.

  • Andrew

    I here iodine is good for a metabolic system, I have a low potein diet called homocystinuria. im on 8 exchanges a day, and was told i have built up an emmunity to 20 excahnges a day. would it increase my blood levels? I Have been on beyond tangy tangerine (original) for 4 years with good blood levels.





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