Were Flu Vaccines Intentionally Contaminated With Avian Flu?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


An article from the Idaho Observer revealed very disturbing news regarding a possible intentional contamination of flu vaccines by an Illinois-based pharmaceutical company, Baxter International [1].

Reports state this company released “contaminated flu virus material” from a European facility. The flu vaccine was said to hold a mixture of various avian flu strains.

Test animals vaccinated with the “contaminated” flu shot began to die off, which prompted scientists to question why, as this was “a harmless flu shot.” They then discovered the intoxicating flu virus within the vaccinations.

Before this potentially-deadly error was discovered, these vaccinations were scheduled to be sent to 18 European countries. Experts believe that if these scientists not discovered the infected flu vaccines ahead of time, the vaccines would have most-likely caused an avian flu pandemic, as well as thousands of estimated human deaths.

When confronted, Baxter International stated that these contaminates were accidental, and that the avian flu virus accidentally appeared in a mass amount of their product [2]. Baxter did not mention they also sell a drug to combat avian flu called Celvapan, an emerging remedy created from cell culture technology.

Was It Really An Accident?

Some critics saw a clear link between the error and Baxter’s potential for big financial gains in the event of an avian flu outbreak. Critics claim accidental intoxication is virtually impossible due to global protocols and regulations involving pathogens like the flu virus. This raises questions as to whether the company knew that these strains contained avian flu. Some say the company wanted to start a pandemic in order to spur on sales of other drugs.

If the company did accidentally inject avian flu into the flu shots, it raises the question of why this company is still in business when they are potentially endangering the entire human population. Do we trust these companies to inject our children with vaccines? Do we trust a company to inject us with things that may require us to buy?

Currently, the World Health Organization is conducting studies investigating what happened at the Austrian lab, but as of yet, has not released a public address in regard to this terrible incident. They have stated that there is little evidence suggesting that the pharmaceutical company intentionally added the virus to the flu vaccines.

Unfortunately, it has also been reported that the WHO is stock-piling avian-flu drugs, in the event of a global pandemic. Sadly, the U.S. government has taken no action with this problem. It is up to us to educate ourselves on what we put into our bodies in the name of health.

Mandatory Vaccination Alert!

child vaccination

Breaking News: As of July 13th the World Health Organization has approved mandatory worldwide H1N1 Swine Flu vaccinations using these contaminated vaccines [3]. This will be deadly when delivered. I recommend all of my readers immediately view the information on this site for updates on this tragedy. My advice is to do anything in your power to resist this vaccine.


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  3. Paul Joseph Watson. ‘Accidental’ contamination of vaccine with live avian flu virus virtually impossible. Alex Jones’ Prison Planet. 2009 March 5.

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