What Causes Acne?

Dr. Group discusses the different causes of acne and what you can do to help avoid it.

  • Shannon Lyon

    I want to clean out my colon I take pain meds.And am VERY constipated plus I breakout.I see all these cleanses to buy and how good they are.In fact I have bought around 5 or 6 of them.Only 1 started to work but I did not take it right & now I do not have enough to last a month.It was Organica colon cleanse.PLEASE tell what to get.GOD BLESS! Shannon

  • Shannon,

    I only recommend Oxygen based cleansers. Please check out http://www.oxypowder.com

    Dr. G

  • Very informative information on causes of acne. There are some possible factors that can cause acne. We need to know the real factors to avoid getting acne.

  • Arlo Plancon

    I used to suffer from acne for about 15 years so I hate to read about people suffering. No creams or ointments ever really did anything for me but I was actually able to completely cure acne naturally after my cousin told me how. I only had to do 2 things:

    1. Use a dehumidifier in your house. This will rid moisture from the air and help dry your skin without you knowing.

    2. Follow every step in the free video & every single step in the guide seen at:
    solvehealthproblem*com/acne (obviously change the * for a dot as it won’t let me post links here)

    Try those two steps and hopefully you will get as much luck with getting rid of acne as i did. Another thing worth trying is apple cider vinegar if you need quick relief but I must say that it will ease symptoms but you really need to tackle the root cause!


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  • sleeping_sheople†††

    keep your body clean and you won’t get acne simple as that

  • Ashwaq Hilal

    I will raise these concerns to my doctor. I am currently undergoing a laser treatment in Marina Medical Centre. Thank you for sharing this

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