Are Vaccine Pushers Putting Pregnant Women At Risk?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Vaccinations and Pregnant Women

It seems as if the makers of vaccinations have no respect for human life – and the same is true for the government agencies that stand behind them in support of their propaganda. I have long been concerned by the way vaccinations are pushed on parents and the amount of vaccines administered these days to the poor children who have no choice in the matter.

With educational systems requiring vaccinations for admittance to schools, parents are feeling as if they are left with no other choice but to vaccinate their children. With the long term and negative effects of vaccinations still not completely understood and the effectiveness of many vaccinations still unproven, putting children at risk with vaccinations strikes me as a selfish and irresponsible tactic to make money. Lately, however, the vaccine pushers have really gone too far.

One of their latest actions really bothers me. It seems that the vaccine pushers are now trying to get pregnant women to get flu vaccinations during their 8th month of pregnancy in order to protect the newborn child from acquiring the flu. This is absolutely preposterous. Not only is this a false presentation of how vaccinations work, it also completely ignores the inherent risks associated with getting vaccinated.

What Are the Risks of Vaccinations?

There are many risks associated with getting a vaccination that many people do not realize. While the potential connection between autism and vaccinations [1] has received a great deal of recent attention, the media doesn’t spend a whole lot of time discussing the fact that vaccinations also present our bodies with a wealth of toxins.

The reality is that many vaccines contain neurotoxic materials, with the most common additive being Thimerosal. Thimerosal contains minute amounts of mercury, which is extremely dangerous and has been linked to autism by many experts.

The fact that vaccinations contain attenuated or live viruses also means that you are injecting the illness into your body when you get a flu vaccination. As a result, some people actually develop the disease after being vaccinated. In addition, if a person with an auto-immune deficiency comes in contact with someone after receiving a live virus vaccination, it is possible for the virus to “leap” to that person and cause that person to become infected with the disease.

Of course, there is also the concern of experiencing an allergic reaction to the vaccination [2], which can cause more damage than the vaccination prevents. Several years ago the National Vaccine Information Center made the following statement [3]; and it bears repeating in every conversation about vaccines:

“Vaccination is a medical procedure which carries a risk of injury or death. As a parent, it is your responsibility to become educated about the benefits and risks of vaccines in order to make the most informed, responsible vaccination decisions.”

Making the Problem Worse With Flu Vaccinations

In addition to all of the inherent problems associated with vaccinations, the push to give pregnant women a flu vaccination has additional problems. Namely, it is impossible to create a flu shot that actually works. This is because the flu virus changes its structure each time it replicates, which means the flu shots that have been developed would only be effective against previous strains of the flu virus.

Even the Center for Disease Control admits that the effectiveness of flu shots depends on how well they have matched the shot with the current strain [4]. In other words, whether or not the vaccination has any effectiveness depends upon how well researchers have guessed at the structure of the next strain of flu.

Is it really worth taking the risk when the supposed benefits have not been proven?

Think about it, the vaccination cannot be given to children under the age of 6 months, yet the vaccine pushers are encouraging pregnant women to get the shot while carrying a developing fetus. It just doesn’t make sense to me and I encourage all pregnant women to NOT get this vaccine and to do thorough research on all vaccinations. I have 2 healthy boys who have never seen a hospital, a doctor or received any vaccinations and I hope the future for our children is a future with NO vaccinations!


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  • jack

    Dr. G…. the government agencies that stand behind them are owned by the elite of the world that control our country and got their federal reserve bank in 1913.

    Vaccinations are all part of their eugenics plan. They’ve poisoned our water and food and are destroying us 1 boy 1 with the vaccines.

    I listen to a really good radio show daily the biggest one there is that broadcasts online.. he basically gets into everything the elite are doing and has prominent guests … recently had a whistle blower that worked for the gates foundation for the vaccines.

    Especially after hearing your story about how you were threatened with death after curing people from diseases, I think that you should contact Alex Jones and get on the radio show for one time.

    Thanks for everything u do

  • wtf

    Before anyone takes this guy TOO seriously.

    do a little research on his background.

    he is not a medical doctor, no but a chiropractor. If you are not familiar with this, this is “science” that is generally laughed at by serious scientists.

    you only need 4 years of schooling to be a chiropractor (and 2 of those are the b.s. classes every college kid takes), and then a “c” average will get you into the school.

    i think we’re stretching the word “doctor” a little far here. Some of us who went to college for 12-15 years would prefer you call yourself “quack”.

  • We are not discussing if he is a doctor or not. For me that’s no matter, he can be even a journalist. The important is to discuss if the affirmations he makes are true or not. If you think is not true, please give us some proves.

  • It is sad that you are holding on to so much anger inside. They must have taught you in Medical school that anger leads to disease- Oh wait, I take that back – They obviously did not teach you that or you would have never posted this comment. It’s pretty obvious you need anger management therapy – I do know a great hypnotherapist I can recommend you to.

    Please let me know if you are interested. You must feel that attacking me makes you a better person. If you do your research you will find that it actually takes more hours to be a chiropractor than it does to be a medical doctor. I will also say that the true definition of a doctor is one who teaches and heals – not someone who prescribes, cuts or burns. As a matter of fact, I studied to be a medical doctor which was my dream, and once I found out about the corruption and that medical students and MDs are brainwashed and manipulated by the AMA and the pharmaceutical companies, I backed out and studied the real methods of healing disease – by addressing the root cause – NOT the symptoms.

    By the way, in the state of Texas, Chiropractors are Primary Care doctors. I think the word “quack” here applies to doctors who prescribe medications and actually care less about the wellbeing of their patients by injecting them with harmful vaccinations and pushing drugs down their throats. And please feel free to prove me wrong on any topic I discuss with any research you may have. If you would like to learn the REAL medicine (natural methods of healing the body) please let me know and I will be happy to send you a signed copy of my new book “Health Begins in the Colon”.
    Have a great day,

    – Dr. G

  • TarynK


    If only 12-15 years of college would ensure that a doctor is effective at what he/she has been taught, then we would be a very healthy nation….Right? While an impressive education may allow its participants to spit-out facts, it will never be a substitute for wisdom. Wisdom comes only from knowing “how to use” knowledge effectively and how to recognize truth from fiction. Your post does not exhibit wisdom, nor does it exhibit one who is interested in people having freedom to choose how they care for their health.

    With all the science that we now have available to us why are people getting sicker and sicker? If science is so reputable then why do we not have a cure for most disease? Is it the fault of science OR the fault of a paradigm that promotes fear and has absolutely no intention of ever curing anything, but instead bankrupting people economically, physically and emotionally.

    Helping people to heal (body, mind and spirit) is not about how much education one may have racked up. It’s about the willingness to be a teacher and team-player; making sure that the “whole” person is taken into consideration. It’s about compassion, care and the committment to find answers (not the answers that a pharm rep hands out), not band-aids. It’s ALL about the patient — not about a doctor continually insisting that he/she is right about everything. When one must remind others about how “smart” they are, rather than allowing others to make this discovery on their own, then the only thing that shines through is “ego”. Unfortunately, ego often shouts to people who we really are and what we are about.

    Your anger betrays you as any type of knowledgeable healer and you are wasting your time with un-true fodder. Please do get some help. Take some time for yourself and find out “why” you must put down others while shining a beacon on your accomplishments. Also, take a break from blogs that are trying to teach people how to take responsibility for their own health unless you can add something that builds up and not tears down.

    FYI. One of these “quacks”, actually helped me get well from a very serious illness. An illness for which conventional medicine has no cure. I find it so amazing that conventional doctors aren’t held accountable for their “practice of medicine” that uses drugs, surgery and radiation which in turn maims and kills a tremendous amount of people every year….yet most want to make sure that the so-called “quacks” (by their definition) be held to a much higher standard and that any type of natural healing be made to look like a waste of time.

    Very sad, indeed.

    “Those who are at war with others are seldom at peace with themselves.” — Unknown.


  • tessa

    If you know anything about the body you will realize that chiropractors are essential in keeping us healthy, regardless of how many years of school it takes them.

    I started going to a chiropractor about 3 years ago (funny that I used to have to take allergy medicine everyday and haven’t had to take it in 3 years…) Through my chiropractor I realized there was a need to research vaccines while I was pregnant with my daughter.

    I really try not to tell other people what to do, however, my daughter is 15 months old and has received regular adjustments and not one vaccine. She has been sick ONCE. Compare that to all the times other kids get sick, funny how it always seems to coincide with a vaccine. She has had a fever ONCE, for which I did not give her tylenol or any other drug… I let her body fight it (and of course made sure to get her adjusted). I watched to make sure she was still acting like herself and not in a lot of pain and wouldn’t you know it, she is totally fine and she didn’t melt.

    The fever phobia that the media has created in parents is sad, and I feel fortunate to have access to information on more than one side of these issues.

    And yes, some of my friends that have children that have not done the research put their trust in their “real” doctors and feel that I put their child in jeopardy by having my daughter near their kids. It would be nice if they realized that their kids, when they have been recently vaccinated, actually put my child at risk.

    If someone would publicize the scientific data that is available online showing the decline in deaths from all of these diseases happened before their specific vaccine was even invented, maybe that would help. I love that people ignore the other components involved in keeping us healthy without vaccines… like better living conditions, sewer systems, sanitation, and overall healthier lives through diet and exercise.

    Thank you Dr G for all you do, I literally stumbled upon your website and love finding others who are open to actually looking at all sides and not just what the “real” doctors and drug companies and government officials demand that we do.

    Fortunately, my “real” doctor respects our decision and I don’t have to jump through bureaucratic hoops to keep my daughter safe.

  • Jessica

    The poor fool who attacked Dr. Group must have missed the long list of degrees and credentials, not to mention the best feature that Dr. Group has, that no matter how intelligent, some people never achieve: Intergrity and moral character. I feel sorry for that guy who has been completely brain washed by society. Ignorance breeds the worst kind of stupidity especailly since all this information is factual and not opinion, must have missed that too.

  • Angelo Marotta

    Dr. Group is also an N.D. – Naturopathic Doctor. Wake up!

  • Malvina

    Hallo my name is Malvina
    I have been health consciousness for 3 or 4 years now. and very grateful for Dr. Group putting all the answers in one place. It makes being healthier simple the way creation intended .
    I would like to share a story of how the pharmaceutical Industry has one of my close relatives lying in a comma right now, a aunt in my family had fell upon hard times she had recently lost her business and her house was getting foreclosed on. On top of this stressful situation she was not at all a health aware person she was not feeling well the last couple of days (Thursday and Friday of last week). She went to see her primary health care physician (in reality just a drug prescriber) he proceeded to not give her sound advice like, reliving her stress through forms of meditation, healthy eating, exercise and rest. All he did was treat the symptom of her unbalance of her physical state and prescribed her a higher dose of blood pressure medication. The next day (Saturday) she had a massive heart attack at the age of 48 years young. she now sits in a hospital bed in a comma with no brain activity. With the “Doctors” mindlessly making assumptions about what the problem is and not a one has ever pointed a finger at the physician or the chemical that truly ended her experience. so, unlike the gentlemen above in the above post i truly commend you for being a true honest loving health care physician. I am VERY GREATFUL for the universe blessing us with Global Healing Health Center.

  • I agree. There are too many vaccines required for children today, and American children are becoming sicker, not healthier. And it’s absolutely ridiculous that we are vaccinating babies with the Hep B vaccine. That should only be done in very high risk situations. I also believe that flu vaccines should not be suggested for pregnant woman, especially in the 8th month of pregnancy. We haven’t needed it up to this point, why do we need it now? All of this suggests to me GREED on the part of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.
    People are becoming more aware of the inner workings of modern medicine, and they are empowering themselves through education to take back control of their health. As a result, the FDA and the drug industry are campaigning more aggressively and attacking those who are on the side of alternative therapies.
    The National Vaccine Information Center ( is a great starting point to learn more about the dangers of vaccines as well as the pros and cons of vaccinating. They also provide comprehensive exemption information.

  • Angela Kale

    Great response…As a patient that blindly believed in medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry in which I once worked, Let me explain why I have no faith in either now. I was required to take vaccines to go to college. After the shots, I ran a high fever and soon after developed encephalitis. I lost my vision for 3 weeks and then it took me 6 months to even be able to read.

    Even when my vision returned, I had lost over 4 points and without corrective wear I am legally blind. The school doctors and local hospital told me that it was not connected to the shots and that they were safe and that I just had a virus. So for the next ten years, I went from specialist to specialist trying to find out what was wrong with me.

    I had extreme pain, loss of mucles (by the way before the shots I was an athlete–ski team, cheerleader, volleyball, track, gymnast) I went from this to barely being able to get out of bed due to not being able to stay awake and running fevers all of the time (flu like symptoms). In those ten years of spending my life savings, I was diagnosed with and treated for every disorder under the sun until I was nearly dead. I was diagnosed by you experts with fibromyalgia, lyme, narcolepsy, chronic mono etc.

    I was treated with five years of antibotics, pain meds., antivirals, etc. until I ended up on Iv antibiotics which almost killed me due to a staph infection. So I saw over 50 of you highly educated specialist who are bought and paid for by us pharmceutical reps. (remember I was one–so I know) I now have stopped seeing or believing in you true quacks and now am treating myself naturally. A MRI showed that my brain got damaged (the shots) and I show signs of autism.

    I was perfectly healthy and highly intelligent until the shots that I had to take for college. Thankfully, I did not take my childhood shots due to religious beliefs but was forced to take them for college. If I had taken them as a child, I would be severely autistic–that I know for sure. The damage is done and I will never feel or see my full potential due to the toxins that our government allowed the pharmaceutical industry to pump into us.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Angela. I have used the following steps to repair the damage from vaccinations:

    Dr. Groups Whole Body and “Green Living” Cleanse Steps:

    Step 1: Fill out a Health Questionnaire to evaluate your current health status

    Step 2: Perform the 7-Day Oxygen Colon Cleanse or the 6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse (recommended for best results)

    Step 3: Perform your first Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse

    Step 4: Rest for 5-10 days

    Step 5: Perform your second Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse. During this time start on your Harmful Organism Cleanse.

    Step 6: Fill out the Health Questionnaire again to evaluate your progress.

    Step 7: Rest for 5-10 days

    Step 8: During this rest period, test yourself for heavy metal toxicity using the Mineral Check Test Kit.

    Step 9: Perform your third Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse

    Step 10: Rest for 5-10 days and fill out the Health Questionnaire again

    Step 11: Perform the Chemical & Heavy Metal Cleanse

    Step 12: Continue on a maintenance dose of Oxy-Powder® 2-3x weekly to keep your intestines clean and prevent toxins from entering your body.

    Step 13: Perform the “Green Living” Cleanse.

    NOTE: Detoxifying the body is a big step in the right direction, but it must be coupled with an active effort to start avoiding or eliminating your exposure to heavy metals and toxic chemicals on a daily basis. My new book Health Begins in the Colon describes these toxins in detail and gives you easy methods for identifying and eliminating them from your diet, home and work environment so you can live a healthy, clean, and green life!

    I hope this works for you and we wish you a happy and healthy life,

    Dr. G

  • Annette

    Dr Group

    I live in South Africa. I have 2 boys, 2 and 3 years old. The 3y old received every possible vaccination he could up to now. I am very worried about the harm it can do after I read your letters about vaccination. My doctor also suggest that the 2 year old must get the “Previnar” vaccine because he is getting tonsillitis often and then has to take antibiotics to come right again. How do you feel about “Previnar” How should I treat/prevent the tonsillitis. How will I know if there is any brain damage (autism) because of all the vaccinations?

  • Hi Annette,

    I personally would never vaccinate children. If my child had tonsillitis I would use natural remedies to support the immune system such as colloidal silver, MMS and latero flora. I would also do a chemical and heavy metal cleanse to clean out any residue from past vaccinations. It will most likely be a little to soon to see if there is any neurological damage.

    See for more info.

    Dr. G

  • heidi

    Our daughter has gotten 7 shots since she was born. She is now due for her 3rd round of shots now at 6 months. We are learning a lot real fast. Mother is healthy and eating only real food and been breastfeeding 100% still. She was born in and remains in Thailand for the time.

    Two questions for you please.

    1) Would you suggest she complete the cycle of with the 3rd and final round of required vacines?

    2) Or would you stop everything right now because it is the best option for her health?
    Thank you for your time.

  • I can only tell you what I would do for my own child, and both of my children have not and will not ever receive any vaccinations…and if the government tries to force vaccinate I will leave the Country.. Have a happy and healthy day.

    –Dr. G

  • Bytes Land

    well, i believe no one can give you 100% guarantee that everything will be all right. cerftain risks always exist.

  • dooberheim

    “With all the science that we now have available to us why are people getting sicker and sicker?”

    Overeating and lack of exercise.


  • dooberheim

    Actually very few vaccines contain thimerosal any more, and have not for several years. It’s quite possible that the recent vaccinations contain no mercury.

    While many of the newer vaccines are not necessary other than in specific circumstances, the older vaccines (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, and polio) prevent very nasty diseases. Diphtheria was at one time a leading killer of children, and whooping cough is making a comeback because fewer parents are vaccinating. The fact that paralysis due to polio is unknown in younger people is testimony to the success of that vaccine.

    People can get away without being vaccinated because most people are. It is possible that a physician today would not recognize a case of tetanus or diphtheria because he’s never seen one before. It’s really important that children get at least DPT and polio vaccines – these diseases are far worse than any risk from the vaccine itself.


  • Matt.E

    I want a signed copy of your book Dr G! Pretty please 🙂

    Stay healthy,

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