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What Are the Wellness Benefits of N-acetylcysteine? Cysteine is an amino acid that the body is able to transform into antioxidants like glutathione.[1] N-acetylcysteine, also commonly called acetylcysteine, is a form of cysteine that has been specially modified.[2] While cysteine is available in many high-protein foods, such as chicken, turkey, pork, and dairy, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is not actually found in any food.[3] Rather, N-acetylcysteine is generally consumed as a capsule or administered intravenously.[4]

Why Thyroid Health Is Completely Dependent on Selenium The thyroid is essential to some of the body’s most critical processes, including the development of the nervous and skeletal systems.[1] For the thyroid to function normally, it must receive the right nutrition, and that means getting enough selenium. Selenium is an essential mineral[2] and being deficient can lead to serious health problems such as Keshan disease[3], myxoedematous cretinism[4], Graves’ disease[5], and even thyroid destruction.[6]
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Selenium and Cell Function: Is Selenium an Antioxidant? The element selenium (Se) is a powerful antioxidant[1] and an important micronutrient that’s absolutely essential for human health.[2] Selenium deficiency is a problem that leads to a variety of serious health complications.[3, 4] Fortunately, many foods offer a sufficient amount of selenium; as a bonus, most of the best are vegetables and fruits.[5] It’s actually not that difficult to follow a diet that’s rich in plant-based selenium foods.

What Is Silica and How Can it Support Your Health? Silica, also known as silicon dioxide or SiO2, is a colorless, white, chemical compound. Silica is made of the most common elements on earth, silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2). It’s also the most abundant compound in the earth’s crust, where it makes up 59% of the total composition.[1] Silica is used everywhere, from industrial applications to the food and beverage industry.[2]

The Role of Oxygen in Healing the Body “Healing” is a word that gets thrown around a lot and it’s important to understand exactly what it means. Healing means getting your body back into a balanced, functioning state. Think of it like balance scales – the kind you might see at a courthouse. When you’re sick, one side hangs lower than the other. When you’re healthy, they’re level.

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