Star Anise: The Secret Ingredient in Tamiflu

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on October 14, 2015

With the onslaught of swine flu throughout the global community, there is a new push towards acquiring and stockpiling drugs that can be used to treat potentially lethal strains of influenza.

star anise

According to medical science there is a pharmaceutical treatment option available called Tamiflu, that they say will treat swine flu.

But little do consumers know that there is a natural component within this mass-produced pharmaceutical. And what is this powerful ingredient? None other than the common herb star anise.

In fact, most people are unaware that over 40% of all pharmaceutical medications come from plant botanicals, including everything from common aspirin to powerful cancer-fighting medications such as tamoxifen [1].

The Origins of Star Anise

Star anise, or Illicium verum, is a native plant of Asia, commonly used in traditional societies to spice food, reduce intestinal gas, aid in digestion and act as a powerful dehydrator.

It is also known to promote vitality and vigor in the human system, and is a common ingredient in the French liqueur Pernod. This fragrant, licorice-spiced plant is now playing a starring role in one of the most sought-after drugs on the planet: Tamiflu.

Tamiflu: Our Only Hope During A Pandemic?

The manufacturer of the drug Tamiflu is Roche, based in Switzerland. Through a highly secretive process, the company uses large amounts of common Asian star anise to obtain shikimic acid, one of the principle active ingredients in Tamiflu. In fact, without star anise, there is no Tamiflu, as these eight-pointed seed pods gleaned from the Chinese evergreen, are sed for massive production of the drug.


In 2005, in response to the SARS avian flu, there was a temporary shortage of star anise due to its extensive use in creating Tamiflu [2]. During the 2005 scare, the drug company began to make shikimic acid artificially via a process of using fermented and bioengineered E. coli bacteria.

Currently, the US government has about 12 million boxes of Tamiflu on hand. In the event of a global pandemic, this would only serve a small percentage of the American population; certainly not enough to cover nation-wide health needs in the event of an emergency. And as Tamiflu is, so far, the so-called planet’s only defense in the event of a swine or avian flu pandemic, and even though millions of courses are available, one single manufacturer holding a tightly-sealed patent simply cannot create enough of the drug quickly enough to serve global needs in the even of a true pandemic.

For this reason, some governments are demanding that the company release their sealed patent, enabling other companies to make their own version of the star-anise infused remedy. What is more, Tamiflu can’t prevent you from getting swine flu or even kill swine flu; it is a toxic product and can create a grocery list of symptoms. And, according to the manufacturer it only reduces the symptoms of flu for the first 36 hours.

I am highly against the use of this drug and believe that most of these flu pandemics are actually created by man to reduce the population and create fat pockets for big pharma. This has been verified by Dr. Len Horowitz and many others [3].


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  • Gwen

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowlege with the general public, I have decided to make a change in my life for the sake of my sixteen year old daughter. I want to try and learn how to eat and live a healthier life to set a strong example. Together she and I sit and read information that we’ve found on the internet concerning the organic way of eating as well as other household products. But what has me even more concerned is this H1N1 flu, a pregnant woman in our community just passed away from this flu, even though her baby lived, thank goodness. The Star Anise to be rubbed on the soles of our feet sounds like something I can do, I only hope its safe for a young, teenage girl. I will not use it on her until I find out if I should be taking her weight and age into consideration.

  • jeanette

    I read this article to my husband and made copies of this article and the articles about the flu vaccinations for our clients. do you still carry star anise if not where can we find it.
    Also I made copies on the info that dr group gave in his article about what to do and what take.
    thank you

  • Guss

    May I ask where on earth you came up with this notion that star anisie seed is the secret ingreidnet of tamiflu?

  • Mike James

    @ Guss,

    The information is out just have to know where to look:

    Open your eyes my friend, do not believe everything that the govrnment and media tells you…

    Keep up the good work Dr. G!

    – Mike

  • Dr. Edward Group

    Just go to pub med or Google and type in “Star Anise – Tamiflu” and you will see the relationship.

    –Dr. G

  • Janet

    I have some dried star anise – could that effectively be used as a tea, or is it only the oil used topically that’s effective?

  • jim

    I have dried star anise. would I eat the seeds or the pods and how much is good amount?

  • Dio

    Great info! Be very careful though, the FDA is clamping down on anybody selling anything that claims to aid in preventing or getting over the flu. The famous Dr Weil just got a nasty cease and desist letter for making the same claim about one of his products.

  • Dr. Edward Group

    The oil is more concentrated than the powder, therefore more effective. Even though Star Anise is used to make Tamiflu I still would not wholly rely on it for preventing flu symptoms. I would use multiple things if I contact the flu. Please check out my blog post “What I would do for the Flu” for more information.

    –Dr. G

  • gomushin

    Recently (mid 8th 2009) when I got somekind of Flu,

    I ate raw chinese star anise and I made teas with chinese star anise and others like ginger,chinese date ,yellow sugar..
    I recovered from that flu.
    Also my friend drinked with me,she also recoverd.

    So I agree with this article.
    So,I want to know more about star anise through web.
    I found there are many wrong,incorrect articles.

    I also read FDA’s article and warning.

    read belows please.

    Japanese star anise is toxic,chinese star anise good for general eating I found.

    Anyway I believe chinese star anise is good for flu with tea.
    From Korea.

  • CrazyGata

    I found out about the star anise BEFORE I contacted this website… the truth is definitely out there… Never doubt that the cure for all illnesses (physical and emotional) lie within Mother Earth. Hail Gaia! 😀

  • Aweber

    Interesting article “star anisie seed is the secret ingreidnet of tamiflu” I have some dried star anise might see what i can do with them,Thanks

  • KatieM

    Hi. I am a naturopath, and you’re all on the right track, even more than you know.

    I have much more information on star anise and its benefits.


  • xiangtain

    can you tell me where do you buy it?

  • chris g

    This is an absolute joke. The Swine flu was an absolute con, if you do a smidgeon of research you would know that. So if it is a con why would they put a beneficial ingredient in tamiflu?.. Look the whole swine flu business is absolute BS, it was a money making con. I believe star anise has incredible health benefits. Why? because its a natural living thing..simple as that. Choose organic herbs over all pharmaceutical medications and you will be super hearty. Its interesting the FDA put out a warning not to drink any teas with star anise in them because of side effects such as rapid eye movement, vomiting etc. This is absolute BS. the FDA are the same people banning berries because they ‘are no good for you’ the same people pouring unpasteurized milk down the drain(that is incredibly good for health) because it is ‘dangerous’. These are effing criminals and its all because they do not want you to be healthy. Government does not want you to be healthy that is an absolute fact. Its all about money. They want you to pay a fortune for pharmaceuticals that make you more ill(that you got from bad food with toxic additives; that FDA approves) so that you stay unhealthy. The FDA are criminals, just like everything spanning from government. Most people will disagree because they are sheeple. People believe what they see on mainstream media…well guess what MEDIA IS CONTROLLED. They will not tell you truth DUR.

  • Deborah Nunn

    I wanted to comment on my own personal use of anise. I have found it to be very effective in detox from narcotics.I just made the tea.

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