Probiotic Foods

Probiotic Foods - Yogurt

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial forms of gut bacteria that help stimulate the natural digestive juices and enzymes that keep our digestive organs functioning properly. In addition to taking a probiotic supplement, you can also eat probiotic foods that are a host to these live bacterium.

We all know of the great health benefits of probiotics, however, not all of us know how to take advantage of these health benefits. Below is a list I put together to outline the best probiotic foods for you to add to your diet. I would also recommend buying the organic version of all these probiotic-rich foods.

Probiotic Foods to Add to Your Diet

1. Yogurt

One of the best probiotic foods is live-cultured yogurt, especially handmade. Look for brands made from goat’s milk that have been infused with extra forms of probitoics like lactobacillus or acidophilus. Goat’s milk and cheese are particularly high in probiotics like thermophillus, bifudus, bulgaricus and acidophilus. Be sure to read the ingredients list, as not all yogurt is made equally. Many popular brands are filled with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and artifical flavors and are way too close to being a nutritional equivalent of sugary, fatty ice cream.

2. Kefir

Similar to yogurt, this fermented dairy product is a unique combination of goat’s milk and fermented kefir grains. High in lactobacilli and bifidus bacteria, kefir is also rich in antioxidants. Look for a good, organic version at your local health food shop.

3. Sauerkraut

Made from fermented cabbage (and sometimes other vegetables), sauerkraut is not only extremely rich in healthy live cultures, but might also help with reducing allergy symptoms. Sauerkraut is also rich in vitamins B, A, E and C.

4. Dark Chocolate

Probiotics can be added to high-quality dark chocolate, up to four times the amount of probiotics as many forms of dairy. This is only one of the health benefits of chocolate.

5. Microalgae

This refers to super-food ocean-based plants such as spirulina, chorella, and blue-green algae. These probiotic foods have been shown to increase the amount of both Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria in the digestive tract. They also offer the most amount of energetic return, per ounce, for the human system.

6. Miso Soup

Probiotic Foods - Miso

Miso is one the main-stays of traditional Japanese medicine and is commonly used in macrobiotic cooking as a digestive regulator. Made from fermented rye, beans, rice or barley, adding a tablespoon of miso to some hot water makes an excellent, quick, probiotic-rich soup, full of lactobacilli and bifidus bacteria.

Beyond its important live cultures, miso is extremely nutrient-dense and believed to help neutralize the effects of environmental pollution, alkalinize the body and stop the effects of carcinogens in the system.

7. Pickles

Believe it or not, the common green pickle is an excellent food source of probiotics. Try making your own home-made pickles in the sun. Here’s a great set of instructions for making your own probiotic-rich dill pickles [1].

8. Tempeh

A great substitute for meat or tofu, tempeh is a fermented, probiotic-rich grain made from soy beans. A great source of vitamin B12, this vegetarian food can be sautéed, baked or eaten crumbled on salads. If prepared correctly, tempeh is also very low in salt, which makes it an ideal choice for those on a low-sodium diet.

9. Kimchi

An Asian form of pickled sauerkraut, kimchi is an extremely spicy and sour fermented cabbage, typically served alongside meals in Korea. Besides beneficial bacteria, Kimchi is also a great source of beta-carotene, calcium, iron and vitamins A, C, B1 and B2. Kimchi is one of the best probiotic foods you can add to your diet, assuming you can handle the spice, of course.

10. Kombucha Tea

Kombucha is a form of fermented tea that contains a high amount of healthy gut bacteria. This probiotic drink has been used for centuries and is believed to help increase your energy, enhance your well being and maybe even help you lose weight. However, kombucha tea may not be the best fit for everyone, especially those that have had problems with candida.

Other Sources of Probiotics

You can also get beneficial bacteria by taking a probiotic supplement. I recommend Latero-Flora™.

Do you have any favorite foods with probiotics that I may have missed? Leave a comment below!

- Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


  1. Instructables. Probiotic Rich Dill Pickles.

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  • ghc_health

    Hi Mdot,

    Try Latero-Flora. It works great, is the highest quality probiotic available, and is very affordable-

  • caligirl

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  • caligirl

    great suggestions. i just finished a round of antibiotics and need to replenish my gut. thanks for this list.

  • The Brigadier

    Scares you death doesn’t it callgirl? As to my vocabulary, I have a Master’s Degree, written 2 books plus my Master’s Thesis, read over 20,000 books and have a 150 IQ. Your ad hominem attack shows what a mental lightweight you are. Keep up the cheap shots callgirl. You and your ilk will be booted out very soon.

  • sharona nunyabizns

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  • shanda

    Most probiotic supplements are about one dollar a day, very similiar to the yogurt. Yogurt, having nearly 20 grams sugar, feeds the bad bacteria gut while you provide a very very mall amount of good bacteria.

  • xicana

    However, kombucha tea may not be the best fit for everyone, especially those that have had problems with candida. <— why?

  • ghc_health

    It’s not an absolute but some people with runaway yeast proliferation find that abstaining from fermented beverages is necessary to find relief.

  • Nikki

    I am lactose gluten wheat and dairy intolerant can I have probiotics and in what form should I take them

  • ghc_health

    Hi Nikki,

    Try Latero-Flora. It’s dairy and gluten free!

    -Dr. G

  • Jon Anthony Hamilton

    I see a lot of people eating yogurt because it’s “healthy.” And when you ask them what’s so healthy about it, they don’t know. but then again they are eating the artificial yogurt. With that being said, i find it sad that many people are not health-educated and don’t know the difference between something that’s mass-produced and something that has live/beneficial ingredients.

    Dr. Group, do you have any personal recipe for a good probiotic yogurt?

  • ghc_health

    Hey Jon, I recommend Kefir, it’s similar to yogurt but has some added benefits. Check out this recipe, it’s simple to make!

  • Concerned

    Is other fermented good bad for yeast infection, too? Like sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented soy sauce =Namashoyo…?

  • Á Ramos

    Chances are pretty good that if you are eating “dark chocolate” for health reasons, you are not able to sit down and chomp down 1 kg of it in one sitting… It is nothing like what you find in snickers or milky way bars. It is for the most part pure cocoa or pretty close to it and those “fats”found in dark chocolate are essential to the development and maintenance of the human body just as lipids play a roll in proper nutrition as well as natures antibiotics and people turn their noses up at like garlic or onion or chile.

  • sarah

    not all yogurt has sugar…

  • sarah

    miso soup is effing delicious! So is sushi. :)

  • Pamela

    Really you guys. I just joined this discussion to find out if anyone had some suggestions on foods that were a good source proibiotics. I can’t believe I am reading an argument about whether saying oriental instead of Asian is racist. This country has bigger issues that having to worry about if everything that comes out of our mouths is polically correct. Personally I did not know that being labeled as oriental was insulting and I could have very easily made the same mistake, not because I am racist, because I am not, but because I don’t see anything wrong with being oriental. Now does anyone have any suggestions on foods that are high in probiotics?

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  • Restless0217

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  • Mark Talmont

    How about eating sea veg. products first? As I understand it this is a common practice in Japan. As in the “Village of Long Life” which was once online for free but now sits behind a pay wall. These 90-year-olds still physically active also eat a lot of Japanese sweet potatoes rich in the fabled Hylauronic acid now included in many expensive “cosmoceuticals”.

  • Mark Talmont

    I knew a now-retired health food store owner who swore by organic apple cider vinegar. He seemed pretty healthy.

  • The Brigadier

    Yes, eating seafood or taking an iodine source at least a half hour before eating soy, any food made from wheat flour or processed oats, or fluorine will ensure you are getting your daily requirement.

  • greenherbinc

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  • healthy=)

    If there is a good natural probiotic in a pill form what would you choose?

  • J

    My friend has been hospitalized with three bouts of cdiff. Your list is invaluable and much appreciated, thank you! Of course all the Drs and hospital are saying is to go home and eat yogurt and take a probiotic supplement. I knew there had to be more she can do, thanks for the help!

  • ghc_health

    Latero-Flora is a great probiotic that can help maintain a healthy colon by populating the intestines with beneficial bacteria.

  • thoughts

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    (I’m not trying to sound smart allecky, I may have been misinformed)


  • The Brigadier

    I never said Monsanto was run by Republican corporate bigwigs. Monsanto in fact has bribed both aisles of Congress for a long time. Before the vote of the “Food Safety Act” came up in late 2010, Monsanto gave all Senators $350,000 for their campaign chests, and $175,000 for all House members. Only a few Dems gave back the money, and about seventy five percent of the Republicans in both houses gave the money back.
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    The Act which Obama signed two days after Christmas, makes it illegal to sell heirloom (non-GMO) crops at roadside stands without a license. It does a lot more to ban heirloom farming.
    In 2012, the same criminal Harry Reid, snuck a rider into a transportation bill at the last minute. It passed before anyone else knew it was in. This new act is called the “Monsanto Indemnity Act,” giving Monsanto absolute indemnity for any damage to people or the planet when it occurs. Reid should be charged, tried and convicted for blatant pandering that is a serious felony under the US Code. Rather than Republicans, Monsanto has found better allies in the Dem Party.

  • Lolcopter

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    Well that escalated quickly.

  • Linda Roberts

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  • Richard

    Just in general, at no one in particular…

    Political correctness was actually introduced to further marginalise people.

    It’s well known that the ‘control structure’ are responsible for inciting hate in progressive forums as a means to change topic and create disparity.
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    People’s beliefs have always been the strongest bonds of slavery, with economics, poisons, fear, and misinformation as the whip. Words will never explain the wisdom the soul can interpret. So hear not words, listen to your soul. Don’t let a world of convoluted ideals dictate what is right, especially ideals without vision.

    Don’t be distracted by the blame game. The empire has been spreading for much time, and many people have been used in it’s expansion. Ask yourself, what agenda they must have? Knowledge, rare resources, human work force, absolute control.

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  • The Brigadier

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  • Richard

    Definitely agreed. Minority lobbyist groups (all lobbyist groups) often have vested interests. They become responsible for defining what’s an injustice, who’s to cause for it (which leads to resentment), and hollow solutions that promise to solve the ‘problem’.

    The thing is, these victims are not even arguing their own points. They are the ones that have grown most complacent in this system, that they unwittingly become the system.

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    I used to be none the wiser myself. We’ve all been there. I’ve been thinking of ways to enlighten people and challenge what they’ve been taught as acceptable. It’s hard not to get frustrated when people don’t understand the way of the system, or when they express the systemic divisional belief paradigm. True wisdom comes from self revelation. Therefore, i arrived at the notion that the best way to reawaken our collective consciousness is to propose simple questions that profoundly and fundamentally question our current controlled way of life.
    Arguing with people doesn’t work, because a defensive disposition often becomes one of automated responses. And you can’t give some people the answers. They’re glass is already full in most cases, or they accept it in a literal sense with no thought to associated implications.

    It’s the questions that control what goes into the glass, empties the glass, even determine the size of the glass. If the questions and answers never change, there is no need for a bigger glass, nor change of contents.

    Questions create, and answers replicate.

    People are less likely to look for the answers, if they think they already have them. History is around to remind us of the petty reasons we’ve gone to war. That way, it seems acceptable to believe it’s still petty differences that are the source of our destruction.
    This subsequently leads to resentment towards the people who’s differences have “caused” the violence, despite the true reason for war. This resentment manifests in those that fail to see the deceit.

    Many people that have a divisional mindset also have low self esteem because they apply the same principle to judge themselves. The feelings of inadequacy drive them to build and maintain an ‘acceptable’ image, and their compensating attitude projects into judgement of others. It also makes them more dependent to looking outside themselves for the answer.

    It’s not us that doesn’t measure up to the system, it’s the system that doesn’t measure up to us.

  • Sherry Wechsler

    I have the flu and wanted to look up probiotics. I just wanted to know if jar pickles are sufficient. Then I read all this comical angry conversation about racism…….does anyone know about the pickles?

  • Annabelle

    Hi Sherry
    My oh my, these people have lost the plot!
    I’d like to find out more about the pickles too!
    Are they the regular dill gherkins that I buy from the supermarket? (UK)
    PS. Ive just ordered Miso Soup from Amazon.
    Never tried it before but it look like an amazing health booster. For free delivery I had to but 2 lots which worked out nearly the same price as paying for their p&p on 1 item (Which incidently is 24 portions) I only hope that I like it :)

  • Richard

    Hi Sherry and Annabelle,

    For optimum nutrients and health benefits, you will want to get organic pickles. The fermentation process, and probiotics are said to break down pesticides. Personally, i’m not entirely sure how many different pesticides there are, or how liberally they are used geographically.

    Cucumbers (Pickles) have high levels of pesticides. Below excerpt sourced from net:

    “Out of all cucumbers tested, 45.3 percent of them contained Endosulfan, a chemical the U.S. EPA has been trying to ban since 2010. The Pesticide Action Network explains that endosulfan can cause headaches, nausea, vomiting, seizures, and in higher levels — unconsciousness and death.

    Pesticide Count: The USDA found 35 pesticides in cucumbers.

    Health Effect Breakdown:
    9 are known or probable carcinogens
    25 are suspected hormone disruptors
    12 are neurotoxins
    9 are developmental or reproductive toxins

    Environmental toxins:
    16 of these affect honeybees”

    Hope this helps :)

  • Danny Smart

    Naw if they want the proof then they need to find it themselves.
    Only the Evil Dirty politicians would want the proof so they can publicly attack and dismantle it with their LIES!!!.

  • Bob

    How on God’s green Earth is the word Orientals offensive? I’m going to guess it was created by Asians. Next thing you know all the races will decide to get upset about the names they are being called now and want to change them, AGAIN. Why are so many people obsessed with ethnicity? Why can’t people just be PEOPLE instead lf everyone crying, racism, racism!

  • phillips1

    very healthy

  • Jason R

    I would really like to see a list of the best yoghurt brands with their probiotic rating.

  • Global Healing Center

    Good question. Check this list.

  • Julie Burton

    they said DARK CHOCOLATE, dark chocolate, as in cocoa actually does have health benefits, its just the processed sugary milk chocolates that you get from say cadbury are what are bad for you. Oraganic dark chocolate, can be beneficial, I obviously would not recommend eating a full bar of it, but if you ever feel like a treat, go for dark choc because it’s not as bad for you as you think. Infact it’s very quite sour.

  • jenniferny

    Yogurt that is pasteurized, and in the US virtually ALL yogurt is pasteurized, loses almost all of the benefits that it contained before pasteurization! Plus, at least here in the US yogurt is loaded with white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Neither are good for you, but artificial sweeteners are DEADLY!!!!!

    If you have access to Raw Unpasteurized Milk, try making Kefir!

    The same goes for pasteurized milk and juice and anything else that is pasteurized. It has virtually none of the benefits that it contained before it was pasteurized, it is virtually a nutrient dead food, a food that is void of almost all the nutrients it has in its natural unpasteurized state!!

  • car011ne

    I’ve just been diagnosed with SIBO, whats the best intake of probiotics i can take, I’m also lactose sensitive and type 1 diabetic.

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