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Genetically Modified Foods: Why You Should Avoid Them It’s just as concerning as it sounds. Scientists have introduced into plants and animals, new, scientifically manipulated or chosen, genetic material, to advance and suppress traits as they see fit. The products are genetically modified foods. From as early as the 70’s, scientists have been genetically manipulating crops. Scientists used these soil bugs along with other gene-implantation technologies to develop numerous new types of crops.

Parkinson’s Disease: Could Pesticides Be a Cause? Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a movement disorder that generally impairs speech and motor skills and is characterized by tremors and muscular rigidity. There is still a lot to learn about the symptoms and effects of Parkinson’s disease, but recently, a new study concluded with interesting results.

Radio Interview with Dr. Julian Whitaker MD I was recently interviewed by Dr. Julian Whitaker on his Healthy Talk Radio show on body detoxification and cleansing. Dr. Whitaker is one of the leading natural healthcare practitioners in the world and I was honored to spread the word about natural health on his program.

Welcome to the Natural Health & Organic Living Blog As a child, I was mostly raised on junk food, milk, soda and everything else a northern family cooks. My mom was from Madison, Wisconsin (cheese head) and my dad was from Syracuse, New York. He had his PhD in Chemistry, was a top level chemist for Exxon, and was the co-developer of PVC and the developer of Saran Wrap. He also worked closely with former President Reagan on top secret projects.

On The Real Side – I’m Emmett Abati Doe January 2014 On The Real Side is an an uncompromising, take no prisoners, no holds-bared analysis and commentary on events and issues that impact decisions of life and death. Dr. Group and host Emmett Abati Doe discuss anti aging, healthy supplements, and preparing yourself NOW to enjoy life at an older age. Part 1 Part 2 The Alex Jones Show February 11, 2014 Never one to miss an opportunity to spread the message of freedom Alex Jones had a cell phone […]

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