Natural Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

mosquito bite

Few things are more annoying than the itching and scratching that accompanies a fat, juicy mosquito bite. When a mosquito bites us, we itch due to the residual saliva left behind from the insect’s feasting on our blood! Fortunately, just as Mother Nature has honored us with the presence of these buzzing nuisances, she has provided us with some natural home remedies for mosquito bites.

Here are some of my favorite and most-effective natural ways for relieving and treating painful and itchy mosquito bites. I’ve been using these remedies for years, as the mosquitos can get really bad here in Texas. In fact, you may be surprised to find that most of these remedies are common things that you can easily find in your home.

11 Remedies to Treat Mosquito Bites at Home

1. Vinegar

When you first notice the itchy bite, try applying a small amount of vinegar directly to the bump. If you have many bites, you may want to take a very hot bath in a tub filled with water and 2 1/2 cups of vinegar. I would personally recommend using organic apple cider vinegar.

Aloe Vera

2. Aloe

Aloe vera is another excellent remedy for mosquito bites, as well as many other conditions. Not only will it help ease the itching and swelling from the bit, but it will also aid in healing the wound. You can use fresh inner leaf gel directly from an aloe plant or organic aloe juice. They both work well at providing relief.

3. A Dry Bar of Soap

Another remedy for mosquito bits is to rub a bar of dry soap directly on the bite. This will help provide temporary relief to the itching. Remember to wash it off throughly after the itch fades away. I personally use e3 live peppermint soap, and it works well.

4. Baking Soda & Water

Another simple remedy for mosquito bites is to make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Then apply this paste generously to the affected area. You should feel the swelling and itching subside shortly afterwards.

5. Onion

Other than making you produce tears, a fresh slice of onion can also help take the sting out of a bite. Simply place a fresh slice on the affected area for several minutes until the itching subsides. Be sure to wash the area thoroughly afterwards.

6. Toothpaste

For quick relief from mosquito bites, try applying a small amount of all-natural peppermint or neem-based toothpaste. Allow the paste to dry and leave for as long as desired.

7. Raw Honey

Simply, take a small amount of honey and apply directly to the bite. Honey also has anti-microbial properties that can help prevent infection. I would personally recommend using local raw honey.


8. Lime and/or Lemons

I usually apply a small amount of lime juice directly to the bites. Lemon juice also works well. I have also heard that rubbing the bite with the lemon or lime peel helps, but I usually prefer to use the juice. This also helps in keeping the wound from becoming infected from the grit and grime of fingernails.

9. Essential oils

There are many essential oil that can help provide temporary relief for mosquito bites. My favorites are tea tree, rosemary, neem, lavender, witch hazel and cedar oil. Take a small amount and dilute it with water, then apply directly to the bite.

10. Salt Paste

Take finely ground salt and mix with a small amount of water until you have a thick paste. Apply this salt paste directly to bite. I personally use Himalayan salt and find it works best, but iodized salt will also work. The important thing is to make sure it’s finely ground.

11. Garlic


Try rubbing a piece of raw garlic on the wound. It is possible that you will feel a small amount of mild burning, but you should feel some major relief afterwards. This is not one that I use with my children, and is wise for to use caution when using this natural remedy. The smell of garlic (and neem) will also help repel the mosquitoes from biting you more later.

Do you have any mosquito bites natural remedies? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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  • brian

    Nice list of tips! I live in Texas and the mosquitos are starting to come out in force. I’ll have to use some of these natural remedies to help treat the bites. Thanks!

  • Spanish_soul

    Another great remedy that my grandma passed on to me is oatmeal. Believe or not, oatmeal is the greatest itch reliever there is. All you do is make a paste out of oatmeal and water and apply it to anywhere it itches. My 6 y/o daughter asks for oatmeal every time she has a mosquito bite. It works every time!!!!

  • Ted

    Immediately after the bite, the best remedy I found is to take a piece of paper towel and get it wet with cold water – not dripping. Place it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Press it onto the bite three times for the count of one one thousand, two one thousand three one thousand. The wet paper towel can get hot depending on your microwave, so be careful.

  • DavidS

    The remedies are great, but how about some natural sure fire mosquito repellants? I don’t know about you, but I would rather NOT get the bites in the first place. Looking forward to a future article.

  • Dennis Atkinson

    While not totally natural, a drop of colloidal silver on the bite ends the problem for us.

  • Ben

    Clear nail polish works great. It forms a sort of “scab”. It also works for chiggers and other itches.

  • Mari6

    My best remedy is to mix in a spray bottle about a cup of water and a about 10 drops of lavender oil ( essential oil) and also pepermint oil , around 5 drops. I also add some alcohol . I made my mix and as soon as I sprayed that on all the bare skin no more bites!. I love it because it also helps if you already have any bites. And believe me , I was not able to go outside before.

  • Johsnon

    good tips. Mosquito bites are never fun to deal with. I also live in Texas, and they can get really bad.

  • mb

    Another great remedy that was passed on within my family is to put water on the bite spot and then sprinkle some salt onto the water. This will stop the itching instantly and the bite will disappear within 20-35 minutes.

  • Dr. Edward Group

    Hi mb!

    Thanks for the excellent mosquito bite remedy! I will keep this in mind when the mosquito season starts here in Texas!

    ~Dr. G

  • Bytes Land

    I just wish more people paid attention to such natural remedies insted of using more and more chemicals.

  • Franco

    Mosquito repellent- build smokey fire and stand in the smoke for several minutes. If you camp all day, you will probably eat three meals, so smoke yourself over the fire when you eat,you will be good all day.

  • cocoandrico

    Aloe does work well for bites and skin irritations in general. It’s very soothing and speeds up the healing process- it’s great to have around, especially in the summer.

  • john

    Thanks for the great info…summer is here and I hate mosquitos
    i know tooth paste is good for developing pimple. Just a small dab will do it. In the morning it will be ready to drain.
    thanks for looking..

  • tejasvi

    my 6 months old daughter was crying of mosquito bite, i applied Aleo vera juice from the plant after reading this article, it worked great. thanks for sharing the info,

  • Arianna

    Another thing that works is saliva it might not work immediatly but it’s effective if you don’t have anything else

  • Jaqbme

    Yogurt…. Trust me.

  • Stephanie

    I get a ton of mosquito bites here in Northern MN. No matter what repellent I use. Aloe is great when you can get it – up here its not common. I usually wash at night in the summer with a tea tree oil based natural soap. Bar or liquid, doesn’t matter. The tea tree oil stops the itching for me, and if you have any cuts or scrapes from the day it also keeps those disinfected. For fast relief I either do garlic or a baking soda paste. Works wonders.

  • Dori

    what always helps for me is to first make an ‘x’ on your bite with a toothpick or nail. The take vegetable oil and dab it on to the bite. not only does this stop the itch…but I find that it helps the bite go away

  • not itchy anymore

    Thank you! I just made a white and garlic powder paste and my 30 mosquito bytes still red, inflamed and itchy from two days ago stopped itching within five minutes -almost immediately after the paste dried on my skin. Inflammation also gone!

  • not itchy anymore

    That was supposed to say, ”white vinegar” and garlic powder paste

  • Tammi

    Chapstick!!!! The medicated works best but really any will work. It will also work on cuts and burns (curling irons etc). I always carry a tube. You gotta try it. Easier and something that really works every time.

  • boss

    I tried both the vinegar and baking soda and NEITHER worked. I still have a lot of inflammation, redness and itchiness. It’s been almost 24 hours and I haven’t scratched them once.

  • michelle telfo

    When I get mosquito bites they are disgusting, large, swelling bumps unless I treat them right away. Toothpaste has always been a big one for me. I apply it on and around the bit to reduce the swelling and halt the itching. I also try to apply some as soon as I am bitten, to keep it from swelling at all. It’s super effective and relieving. My family never believed that it worked but this has proven my theory.

    BANANA PEELS is also a big one to reduce itching. Rub the inside of the peel on the wound to keep from scratching.

  • michelle telfo

    I’ve put chapstick on burns and bites. Very soothing.

  • michelle telfo

    Admitedly, I’ve tried this desparately seeking relief while out of my home.

  • michelle telfo

    Sugar and water :)

  • michelle telfo

    rubbing the insides of banana peels stops the itching.
    letting ice melt over the bit is also relieving, temporarily.

  • Some Asian

    Yeah, uh, I’m 11 years old and I found this useful. My left arm has like 8 bites and with a bit of everything, it was pretty soothing. Plus, the star rating thing is weird.

  • personz

    spray hair spray on ur finger and then grently rub it on the mozzie bite 100% garented dat it will we0ork

  • Tin

    The most effective remedy is probably turmeric powder mixed with a bit of water. It immediately reduces inflammation and itchiness. BEWARE-it stains

  • Erin

    What exactly is neem?

  • aiko

    hi i have really bad reddened misquito bites and i have like milky pale freckled skin, but im a basic sugar candy walking around for these misquitos (srry lil humor there but its true ^-^;) since im also O negative blood type. i have milk and honey chapstick and was wondering if that could heal and get rid of the misquito bites. im very self conscious about them right now and all i have on me to use is witch hazel, generic benadryl cream, hydrocortizone cream, bottled aloe vera gel (dont know about the 100 proof though its just plain aloe vera gel i also have one that is blue colored and has lidocaine in it the other one is green just being plain aloe vera gel i guess), vicks vapor rub, kosher salt, and honey. if someone can tell me how many time to put either of these items on my bites so they can go away i would appreciate that very much. thank you. i also have that nivea milk and honey chapstick, would that work to heal and clear up the bites and the scars as well?

  • Joey

    What I always do is put hot water on my bite till it tingles.
    I also like smashing up plantain leaves (which you can find everywhere!) and apply it to your bite.

  • fax0perator

    Try spam. It does wonders!

  • arel

    when none of these things are available at hand, just spit on the spot and rub it. you will get immediate relief. This works for most of the itches.

  • GG

    Garlic, onion, vinegar? YIkes … no company around for hours!!! But whatever works to relieve the ITCHING …

  • Leo

    regarding the aloe vera, I have tested it personally against asian tiger mosquito bites, and it was very effective. In 30 minutes the swelling was almost gone. Regarding the garlic, it does not keep only mosquitos away but everybody.

  • Tasha Vega

    What about when it forms a huge bubble? Then what should I do (for my daughter)?

  • ghc_health

    Have you tried the remedies above?

  • Alyssa

    I have many mosquito bites all over me but none are itching. But I have been REALLY itchy in other places where i have thouroughly checked and there is no sign of a mosquito bite. Should I use some of the remedies on these itches?

  • Edward Group

    No sign of a bite or any irritation at all but your skin is just itchy?

  • linda

    I’m in Arizona and am like you. They LOVE me and my bites swell to 1/2″ diameter or larger. I cover myself if I go out to sit around at night with Avon Skin So Soft. It works. Last night I didn’t and got 3 bites. I had read about either heat or ice, so tried both. Dip a spoon in hot, almost boiling water and tap it on the bite until you can hold it there. I followed it with ice, applied directly. Wow, NO swelling ! and the itch was gone shortly after. Just be careful not to burn yourself. I was amazed.

  • Annoyed Science Student

    Believe it or not, natural remedies also contain chemicals. In fact, just about anything that is matter is made of chemicals to some degree. I wish you just learned some science and understood why those natural remedies work. Toxins from the mosquitos saliva are usually proteins, which can be denatured with heat, pH changes, or salination changes. This is why most of the remedies work.

    Vinegar or Lemon juice are relatively acidic and hence denatures the toxin proteins.

    Baking Soda is basic and also deantures toxin proteins.

    Most of the treatments that you can pick up non-prescription are made using the same principles, although due to dilution, method variations etc. their effectiveness varies as well. The most useful mosquito bite treatment I’ve used was a lotion in china, which was essentially a form of acid mixed in with salinated water. You could use a combination of lime juice and salt and it would work the same way, but usually the “chemical” remedies have gone through clinical testing to make sure that the treatment won’t hurt you, compared to random ideas posted by random strangers, such as piercing a starburst/cross across the swelling (that’s just begging for infection).

    TL;DR Learn some science and you would understand that rather than going OMG chemicals, you should actually read the labels and understand (roughly) what the chemicals mean and do to you.

  • Jacqueline

    Aloe vera gel stops the itch of mosquito bites, but it has the added benefits of moisturizing the skin & repelling mosquitos. Rub it generously all over your arms, neck, face, legs and you won’t get any more bites. It soaks right in and makes your skin feel great. Sure worked on my kids when they were little.

  • Global Healing Center

    Great tip, thanks!

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  • Latasha

    That’s very lame and not true. I wonder what moron gave you a up vote- probably yourself. Same goes for your sockpuppet michelle telfo

  • Latasha

    No- what you’re looking for is treatment for crabs or bedbugs.

  • Taylor Buffington

    BANANA PEEL! Rub a piece of banana peel over the bite for 1-2 minutes. Gets ride of itching and swelling in less than 5 minutes. Hope this helped!

  • Jimmy

    These are great! The only thing that caught my eye as off was the essential oil, as it is oil it can’t be diluted in water. Myself, I’d recommend blending it with another antbactiral oil, like coconut!

  • Laya Niakan

    Thank you so much. I will use these natural remedies next time a nasty mosquito bite me. Can I use these for other insect bites too. Do Fruit Flies bite human beings?

  • Crystal Huang

    I just use a bit of water to wet the area, and put on some salt. When it dries, the bite doesn’t itch anymore. There’s a lot of mosquitos here in Taiwan, especially in summer.

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