Monsanto Executive “Wins” Food Science Award

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Sham Award

It was recently made public that Monsanto Executive Robert Fraley, Syngenta Biotechnology founder Mary-Dell Chilton, and Institute of Plant Technology Outreach founder Marc Van Montagu, “won” the World Food Prize award.

An Undeserving Trio

Robert Fraley is at the helm of the Monsanto team that successfully mutated and polluted plant DNA with genetics from other organisms. Monsanto, as we all know, works tirelessly to control the food supply and force their genetically modified crops on farmers and the public. However, you may be less familiar with the other two goons. Mary-Dell Chilton of Syngenta, a biotech company that was criminally charged for covering up knowledge that their GM corn was responsible for killing the animals that ate it. Marc Van Montagu, is an empty suit who founded the Institute of Plant Technology Outreach at Ghent University in Belgium; an intelligent sounding organization whose real purpose is to act as a bullish machine that “encourages” the European hold-out nations who reject Monsanto to change their minds.

Sham, Not Award

Why would three repugnant advocates for a mutated food supply win a “prestigious” food award? Because it’s not an award, it’s the Monsanto propaganda machine trying to convince you and everyone else that genetically altered, test tube food is healthy and beneficial. It’s Monsanto trying to plant a polluted seed in your head that their GMO seeds are better than natural seeds. It’s nonsense.

Van Montagu said he hoped “that this recognition will pave the way for Europe to embrace the benefits of [GMO] technology, an essential condition for global acceptance of transgenic plants.” In other words, “Hopefully this will convince you to believe us!”

The Time Has Come for the Revolution

Folks, Monsanto and their cohorts will stop at nothing to get you to believe their trash will save us all. Organic, natural, and sustainable farming is the answer to the world’s food problems, not Monsanto. If you’re sick of mutated food and the propaganda that accompanies it, please join the Monsanto Video Revolt initiative I’ve started with Anthony Gucciardi of Natural Society and Mike Adams of Natural News.

It’s easy, make a video of any length detailing why you object to Monsanto and their tactics. On July 24th, post your video on Youtube and Facebook, send it to Monsanto, send it to the law makers who stabbed you in the back by approving the Monsanto Protection Act. Only together can we make a difference and make ourselves heard.

Visit for complete details and information.

By the way, in 2008, the World Food Prize Foundation received $5 million from Monsanto to ensure continuation of the annual award… but I’m sure that’s just an unrelated coincidence.

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  • The Truth Hurts

    This whole article is a bunch of bullshit! I’m so pissed I even read it!! I support the cause to fight Monsanto but I looked up all the allegations in this article and none of it is true!! Mary dell chilton is a 68yr old woman who used to be a professor at the univ of Washington! She’s harmless. And she isn’t the founder of Syngenta! She helped build their biotechnology division. And Syngenta was never criminally charged with anything!! That’s a stupid comment to begin with!! Plus, regardless of the dumb things that Monsanto does, everyone knows that organic farming of fruits and vegetables is not the answer anymore. Organic farmers still use chemicals to treat their crops and they have to use 3x the land (which is scarce already) for farming in way that require massive fertilizer dosages to replenish soils. Corporate farming is highly regulated by the EPA. The EPA gets paid huge fines when they catch a screw up. So they’re always watching. That’s why no one likes them. So I’d rather eat corporate farming foods now because at least I want get sulfur poisoning or ingest rare earth metals in toxic forms since those are now the chemicals of choice for “organic” farmers. Which is also completely ridiculous since organic stands for carbon, nitrogen, oxygen containing molecules and chemistry. This whole article was written by dr Edward dumbass to try and make himself look like a pioneering hero when really he’s just another hippie out trying to get laid by a groupy for the cause. What a bunch of bullshit. The days of chaining yourself to a tree and spreading rumors about corporate devils are over. Nobody is going to listen to you while you sit around a campfire playing a guitar. Shut your pie hole, and do some real research. That’s what people want to see. We want real research, real result, done by both sides of an argument together, and published in legitimate well established journals for the scientific community to review. It doesn’t matter how many letters you put after your name. You’re still a complete fucking idiot. You picked two woman who are beyond 65 yrs old to mock and demean? What an asshole.

  • Alan D Smith

    A video revolt will exclude about 90% of us. And, if we send videos or anything that doesn’t support the banksters’ agenda to lawmakers, they’ll just throw it away. The monsters who own Monsatano also own the governments of the free world, the free world and the vast majority of its inhabitants.

    Why didn’t you include the email address and phone numbers of the World Food Prize Foundation? I’m fairly sure thousands of us would have gladly given them pieces of our minds.
    Nothing will EVER change for Human benefit until we begin to perpetually define the true will of the mind of Mankind about everything for all to know. When we begin to do that, paradise will begin to manifest automatically. It’s the trigger to the thousand years of peace.
    This is what they don’t want us to know, why they stomp out real democracy every time it tries to emerge and why there’s never been a genuine democracy on Earth. Our unity is their worst nightmare.

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