Leading Medical Journal Wants GMO Labeling

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

The topic of GMO labeling is hot right now and both sides are passionate. Should foods in the United States require GMO labeling, following suit of many other countries throughout the world? If there’s nothing to hide, then why not label foods? The argument is that GMO foods are no better or worse for health than non-GMOs, and that labeling may confuse consumers and drive down profit for numerous food manufacturers. Now, in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) is coming to the aid of labeling proponents, calling for the labeling of GMO foods. This bold step by a leading and respected medical journal may be the tipping point toward helping us know exactly what’s in our food.

NEJM Says “Yes” to GMO Labeling

Scientific consensus is that GMO foods are harmless in any amount, and the labeling of foods containing GM ingredients is worthless and cumbersome to food companies. This simply isn’t true, because there are numerous studies indicating GM food to be dangerous, or, at very minimum, irritating, to human and animal health. The NEJM says that GMO labeling “is essential for tracking emergence of novel food allergies and assessing effects of chemical herbicides applied to GM crops.” [1] It calls for the respect of consumers who want labeling of foods containing GM ingredients. It’s safe to say that in not doing so, consumers become distrustful of brands who refuse to label or lobby against labeling… and there are many. An estimated $100 million has been spent by the food industry in lobbying for less transparency in just one year. [2] So, if it’s the money companies think they’ll miss out on if they do label, they’re likely to also miss it by not labeling.

But it isn’t just about the genetically altered material that’s contained within GM foods. The NEJM further states: “And the argument that there is nothing new about genetic rearrangement misses the point that GM crops are now the agricultural products most heavily treated with herbicides and that two of these herbicides may pose risks of cancer.” Even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is delaying a permit for Enlist Duo, a combination herbicide that is said to fight herbicide resistance. It has, however, been approved for use in a number of states. [3] It’s a good thing, too, considering that all chemical herbicides present a real threat to human health. Glyphosate, or Roundup, is a common herbicide that is a probable human carcinogen, so one can only imagine what Enlist Duo–an herbicide that is more powerful than glyphosate–poses. To give you a clue as to how pervasive glyphosate is, research is showing that the herbicide is being found in human breast milk. [4]

Vote With Your Wallet

The best way you can let the food industry know you want GMO labeling and/or complete absence of GMOs from the food supply is to purchase organic. Any processed food you buy should be certified organic by the USDA, because these will not contain GMOs, pesticides, or any chemical ingredient of any kind. The more money that goes toward organic food, the more the industry takes notice. Most produce is not GM–yet. Still, conventional corn and soy are commonly GMO, so if you consume these foods, make sure they’re organic.

How do you feel about GMOs? Please let us know in the comments!

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  • Ron Mackay

    Why would anyone not want full disclosure on a label. Only charlatans want to hide facts from consumers.

  • Jean

    If there were full disclosure in labels concerning GMO’s then possibly this could be the beginning of getting rid of them! I have been taking notice of far too many people getting terribly sick and believe part of it is due to what is being eaten. I have to admit, I am hesitant on the certified organic foods as had bought some mixed lettuces that were certified organic and ended up with a bitter taste on my tongue and my taste buds did not function properly for about a month after that. Not sure what was up with that and the company I contacted never did get back to me as promised due to high volume of complaints. I don’t know what the answer is.

  • stephielee

    It’s great news to hear that NEJM is supporting food labeling. We need more and more support for non GMO foods.

  • Robin Meeks Blankenship

    Jean, you didn’t mention whether or not you rinsed the organic mixed lettuces before you ate it. Please wash everything before putting it in your mouth. Avoid pre-packaged food (i.e., sold in a sealed up plastic bag). I rinse all produce in a bowl with a colander on top and add a splash of salt or vinegar and buy nothing that is pre-packaged. I’ve noticed that grocery stores often mishandle organic produce, and that may well be what caused your reaction.
    I am as anti-GMO as they get. It seems awfully telling to me that the very foods that have been GMO the longest (peanuts, soy, corn) are the very same foods that kill people who have allergies to them.

  • Darien Lambert

    I think the comment made is indeed the best way to force the suppliers to ban GMO’s from the shelves. We as the consumer for whatever they can take away from us, they can never force us to pull out our wallets and buy GMO products…. in the words of John Lennon “Power to the People”, don’t by GMO, the suppliers will be forced to change to Non-GMO’s or go bankrupt, it’s that simple… supply and demand.. the word just needs to get out there to more people.

  • JackGMB

    Since the beginning, the Dark Act (which would restrict states’ rights to label GMOs and more) has been built and promoted on a mountain of lies and disinformation. But, on the positive side, at least there has been consistency in those politicians who support this entire violation of basic democratic principles by restricting the American citizens the right to know what they are eating. It is consistency in that those who support this bill not only undermine our basic sense of freedom to be informed consumers, and thus make the best choices for our families, but those supporters of this restriction are consistent in their endless insults that Americans would be “confused” by GMO labels. See, because we are all so stupid that we just can’t handle words on food products that say “genetically modified corn” instead of just “corn.” Just typing this out made my head explode from the confusion.

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