Iodine Supplements: The Three Best Kinds to Use

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on October 20, 2015

Iodine is essential for a vibrant and radiant body. It’s a key player in our DNA, it boosts our immune system, stabilizes our metabolism, and even assists with cardiovascular health. [1] Furthermore, it’s estimated that more than half of the US population suffer from insufficient levels of iodine. Iodine is a major contributor to the function of your thyroid gland, especially in the creation of T3 and T4 hormones, which are important for regulating your body’s metabolism. So what are some Iodine supplements available on the market, and how do they each stack up?

1) Transformative Nano-Colloidal Detoxified Iodine, or Nascent Iodine:

This is a consumable form of iodine that holds an electromagnetic charge. It allows for a larger release of energy once consumed, and is very similar to bio-available forms of iodine that are produced naturally in the thyroid gland. Because of this, your body is able to recognize and assimilate it very easily. Its unique structure and form allows it to travel through the body, quicker and easier than any other Iodine supplement available. Also, unlike all other liquid iodine supplements, it contains no alcohol in its solution.To me, this is by far the best iodine supplement to use and the one I recommend is the product Detoxadine.

2) Lugol’s Solution Iodine:

Contains 6.3 mg of molecular iodine/iodide per drop. This solution is one-third molecular iodine (5%) and two-thirds potassium iodide (10%). Studies show that the best form of iodine is one that includes molecular iodine (I2). It has been shown that breast tissue prefers this non-toxic mono elemental-based iodine. Lugol’s Solution has been shown to increase respiratory tract secretions and inhibit thyroid hormone secretion. One Malaysian study found that patients taking Lugol’s solution experienced a sharp decline in unwanted hormonal secretions during a period of ten days.

3) Potassium Iodide:

Comes in tablets, with servings ranging from 0.23 to 130 mg. This closely-bound inorganic form of iodine has been shown to only offer 20% assimilation to bodily tissues. Studies show that potassium iodide blocks the uptake of radio-iodine in the thyroid gland, thus lowering the chances of developing thyroid cancer [2]. Moreover, potassium iodide has been used in emergency treatments for hyperthyroidism (PDF) [3].


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  • susi

    How can I take Lugol?!

  • Caro


    I was going through the same a while ago, and nothing seemed to work. My hair was dull, I was so tired etc… In leu that my Dr. wasn’t doing anything I embarked on a quest to find out how to feel better and started doing my own research. I found out I had to have a Reverse T3 which gave me the real numbers — Indeed my ranges were out of order, then found a great report with natural remedies and finally saw a huge difference on how I feel. The website is healYounaturally then I think it is ” find your condition” page and look up Hashimoto/Hypothyroidism It’s been only two months and I feel amazing since I got my health under control. No more synthetic stuff for my body.

  • Holly Amber Copeland

    I dont know about that one but I use atomodine. It can be taken at high doses when needed with extremely low chance of any unwanted effects on health. I take about 48 mg worth of it per day (70 drops) for my hypothyroidism. I have been using it almost 1 year and have lost some weight and gained energy with no negative health effects and my thyroid hormone production has improved. Look up Dr. Brownstein for some good naturopathic info on iodine.

  • Holly Amber Copeland

    It can be if it’s a good supplemental source of iodine. It is difficult to eat enough iodine from diet alone. Japanese have higher iodine consumption mainly because they eat so much seafood and seaweed almost every meal. I use nascent iodine for my iodine supplement and it works well.

  • Holly Amber Copeland

    I also use atomodine as a supplemental source for nascent iodine and have had great results for my hypothyroidism. It can be taken at high doses when needed with extremely low chance of any unwanted effects on health. I take about 48 mg worth of it per day (70 drops) for my hypothyroidism. I have been using it almost 1 year and have lost some weight and gained energy with no negative health effects and my thyroid hormone production has improved. Look up Dr. Brownstein for some good naturopathic info on iodine. Do research and think for yourself. Also, no one (including doctors) is more in-tune with your body than you, so pay attention to it and dont be afraid to research things and think for yourself on things. Some sources do not give accurate info, though, so be aware of that.

  • Holly Amber Copeland

    I had hypothyroidism that was not detected by doctors because my iodine levels were too low to even produce TSH doctors measure to diagnose hypothyroidism, so they misdiagnosed me and treated me with the wrong medications for years and practically almost killed me. What medical company is paying you to spread misinformation? I will not trust a doctor’s diagnosis over mine anymore and I discourage anyone else from thinking doctors know what they’re talking about.

  • Holly Amber Copeland

    Look up Dr. Brownstein for information on idoine. His information is more accurate than most other sources. Japanese eat about 12 miligrams of iodine per day. Americans eat maybe 300 micrograms per day (40 times less). Japanese have much lower rates of hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, and higher iodine intake significantly reduces risk of cancer and heart disease. Nascent iodine has been taken for acute conditions with no negative effects on health. Most sources that warn against taking too much iodine are written by drug companies that have an economic interest in selling synthetic prescription medications instead of iodine. I have been taking more than 600 micrograms of iodine per day for almost 1 year now and it has significantly improved my thyroid function with no negative health effects whatsoever.

  • Holly Amber Copeland

    It’s possible you were producing T3 and it was not converting into T4 like it is suposed to. T3 is usually converted to T4 in the liver. Do some research on that. A good liver cleanse might help improve your liver function, but there aren’t many good liver cleanse products available as far as I know. I use Himalaya brand supplement called Liver Care and take several of them at night before bed (not at mealtimes). You could look into that if you want.

  • Holly Amber Copeland

    I’ve been using nascent iodine in an atomodine supplement for quite some time and have great results with it, so I also disagree that Lugols is the only decent source of iodine.

  • Holly Amber Copeland

    I would highly recommend you take an iodine supplement (nascent iodine in an atomodine supplement works great for me). You could also eat some selenium, too, if you wanted. It’s nearly impossible to overdose on nascent iodine, so you don’t need to worry too much about that, but don’t take more than 200 mcg of selenium per day. japanese eat 20-40 times more iodine than americans and almost never have thyroid or hormonal imbalance problems. Iodine also decreases risk of cancer and heart disease.

  • ELLie

    if you want a cheap and reliably safe way to start taking iodine, which is also a rough test of how much your body needs iodine. buy liquid iodine in a chemist shop, the kind for cleaning small cuts and grazes and paint it on the soles of your feet before you go to bed and after a hot bath or shower.
    the quicker the yellow colour disappears the more your body wants/needs the iodine. i did this first before moving on to the drops as i wanted to treat my body carefully and not risk a strong reaction from the detoxification which Iodine does.
    i hope this is helpful, when i was hypothyroid and getting a swell in my neck i started painting it straight onto my skin at my throat and the colour seemed to go into my skin as i was applying it!
    my gauge of how depleted my iodine is works like this. if in the morning you can still see some yellow on the soles of you feet from the night before then you are getting close to getting enough. this does not mean you can stop altogether but it does mean you can start to reduce the number of times you use it, or perhaps move on to a continued dosage knowing you can take the detoxing effects which can be quite strong.

  • Alan D Smith

    It would be helpful if you would tell us about dosage quantities of the various types of iodine.

  • Edward Group

    Hey Alan,

    Good point, although the only product I can speak directly about is going to be Detoxadine-

  • hp b

    Yes it is safe and will bring your iodine up to an optimal level.
    I also use Iosol Formula II. Easy, cheap and safe.
    In the morning I take a glass of water, add one or two drops of Iosol and a good squirt of lemon/lime juice. This way I get my iodine and PH balance in one small glass of water, first thing in the morning.

    I also take vitamin D-3 (5,000mg) and Astaxanthin (12mg).
    Practically everyone is now aware of D-3 and Astaxathin is a wonderful anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory.

    These taken consistently for a few months will result in noticeable results like increased energy and attitude.

  • EMMA

    I went to see a Doctor who told me the little enlargement on my neck is goiter that i need surgery.Pls from my research i dont think that surgery is d only solution to it. Pls what do i do am already dying psychologically.

  • stef

    FYI – New Chapter sold out to Proctor and Gamble. I switched to MegaFood.

  • ghc_health
  • Ummmm

    Most Dr;s do want to do the right tests and they do want their patients to get better. They aren’t a bunch of evil ogres. It is possible the knowledge they have now is not the entire picture and thus hampers the ability to decide what is best for the patient. They work within the realms of what they know. Also as for Richard, go to the dr, take some pills, simple… it is not that simple. Blood tests may show levels to be in the normal range and yet health issues still exist. Too often we look to cure the symptoms but don’t look at what is the root cause.

  • Noelle

    I want to give an iodine drench to my goats who are pregnant because I believe the same concerns are there for them as well as us..They weigh between 70-90 lbs. Would I treat as a child for dosing and how many drops per day of the “Survival Sheild”?
    Could I paint it on their skin instead? They do receive sea kelp free choice but I want to insure healthy pregnancies,deliveries and offspring.

  • Carol Woodruff

    I wish it were that simple – taking a pill doesn’t cure it…you can take the same dose for years and all of a sudden it will be too much or too little. the pills have side effects. then there’s Hashimotos (the autoimmune form of a hypothyroid) which complicates the issue. and then there’s the latest news that women who have taken thyroid (replacement) hormones for 15 years or more have a 200% increased risk of breast cancer. that article added it’s due to not enough iodine.

  • Carol Woodruff

    you are right. most of the time they just don’t know much about thyroid issues.

  • Carol Woodruff

    Amen. I wasn’t tested for years because I was told I was too skinny to have a hypothyroid, nor did I have a goiter. After listening to me complain for 4 months, the doctor who finally tested told me it had obviously been coming on for YEARS.

  • Raymundo

    There’s certainly a great deal to learn about this subject.
    I like all the points you made.

  • Timothy Johnston

    I read in an old issue of the Merck Manual that Iodine, by bolstering the immune, system actually exacerbates the autoimmune problem known as Celiac disease in which gluten is seen as an “invader” and is thus attacked at the cellular level causing the festering sores and dermatological symptoms associated with the disease. It suggested less iodine as an assist to the condition and so I used the non iodized salt for a few years till I got it under control. I really have trouble sticking to the strict gluten free diet and despise vendors who stick a gluten free label on everything so they can up the price. I just stay away from every grain except corn and rice and use my own home grown and ground corn to assure no other amendments are added.

  • Don Partridge

    Atomodine is an excellent product, but of course the best source of iodine would be kelp. It is a food and you can get it the way nature intended. Some of the concentrated forms are useful medicinally for short term high dose. But on a daily nutritional basis food, plants are your best source of nutrients,

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  • Lisa

    Is it okay to still take iodine if you don’t have a thyroid?

  • jody

    supplemental thyroid ( armour w/out titanium) or iodine

  • mena

    That’s really smart. Do you think I can test it on my skin with the Lugol’s iodine instead of buying the the reg one for cuts?

  • oldbill

    I have used Lugol’s for four years and I have been thrilled with the results.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    Your whole body needs iodine/iodide, different tissues need one or the other…..not just the thyroid.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    Those doctors are highly paid for their expertise. The onus is on THEM to keep up with what they should know. I am so tired of people excusing these boobs for their often willing ignorance and being merely drug pushers for BigPharma.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    I supplement with Iodoral.

  • Glenda

    i mix most of my own skin products, because of skin maladies and was thinking about adding Ocean Kale to my mixtures. Is this a good idea and will it work! Also what would be a good brand for this

  • carla

    My hair has turned drg and lifeless since seakelp iodine supplemrnt

  • Pamela Fisher

    Global Healing, you state under Lugols that, “increases respiratory tract secretions and inhibits thyroid hormone secretion.” This doesn’t sound like a good thing, is it? I have asthma, will “Lugols make it worse?

  • Global Healing Center

    Tough to say, it’s something to think about but I couldn’t say if it will or won’t worsen or improve your specific situation. There can be and likely are a lot of other factors to consider.

  • Jill Yerington

    Amen Carol!!!!! So painfully True!! I am an R.N. and I have seen this phenomenon repeated time and time again. Do you have any idea of how many drug reps filter through their offices on any given day much less per week? It is insane. My

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  • Jac

    I react badly to gluten and, although I haven’t had the cealiac test, my doctor recommended to keep away from gluten. I also don’t eat anything made from the substitute starches and find I don’t get much in the way of reactions, gluten-wise.

  • maggi

    hi I’m new to this Iodine treatment and would like to know if Detoxadent iodine is good for enlarged ovary and fibroids.

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