How to Get Rid of Mold: 15 Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on November 17, 2014

mold spores

A few days ago, I wrote an article about the dangers of mold, and the response I received was overwhelming. Everybody wanted to know more about mold. In fact, within a few days of publishing the post, I got a couple dozen emails asking how to get rid of mold.

So, I wanted to share my personal tips that I use at my home, as well as here in the office. Please feel free to drop your tips in the comment section below.

How to Get Rid of Mold:

  1. Investigate your home or office for moisture leakage. If you find any moisture leaks, clean them up with a dry towel immediately and find the source of the leak. Consider hiring a professional if the leak does not stop or if you are dealing with a plumbing issue. Controlling moisture leaks in your home or place of work will reduce the mold’s ability to thrive.
  2. Mold loves warm and wet places. If you live in a place with humidity levels of 70% or more, you must particularly take heed to prevent toxic moldy air. Invest in a high-quality dehumidifier and test your home for mold over-growth.
  3. Temperatures above 75° F, as well as poorly lit rooms and unmoving air, can actually create more mold. Keep fresh air moving in your home, as well as bright sunlight coming in through your windows. This will help reduce toxic mold.
  4. Open a window while you take a shower, if possible.
  5. Change air filters regularly in heating and air-conditioning vents.
  6. Invest in a good quality air purification system that employs both a HEPA filter and UV & negative ion technologies. In my opinion, this will give you the best results when cleaning your air.
  7. Keep your home at a moderate temperature, at around 69-73° F and keep the humidity level at 54% and below.
  8. Make sure your clothes dryer has an anti-humidity vent.
  9. Check closets for mold growth. This is especially important if you have ever placed wet or damp clothing in your closets. If you find mold in your closet, wash your clothes immediately to help clean any possible mold spores.
  10. Protect your breathing passages when removing active or dead mold. Wear a mask, eye protection and protective gloves that filter mold.
  11. When cleaning, slightly wet the mold to lessen the amount of airborne spores in the breathing atmosphere while you are cleaning. This can be done with a wet cloth.
  12. Scrub hard surfaces infested in mold with a non-ammonia soap. Non-toxic, organic soap is best for the environment.
  13. Porous surface cannot be cleaned of mold. Things like moldy carpeting, drywall, wall-paper, fabric, or other porous surfaces, must be completely removed and replaced from your home or office.
  14. If you have mold on the structural support of your home or office building, it may not be cleaned out by scrubbing alone. It may have to be sanded. Don’t forget to wear the appropriate protective coverings.
  15. Remember, the best prevention for mold is to KEEP THINGS DRY and always use a good air purification system!

Do you know of any other ways to get rid of mold? Please add any mold removal tips in the comment section below.

  • Bob

    Vacuums will just disturb the mold causing them to release more spores

  • kittykat

    I pour a concentrated lemon scented bleach into a spray bottle and spray the bleach directly onto the walls, windows, bathroom tiles, skirting boards, doors, kitchen sinks, etc., that are affected by mould, or dust to remove dust mites. Then leave it for a few minutes to allow the bleach to destroys the mould and dust, before wiping these surfaces with a clean damp cloth. You don’t have to rinse them too much because if there is still some bleach left on these surfaces it actually protects them from further mould developing. However, for ceilings I use a clean mop dipped in a bucket of bleach and squeezed tightly, but make sure to wear plastic eye protection, rain coat, and a hat to avoid getting it into your eyes, hair and clothes, which you can buy from a hardware store. However, it is best that you check the roof for any damage that might be allowing rain to enter the roof and hence keeping the ceilings wet, and to check the guttering if it’s blocked with leaves which could be preventing proper drainage and rain sipping through the eaves. If you keep a spray bottle filled with bleach and spray it whenever you see signs of dust or mould on any surfaces, then the problem will not get out of hand and can be easily controlled.

  • kittykat

    I also wish to mention that the spraying of concentrated lemon scented bleach on surfaces not only removes mould and dust, but it also disinfects the rooms. But make sure you open the windows after half an hour to air the rooms because it is an oxidizer.

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  • Janie

    discovered mold on INSIDE of closet door. no other mold visible inside closet. what would this indicate? all I did was spray 409 and wipe off the mold.

  • Global Healing Center

    Hard to say, that’s an odd spot for it to pop up. Is there a lot of moisture? Could be nothing if it doesn’t return.

  • nezha

    I have fungus on the walls of my house .because I can’t move to another house I cover the walls with walls plastics .I don’t know if it is good idea. Please I need advice

  • Global Healing Center

    Clean it up, covering it won’t solve the problem.

  • Service Master 24 Hour

    Mold can quickly escalate into a serious issue, so it is good to know the steps to preventing mold in the first place.

  • Yochanan Handy

    Wash the walls with bleach. It kills all mold spores in minutes.

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