How John Berchielli Was Poisoned By the Tetanus Vaccine

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Vaccine safety is a hotly debated topic and continues to be a consistent issue between health officials and the public. There’s plenty of gray area when it comes to vaccination. They’re not 100% effective and, without warning, vaccine injuries occur and are usually downplayed to keep the public in line. Take the case of John Berchielli, who is now experiencing debilitating health concerns related to the Tetanus diphtheria pertussis vaccination.

About 48 hours after receiving the vaccine, he began to feel weak. A few days later, while walking his dog, he collapsed. After being admitted to the hospital, he connected the beginning of these strange events to the vaccine. He was diagnosed with Guillian-barre Syndrome, a common vaccine-related injury. This health issue is when the body’s immune system attacks nerves and inhibits the body’s normal movement and processes.

To get a better feel of what John has been going through after his vaccination, please watch the video. You can also raise your voice and send a message to your local congressman, health professional, or even national pharmaceutical industry demanding safer protocols.

What are your thoughts on John’s story?

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  • Maria Rodriguez

    The problem is the national pharmaceutical industry is not implementing safer protocols because is not business for the industry.

  • Jim Thornton

    My brother Chris just went to dr for physical dr said since your over 50 u need a numonia shoot and a tetanus shoot well a few days later he was feeling week in legs numbness in feet torso legs pain in back needless to say he was diagnosed with Jillian barre syndrome parrelized in mouth and from waist down he was given a bag of stuff took 6 hours each for 5 days he was hospital for 12 days learned how to walk again and he’s doing real well getting strength back I was praying hard for him as was all of the St Louis catholic community

  • RoadScribe

    Wow. This was off a tetanus vaccination?

  • Del Delker

    Every time I turn around, I’m finding another use for D.E. It never ceases to amaze me.

  • Hattie Kakes

    I have been using D.E for over a year, what a wonderful amazing “DIRT”
    I highly recommended. I also bought a 50lb bag and try to share with all that are willing to give it a shot. I am at a steady twice per day, one tablespoon.
    I love the “DIRT”! 🙂

  • Serena Bond

    My uncle died about 1and 1/2hours after he had the shot.
    My son began vomitting and the his legs turned into noodles… Thank God after about 7hours he started being able to control his legs. The school said we could not co.tinue to go there without the DPT shot… we felt forced, but when this happened we were the ones responsible for the hospital and other medical bills… Stupid people.. No one will ever force me to do that again. I will just move. Mississippi is the absolute worse, no vacines no school, period… they could care less if your child is put in a compromising life threatening situation.. They were not sympathetic or apologetic. Their response: Protocol is protocol..

  • Lynn

    The same thing happened to my husband from a Tetanus shot. Pain in his legs ending up turning to noodle. Was in hospital and recovery hospital over a month. They diagnoses him at the time with MS which ended up being wrong but know one would acknowledge the vaccine damage.

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