The Health Dangers of Energy Drinks

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Energy drinks can be a danger to your health and well-being.

Often promising a quick boost, an “energy drink” is generally defined as a drink which contains ingredients claimed to enhance mental and physical performance- in some way or another. Energy drinks have soared in popularity since the 1990’s and there are many, many readily available brands.

Energy drinks are usually packaged like soda, and have a soda-like taste, but their distinction from soda lies in the extra ingredients, or at least the extra hype surrounding the ingredients. The often-promised “heightened mental awareness” from energy drinks is largely due to caffeine content, which can vary tremendously. According to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, energy drink caffeine content generally ranges from 50 mg to a mind-blowing, perhaps literally, 505 mg per can or bottle. [1]

Caffeine is natural and the mostly widely consumed stimulant in the world, many consumers believe it’s a worry-free source of immediate energy with absolutely no side effects. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Both the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and University of Massachusetts Department of Emergency Medicine warn that caffeine can raise blood pressure, disrupt sleep habits, aggravate psychiatric conditions, and induce reliance. Excessive caffeine consumption can cause caffeine intoxication that leads to a fast heartbeat, vomiting, seizure, and death. [2] [3]

The Magic Formula

In addition to caffeine, most energy drinks advertise a special blend of other herbs and ingredients. Sugar free varieties exist, but most energy drinks also contain large amounts of sugar. The “energy providing” elixirs are usually combinations of guarana, taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins. I would challenge anyone to find an energy drink whose marketing messages are in line with the abilities of what’s in the can. Wings? I doubt it. Michigan State University’s Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies reports that the ginseng content of most energy drinks falls well below most dietary supplement guidelines. [4]

A concern with the use of the herbs in these drinks is their source. The manufacturers of energy drinks are not required to list whether or not the herbs they use have been sprayed with toxic pesticides, irradiated or watered with contaminated water supplies. There is no way of knowing what other toxins are contained in these drinks and whether or not these herbs will have a negative effect.

How Popular are Energy Drinks?

Based on the 2010 National Health Interview Survey data, the CDC reported that one in three adults consumed an energy drink within the past week, 21% had one more than once in the last week, and 11% consumed more than three energy drinks per week. [5] It raises the question, what’s going on in our lives and personal health for us to be so reliant on a constant stream of turbo juice?

Do Energy Drinks Enhance Cognitive Performance?

Although energy drinks manufacturers claim, or at least imply, that their drinks can have a positive effect on cognitive performance, studies have shown that, when compared against placebo (sugar-free lemonade), consuming energy drinks had no significant positive effect on concentration, reasoning, or aptitude. [6]

Do Energy Drinks Enhance Athletic Performance?

Consumption of energy drinks by both recreational and competitive athletes has increased dramatically in recent years.

The Department of Exercise Science at Creighton University conducted a randomized, double-blind, crossover study to examine the effect of sugar-free Red Bull on one repetition bench press. Seventeen college-age, resistance-trained men participated and results suggested that the sugar-free Red Bull offered no improvement or enhancement of one repetition bench press performance. [7]

A separate double-blind, randomized crossover study was conducted by Utah State University and determined that a low-calorie caffeine-taurine energy drink did NOT enhance the sprint performance and anaerobic power of the 20 NCAA Division I football players who participated in the research. [8]

Do Energy Drinks Belong in the Workplace?

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette warns that the mental and physical effects of energy drinks (altered sleep patterns, arrhythmias) may be detrimental to workplace safety, especially in the healthcare field. [9] Would you feel comfortable if your surgeon stepped out to down an energy drink before your surgery?

Energy Drinks in the Military

When Walter Reed Army Institute of Research conducted research to analyze the connection between energy drink use and combat-operation sleep problems that occur among service members, the conclusions were not positive.

Data from Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan showed that over 44% of deployed service members consumed at least one energy drink daily and nearly 14% consumed more than three per day. As can be expected, the service members who consumed three or more energy drinks per day were far more likely to sleep less than 4 hours a night, they were also more likely to experience ongoing stress and fatigue. [10]

Do You Really Need Energy Drinks?

There are heavy, heavy marketing dollars at work to ensure your opinion of energy drinks is that they are so potent and effective they’re one step away from being a pharmaceutical product. This is nothing more than hype. Based on the sugar and chemical content alone of most energy drinks (just check the ingredients label), I recommend avoiding them entirely. They’re bad for your teeth and only add more toxins to your body. Their dehydrating action decrease your body’s internal water supply and natural detoxification processes. Where’s the benefit?

If you’re so constantly run down you need energy drinks to get you through the day, I recommend taking an inventory of your life to determine the root causes of your exhaustion. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you nutritionally deprived? What are you eating? Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting regular exercise? Fatigue will stem from being deficient with any one of those habits. Getting them in check can completely eliminate your desire for the “enhanced” and over-hyped soda pop that is the average energy drink. Get your nutrition in check, get your exercise routine in check, get your sleep in check, and if you’re concerned about the effects of built up toxins, you can also cleanse your body.

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • johnny m.

    I’ve always been a big believer that drinking an excessive amount of energy drinks is detrimental to your health. Not only are you pumping in a vast amount of caffeine & taurine… your sugar intake is also skyrocketing through the roof.

    If anything… just think of the amount of sugar you are consuming, that’s enough to make me think twice.

  • Jessica

    Did you know that Taurine is commonly sold in pills/capsules as well? I didn’t know it either, and I was looking in the vitamin section at my local grocery store, and there they were.

    Taurine is one of the main ingredients in Energy Drinks, and I had never even heard of it until I drank a Monster Energy Drink.

    (but I only drink energy drinks when I’m hungover)

  • Geoff

    There really are alot of energy drink dangers. I personally have always been a bit timid to drink energy drinks.

  • kurt

    what about gatorade? i heard one of its ingredients is simular to that used in embalming dead people is this true and whats the name of the ingredient?

  • IanS

    That’s really smart [not] getting so drunk, abusing whatever chemical, that you’re hung over then using stimulants to relieve it, you could well be on a slppery slope..

  • Mike D

    Least Detrimental Energy Drink:

    Monster Sugar Free

    Why? – It has half the caffeine (80 mg) than most energy drinks, which brings the two servings per can equal to about two cups of strong coffee. Unfortunately, it does contain aspartame, but, if you’re like me and don’t use a lot of artificial sweeteners to begin with, the occasional intake of aspartame is worth it. The opposite option of taking all of that corn syrup causes the massive rise then drop in blood sugar which counteracts the energizing effects after-all.

    I need to just find an energy supplement with Ginseng, Carnitine, Gingko Biloba, and Inositol instead. Avoid the whole evil sugar/caffeine combo.

  • IanS

    Corn Syrup, the Crack Cocaine of the sugar world

  • Jackson

    Energy Drinks scare me. I’ve never had the taste for energy drinks and I’ve always had the feeling that because of the amount of sugar & caffeine, they can’t be very good for you.

  • Dr. Riviera

    Mr Edward F. Group, your are not a qualified physician. Please stop posing as one. Your ‘doctorate’ in chiropractic is not a real doctorate.

  • What about all of the Vitamin B in many of them? While most B Vitamins don’t have tolerable upper levels – there are a couple that do and those vitamins are in many energy drinks in large doses. If you are drinking more than one a day (I know a lot of people who do) you could be taking two – three times more of that vitamin than you should have in your system with unknown consequences.

  • Hi Dr. Riviera,

    It saddens me to hear such things from another doctor. My job and mission is to help as many people as I can and share information with the world which I believe is accurate. I do not ask people to believe what I say, I only provide them with information so they can research and make informed decisions on their own. I hope that all of us in the natural medicine field will someday support each other and work together as a team to bring health and wellbeing back to the planet.

    If we all stick together we can make much more progress than if we spend our time looking to find fault and attack each other. I graduated and earned my doctorate degree from Texas Chiropractic College in 1998. It is my opinion that a real “doctorate” is what the true definition of a doctor really is: A teacher! A true doctor is one who teaches people how to heal themselves and who addresses the root cause of disease, not someone who addresses the symptoms of disease.

    What doctors are taught in schools is not the answer for healing disease – otherwise we would not have so much disease today – we must look outside the box and look for the root cause of disease, which in my opinion is toxic overload from genetically modified foods, pesticides, meat, dairy, soy, white flour, table salt, MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), microwaved foods, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, air, water, caffeine, alcohol, electromagnetic radiation, heavy metals, harmful organisms, industrial chemicals, prescription drugs, stress and more.. I also find it hard to judge someone who I have never met face to face or someone who I have not fully researched. I would be happy to meet with you and share with you my research and my ideas for making the world a healthier place to live. I would also like to send you a free copy of my latest book “Health Begins in the Colon” which I think would be a great edition to your library and also to your patients. Please let me know where to send it. You can also call my office at 713-476-0016 to speak with me if you have further doubts about my credibility or the success we have had helping thousands of people regain their health.

    I send you many blessings and hope that you have a happy and healthy life,

    Dr. G

  • Hi Maria,

    Most of the Vitamin B used in over the counter supplements and drinks is actually synthetically produced and is actually harmful to the body. Just one more toxin added to the drinks most people consume. I recommend using
    B-12 in the methylcobalamin form. Thanks for the comment..

    Dr. G

  • Thank you for your comment. You are right that Verve is much better than most energy drinks but the body needs and wants only water (after breastfeeding). Verve is also using synthetic vitamins in their formula and for the sugar-free version they are using sucralose which is a massive concern and toxic compound to the body. If they need help with their formulation they can contact me.

    Dr. G

  • Thank you for your comment! Gatorade contains water, table sugar (sucrose), citric acid, monopotassium phosphate, glucose-fructose syrups, sodium chloride (table salt), sodium citrate and flavoring/coloring ingredients. (all pretty much toxic to the body). However, in 2006 the drink was remade with some more added ingredients like monosaccharides and carbohydrates. Because of these added ingredients Gatorade claimed that the drink rehydrated athletes better than water and also, the flavour added made it more convenient to drink. If you drink a whole bottle of Gatorade you are consuming about 56 grams of sugar — this is not required in a normal sedentary lifestyle — and in this situation it could be considered “bad” for you. An interesting article can be found explaining how mixing Gatorade and other compounds can be fatal.

  • Ben

    Energy Drinks are definitely not healthy for you. Like the above article states, Energy Drinks are nothing more than a big dose of sugar & caffeine in a can.

  • Vinaya Gopal

    Caffeine containing drinks and other such temporary stimulants are not safe. As per my view, never ever start to drink these drinks. they gradually & completely damage your health and well being. All these are marketing tactics, they also completely deprive your esential nutrients and other bioactives consumed by you. This message is for all readers” Do you know that there is much link between the absorption and its effect on synergy between natural ingredients etc., and vitamins minerals and other bioactives you take in to the system in natural form and the other bad synthetic ingredients(all synthetically prepared foods) like MSG. Never ever try to take for thrill or feel proud to take these products.

  • i have always loved energy drinks but i don’t see how there bad for you if there are more good ingriediants in energy drinks than bad things j dog out

  • paul

    I am too. It is horrible stuff. Can’t beleive people drink it.

  • jasmine kim

    i am never ganna drink energy drinks again scince i read this infarmation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Locky B

    My name is Lachlan, I’m a high school student, currently doing my HSC exams. i have recently been having the New ‘Mother’ energy drink on a regular basis, almost daily, i am only halfway through my exams and have been experiencing chest pain, particularly on the left hand side, since several of the people who have posted replies are Doctors i was wondering in your medical opinion if this sounds like a heart problem in the making. I plan to use the drinks only until my exams are over, then to be rid of them forever, but i’m starting to wonder if the extra vitality and alertness these drinks provide me for study is worth any possible repurcussions. Any links to sites with relevant information would be a blessing. thanks for listening.


  • Andrew

    Doctor, What about XS? XS is sugar free, same amount of caffeine as in 1 coke, and high b-12 vitamins.

  • Bruce Byers

    My 14 year old daughter told me by telephone that at 6:30 am she was on a sugar high after drinking monster drinks with her peer’s the night before. I asked her if she had slept and she said know while laughing and seeming very awake!

    Are the children doing anything creative with this drink or just drinking massive qty’s?

  • Gold Digger

    I hate to be the one to tell you this but I think she’s doing a little more than just Monster drinks.

  • Admin

    Although XS is sugar free it still contains toxic artificial sweeteners and preservatives and most likely synthetic B-Vitamins. I personally would never consume this drink..

    Dr. G

  • Sam W.

    I always knew energy drinks are bad for you! Thanks!

  • David

    What are the dangers of drinking 5 mothers in 5 minutes please reply.

  • My daughter (age 18) was rushed to the hospital yesterday. They diagnosed kidney stones. There is no family history. She is CONSTANTLY drinking these energy drinks. Is there any research that shows a correlation between energy drinks and kidney stones?

  • Johnny

    I dont understand how an energy drink can be any different than drinking 4 cups of coffee a day, or even 1 to 2 cans of pop everyday. Id rather have 1 energy drink every 2 weeks than have coffee and pop and tea all the time. Like really though, has anything bad ever actually happened? its natural instinct for people to fear what they do not know or see, and being that we know close to nothing on the long term effects of these drinks, i think theyre okay. As with anything- TAKE THEM IN MODERATION, AND YOU WILL BE OK. peace (:

  • drtrance

    Havent read anything here that i find too disturbing… or at least enough to quit my one energy drink a day. How ever i am more concerned with energy drinks and there effect on kidney stone production. Are there any energy drinks….besides coffee that are low in oxylates?

  • ghc_health

    Thank you for your post! I think the key to this article is the fact that we dont have more information or studies in regards to energy drink consumption, and so because of this it would be in the consumers intrest, when choosing to consume the energy drinks of your choice, to consider this. The other concern that we find is that we do not really know if the ingredients sourced for the drink are pesticide laden and toxic to the body, which can have detrimental effects to over all health.

    Coffee is pretty well researched, we know of its effect on the body and we can also purchase it organically so you can be certain that it is safe to drink with out the pesticides.

    The other issue I find is not really knowing what the combination of these ingredients in energy drinks is doing to the body.

    One would likely also need to consider the way your consuming these drinks, energy drinks have a lot of stimulants in them like ginseng and taurine, while alcohol is a depressant so by mixing the two you’re sending mixed messages to your nervous system which can cause cardiac related problems.

    Moderation is surely the key to most anything in life, to much of a good thing can be deadly, as long as we keep this in mind I think you will be ok. In my opinion however, coffee is much more safe to drink but this to should also be consumed in moderation.

  • monster

    i just drank 21 monster imports 3 weeks ago and im still alive

  • ben john

    Dehydration? The horror…

  • silverhardt

    Well ..ive read the info above , and ive been drinking energy drinks once a day for 9 year’s and i can tell you i do have insomnia and i was wondering what was going on and im always dehydrated, now i know, but im addicted , i have to have one every morning even tho i dont feel its affect anymore , its like being addicted to cigarettes its gonna be hard to quit ..i guess i would be a good case study … 🙁

  • Steph

    I would say the sugar in them could have caused kidney stones. Im not a dr, so maybe you could just look into sugar and kidney stones

  • Exhumed

    Coffee and Black Tea have more caffeine.

    I like how it kept saying …

    Energy drink …. WITH SWEATING

    Energy drink.. WITH ALCOHOL
    If you do something that causes you to dehydrate… drink water… problem solved…
    the whole pesticides on herbs thing… our food has a ton of pesticides on it…
    In regards to the sugar… get the sugar free ones…

    Simple solutions and practices that people should be doing anyways…

    You can keep drinking your tea with ginseng, guarana etc. and act like you aren’t drinking an energy drink…. “Alternative Health” Gurus.

    Lesson: Drink water every time you consume caffeine, sweat, or drink alcohol.

  • cutie

    i heard that a 14 year old girl died from drinking 2 monsters and it kinda scared me cause i drink them as well and i know i dont wanna die but she also had a heart problem and stuff so! im addicted to these monsters and im afraid that i wont be able to stop drinking them

  • cutie

    exactly im with you 🙂

  • jimmy

    yo yo yo i am in class now

  • im real

    they are bad.

  • Cans Of Soups

    I agree also. I only drink the energy drinks without sugar in them like the rockstar zero carb or the monster absolutely zero and I only drink one of them every other day and I make sure not to do to much activity when I drink them. I also do not drink any soda, tea, or coffee. So I just don’t like how people down play these sugar free energy drinks when people drink A LOT of soda and a crap load of coffee. I don’t think it is any different. The fact is if you overdose any kind of drink its not good for you.

  • Hurles

    Coffee has far more caffeine than a can of pop. And yes many deaths and emergency room visits have been related to or directly caused by energy drinks. A simple google search will yield many results on the matter even about products as common as RedBull or 5-hour Energy. Also one energy drink every two weeks is very different to coffee every day. The alertness time provided by energy drinks is measured in hours not weeks

  • lipperskip

    Just curious…if you won’t be doing much activity while drinking an energy drink, why do you need the energy in the first place?

  • ?

    Dehydration, anxiety, oh no. There is no problem with these. There is no direct link to anything particularly fatal, and no one drinks these 4 times a day. Also, most energy drinks have much less sugar than any type of soda, much less. With those herb descriptions it seems like its a good thing, helps stress, metabolizes fatty acids, regulates heart beat and muscle contraction. There’s also something called “sugar free” that has been around for a pretty long time. Everyone tries to attack every new item on the market. Soda and Gatorade have things linked to cancer, and no one cares. Energy drinks are linked to dehydration and anxiety and its all over. Address the bigger problems, not these.

  • Cans Of Soups

    I use them to get energy when i am tired and i dont play guitar very well if im tired from staying up to late. So its just like how people drink coffee every morning. I replace coffee with energy drinks.

  • Johnnyv

    Hi all, I’ve been a furniture removalist for bout five years now, I consume two to three cans of mother a day followed by at least 3litres of water as well. I am sweating out and flushing my body on a daily basis. Do you think any harm is being caused,
    Been curious for a while. J

  • John

    Monster Zero Ultra is the best and I will continue to drink it everyday!

  • Dave

    I heard if you do a handstand and have someone pour it in your butt it works way better and is healthier that way.

  • Nick

    Usually the people that criticize energy drinks simply don’t have the experience with them in comparison to other drinks and cannot make an accurate comparison.

  • Seth

    Everything in moderation, they are terrible for your teeth, so use a straw if that bothers you.

  • Mozka

    XS is the best energy drink,! try it you will never regret it!!! its natural and no artificial flavors, I will cont. drinking for the rest of my life!!!!it gives me the energy that I need on my daily routine and workout!!!!

  • jhic

    i drink 3-4 bottle energy drink everyday.. so what would might happen to me??

  • Edward Group

    No offense jhic but that sounds like a toxic overload, why do you consume so much so often??

  • steph

    BS – caffeine does improve athletic performance. the studies cited are biased.

  • Edward Group

    Thanks for weighing in with that thought, Steph. Do you have some links you can share to non-biased studies?

  • stu

    they are bad for you mate honestly

  • X

    Comparing these to coffee or tea can only be done fairly if you have 12 teaspoons of sugar in each cup. The hype based (medically unproven) marketing in conjunction with the sugar content and resulting acidity of the drinks is the dangerous part. How many school aged children drink coffee or tea before school? A lot fewer than those who do not understand the effect that sleep deprivation during their most important developmental years will have.
    And now we mix it with alcohol at clubs etc… so understatedly unhealthy.

  • dana

    what about powerade zero? does it have sugar?
    conflicting answers are found online

  • ghc_health

    I would check the label.

  • dana

    powerade has conflicting reports online as to the sugar content. the label does not specify anything….any suggestions?
    it is made by coca cola

  • moe

    Why drink energy drinks when there is water . Dont be stupid and just drink anything not fresh or bottled. Water or fresh juices are always the best way to live like normal people.

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    I like my Monster Blue. I drink five cans a day, every day. GFY.

  • Irrelevant 

    While statistics may be true, they are bias. An example: anyone who understands loco-motor function knows that sugar does not provide energy for power lifts such as single repetition exercise. This study should be done for running over 20 minutes.
    The article claimed that guarana, taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins as ‘energy providing’ which is a false statement.
    Guarana is the only that this statement could be true of because it is similar to caffeine.
    Vitamin B is water soluble and is filtered out of the body when in excess.
    Taurine helps regulate sodium balance which negates the excess sodium.
    I am disappointed this has an Dr. for an author

  • Matthew Arntzen

    What does that mean?

  • CyclingBOSS

    Did you know… A 220ml can of starbucks double shot iced coffe has 94mg of caffine and a 250ml can of red bull has 64mg…

  • Dee

    My husband started drinking a chocolate muscle monster drink yesterday and swallowed something? We video the rest of it as he poured it into a bowl, looks like fatty meat, got it in a container, might need to have it analyzied. Know what you are drinking. I would say he was getting some protein from something!! He said he would never drink another. Might even do a video, people need to know what they are drinking!!!

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  • Nick

    I drink about 2 energy drinks everyday, and have been doing so for just over a year. I’ve been promoted, making more money than ever, and even landed that corner office. I worked for an energy drink company through college, so I’m sure that I have built up quite a tolerance, but I’m still curious about the effects that my energy drink of choice (Monster Zero Ultra) is actually causing more damage than I am considering. The way I see it, I would probably be drinking coffee anyway and likely more than one cup; but my Monster Zero just tastes so much better!

    I am, at times, beginning to get concerned about long-term affects of regularly ingesting this cocktail of chemicals, or whether anyone has studied how the body changes with prolonged daily use of energy drinks?

  • Tony Hawk

    “The manufacturers of energy drinks are not required to list whether or not the herbs they use have been sprayed with toxic pesticides”

    bullshit, pesticides are everywhere

    “consuming energy drinks had no significant positive effect on concentration, reasoning, or aptitude.”

    another big bullshit, caffeine is proved to have a positive effect in concentration and of course in aptitude

  • blupsam

    don’t “drunkshame”.
    listen, “Jessica” said she only drinks when she’s hungover. for all you know, she might do this once or twice a month, or YEAR.
    I don’t drink much energy drinks, I usually stick to tea, milk (my choice beverage) water or juice, but occasionally i will try some out, mostly I drink it like soda (since that’s what they are) if I am exceptionally tired or something. not often.

  • blupsam

    Dr G baby, that “Dr. Riviera” guy is not a real doctor. he’s a troll on the internet, you can tell because he attacks chiropractory (the most conventional-medicine-y part of your “alternative” medicine) he is rude, and uncourteous, is unprofessional and formulates himself childishly. i.e. “_your_ are not a” a real professional would not communicate like this.

    thank you for your time Dr. G

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  • Terry Raley

    Well Monster Energy drinks only have 7 grams of sugar so way better than most coffee. And i use moderation when drinking Monster Energy Drinks and i only drink three a day. Every thing with sugar in it is best if you use moderation.

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