The Health Benefits Of Serrapeptase

Discovered in the early 1970’s, this proteolytic enzyme was isolated from the Serratia species of bacteria located in the intestines of silkworms. Serrapeptase, also called serratiopeptidase, is truly a superior enzyme that provides strong, healthful properties. Today Serrapeptase is used all over Europe and Asia in clinical settings. It has the ability to break down non-living tissue in the body.

Serrapeptase is perhaps one of the world’s most exciting enzymes being studied in regard to its wide variety of clinical applications. Currently, especially in Europe and Asia, it is clinically used for many, many negative health conditions. One of the most well-known proponents for this enzyme was the German physician, Dr. Hans Nieper. He had great success supplementing with serrapeptase to promote normal heart and circulatory system health.

How Does Serrapeptase Work?

Serrapeptase is an immunologically active enzyme. It can bind itself to the alpha 2 macroglobulin in our plasma where it is shielded from the immune system while retaining its enzymatic activity, and in this way it is transferred to the sites where it is needed in the body. It is this same type of powerful yet specific action that allows silkworms to eat its own protective cocoon, digest it without any side effects and fly away. Amazingly, serrapeptase has the distinct ability to digest only non-living tissue allowing the old toxic layers that clog the digestive system and the lining of our arteries to dissolve. This is one reason why its so good at keeping arterial deposits from building up after heart surgery.

Health Benefits of Serrapeptase

1. Atherosclerosis

Dr. Nieper found that Serrapeptase could dissolve blood clots and reduce varicose veins. Other studies from Germany have found that serrapeptase could effectively remove atherosclerotic plaque without hurting any of the healthy cells along the arterial wall.

2. Chronic Redness

Multiple studies confirm it’s resistance to Redness and it has been used for this reason in the reduction of chronic or acute conditions.

3. Helps with Traumatic Injuries

Serrapeptase is widely used in Europe as a supplement for traumatic injury (such as sprains and torn ligaments), as well as the swelling associated with post-surgical patients.

4. Pain, Edema and Swelling

Serrapeptase has been approved as a standard remedy in many European countries for swelling. A double-blind German study on the enzyme found that it could reduce swelling by up to 50% in post-operative patients. Patients taking serrapeptase experienced statistically significant less pain than the control groups and, by the 10th day of the study, all patients taking the serrapeptase were completely pain free.

5. Helps with Cystic Breast Disease

In a double-blind study, Serrapeptase was found to reduce breast pain, breast swelling and induration in 85.7% of the patients taking the supplement. This is related to the fact that the enzyme possesses fibrinolytic, proteolytic and anti-edemic properties.

6. Helps Infections in the Ear, Nose and Throat

In one double-blind study, patients with acute or chronic ear, nose or throat diseases found significant symptom regression with Serrapeptase. The enzyme is able to reduce the viscosity of mucous, thus facilitating drainage.

7. Helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Recent studies confirm the use of this enzyme for the reduction of symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

8. Other Potential Benefits

Serrapeptase is currently being studied and used for a vast array of applications for human health and disease prevention. This includes therapeutic use for nerve damage, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic ear infections, hay fever, lung congestion, swollen glands, laryngitis, rhinitis, chronic pain, arthritis, back and neck pain, diabetes, ulcers, osteoporosis, prostate problems, rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries (both prevention and recovery), post operative scars and lesions, varicose veins, arterial diseases, angina, blood clots, anti-aging, restoration of healthy fibrin metabolism and reduction in C-Reactive Protein.

How to Read the Units of Measurement for Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is measured in SUs (Serrapeptase Units). This comes from the Japanese and Korean Pharmacopeias, whereby one unit of Serrapeptase is the activity yielding a product equivalent of 1.0 μg of Tyrosine per minute at pH 9.0 and 37 degrees Celcius on a casein substrate.

Where Can I Find The Best Source of Serrapeptase?

VeganZyme™ contains a 100% vegan form of Serrapeptase cultured from Serratia marcescens. It comes from all vegetarian, non-GMO sources, is kosher certified, gluten free, contains no animal product and is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans. VeganZyme™ is the most advanced full-spectrum systemic and digestive enzyme formula in the world and is free from fillers and toxic compounds. This formula contains digestive enzymes which help digest fats (lipids), sugars, proteins, carbohydrates, gluten, fruits and vegetables, cereals, legumes, bran, nuts and seeds, soy, dairy and all other food sources. VeganZyme™ may also be used as a systemic enzyme blend to break down excess mucus, fibrin, various toxins, allergens, as well as excess clotting factors throughout your body.

– Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


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  • Krakondack

    It sounds promising, but it seems like it would have to be injected to have any effect. How would it otherwise survive the digestive enzymes, and pass into circulation? Until that’s clear, I don’t see how I can buy into this.

  • joe

    If that is the case, than how to justify the use of antibiotics , will the digestive enzymes not have the same effect that u had mentioned.

  • matt

    There are truly many benefits to serrapeptase, find them out at –

  • anneabell

    sounds to good to be true I just read that the product was recently recalled as they had no control studies i would love more informaiton on this

  • Vanessa

    I wanted to know If this would work on ednometriosis?

  • jen

    My sister has been trying
    to get me to take this for years. I finally agreed with her because I need to take Advil everyday for muscle stain from my job . I’ve been taking it for a week and have improvement in my pain. I haven’t taken any Advil since started it.

  • Cassie

    Vanessa, do you have endo? And if so, have you tried enzymes? I have an endometrioma cyst on my ovary and likely have endo. I just recently started proteolytic enzymes mainly to break down the cyst, but I just wanted to see if you were having any luck?


  • Happi

    It is an enzyme as are all the digestive secretions, if other prescribed pharmaceuticals can survive the digestive process I am sure that you will find that this product (as it is natural) will surely do the same thing quite with much less damage to the body as it is bioidentical

  • deepti

    Is it helpful in treating eye floaters?

  • Global Healing Center

    I’ve seen some discussion on other forums about serrapeptase and eye floaters. I wouldn’t say it treats it but the limited information I saw sounded positive. Please let us know what you discover if you research it more!

  • Love

    Because it’s enteric coated google why pills come in that form

  • Loc

    The pills are enteric coated which protects it from the gastric juices it not being absorbed in the stomach but the small intestine which it’s absorbed from the blood stream

  • ahk

    Has any research been done on serrapeptase and autoimmune disease like celiac?

  • Global Healing Center

    Haven’t seen anything, any other readers?

  • AIDS

    It gives you AIDS, be warned.

  • josh

    Has any research been done on serrapeptase and pulmonary fibrosis? Fast responses will be appreciated, thank you.

  • Global Healing Center

    Do you have a paper due or something? My quick search on Pubmed didn’t yield anything but that may not cover all research that exists.

  • Narinder Singh

    Are their any harmful effects of daily use of serapeptidase .

  • Global Healing Center

    Shouldn’t be, many people take it every day.

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  • Cathi Oakes Tinney

    Hey pls tell me this will help yr round sinus mucus and chronic drainage. Pls.

  • Global Healing Center

    We have heard people say it’s helped thin up their mucus. Hard to say absolutely until you try it.

  • Cathi Oakes Tinney

    great. any suggestions for year round chronic allergies? nothing helps.

  • Global Healing Center

    Have you tried natural antihistamines?

  • Cathi Oakes Tinney

    no i havent. thanks and i will. i was not aware of these. will let you know how goes.





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