Is goat milk better than cow milk? Here’s a list of health benefits

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on October 1, 2015

glass of milk

While cow’s milk remains one of America’s most common daily drinks, it is interesting to note that it may also be the reason why many Americans experience gas, bloating and other forms of indigestion.

When the average cow is given growth hormones, antibiotics, GMO feed, vaccinations and exposed to toxic conditions, it is no wonder that many humans experience negative effects from consuming pasteurized cow milk.

Goat’s milk is a much healthier alternative, especially when it is raw and organic. Goats produce about 2% of the global milk supply and it is interesting that most of the populations of people who consume goat milks cite a lower incidence of allergies and digestive complaints.

The Benefits of Goat Milk

Goat’s milk offers a wide variety of health benefits, with very few of the negative side effects of drinking regular cow milk.

1. Reaction to Inflammation

Some research suggests that one of the main benefits of goat milk is that it may benefit inflammation. Another reason why it is easier for people with bowel inflammation to drink goat’s milk, instead of cow’s milk.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Goats requires far less space and food than cows. Typically, you can comfortably raise six goats on the same acreage as two cows.

3. Metabolic agent

Studies done at the USDA and Prairie View A&M University, link goat’s milk to an increased ability to metabolize iron and copper, especially amongst individuals with digestion and absorption limitations. Besides drinking goat’s milk, you can also take a digestive enzymes supplement to help with this also.

4. Bio-availability

Another main health benefit of goat milk, is that it is closer to human mother’s milk than cow’s milk is. Because it has a chemical make up that is much closer to human milk, it is easier to digest and assimilate in the human body.

5. “Smaller” Fat

“Smaller” fat? Does that mean it has less fat? Not necessarily, it means that the size of the fat molecules in goat’s milk are much smaller than those found in cow’s milk. This makes goat’s milk easier to digest.

6. High in Fatty Acids

While cow’s milk has about seventeen percent fatty acids, goat’s milk averages thirty five percent fatty acids, making it more nutritionally wholesome. In fact, up to 50% of people with lactose intolerance to cow’s milk find that they can easily digest goat’s milk, especially if it is raw.

7. Calcium-rich

Many people worry that they need to drink cow’s milk for calcium intake and the prevention of bone loss. Goat’s milk also offers high amounts of calcium, the amino acid tryptophan, and much less side effects of drinking cow’s milk. It’s just one of the many foods high in calcium.

8. Anti-Mucousal

While drinking cow’s milk is a common reason for allergies and excess mucous, goat’s milk is not. Cow’s milk is high in fat, which may increase mucous build-up. Moreover, the fat globules in goat’s milk are one ninth the size of those found in cow’s milk, another possible reason why it does not produce irritation in the gut.

9. Ultra-nourishing

In Naturopathic medicine, goat’s are referred to as bioorganic sodium animals. They are also associated with vigour, flexibility and vitality. Cows are calcium animals known for stability and heaviness. Bioorganic sodium is an important element in keeping joints mobile and limber. Goat milk has traditionally been used in medicinal cultures to nourish and regenerate an over-taxed nervous system. Goat’s milk is also extremely nutrient dense. It has almost 35% of your daily needs for calcium in one cup. Extremely high in riboflavin, just one cup of goat’s milk offers 20.0% of our daily needs. Add to that high amounts of phosphorous, Vitamin B12, protein and potassium. In fact, Ghandi himself rejuvenated his own health after extremely long periods of fasting through drinking raw goat’s milk [1].

10. Less toxic than Cow’s Milk

Whereas most cow’s milk is pumped full of bovine growth hormones as well as a substance known as bovine somatotropin, a hormone specific for increasing milk production in an unnatural way, goat’s are rarely treated with these substances. Because of its use on the fringes of big agriculture, goat’s milk is not only more nutritious for you, but also less toxic.

11. May Boost Immune System

Goat’s milk has the trace mineral, selenium, a key essential mineral in keeping the immune system strong and functioning normally.

Why You Should Drink Goat Milk Over Cow’s Milk

These are just a few of the many health benefits of goat milk. Not only does it contain more nutrients your body craves, but it also has less additives than cow’s milk. Go with the healthier choice.


  1. Time Magazine. Great Britain: Ghandi’s goat. 1931 November 2.

  • Suzy

    I’m intrigued by your use of the term “fairer price”. In the US big dairies are typically government subsidized while small farm operations bear all of the costs themselves. Grocery stores also sell milk as a “loss leader”, making the final price to the consumer unrealistically low. Our goat milk herd share members are happy to pay the extra cost for our product because they understand the high cost of feed and it’s worth it to them knowing exactly where it came from.

  • Suzy

    Soft cheese is usually made by separating curds from whey by the use of citric acid or lemon juice and eaten fresh as soon as it has finished straining. Hard cheeses are made by a different process and straining is followed by pressing and aging.

  • Art

    It isn’t; this stems from the misunderstanding about heating the milk to kill the pathogens that naturally come out with the milk (pasteurizing), which can make people nasty sick. Even keeping an animal in the cleanest environment doesn’t change that their udders are right next to their food exit.

  • Art

    If you aim to avoid every toxin in the world, you’re going to be very frustrated.

  • Art

    Goat’s milk has all the nutrition for a baby goat, not a baby human. Teeth come in as the body is ready for solid food; pureed vegetables and grains are not “grown-up” food, they’re step-up foods in preparation for coming off milk.

  • Lorinda Luck

    We moved to the “country” from Phoenix area and were given two Oberhausley female milking goats one was milking, the other too young. All of the goat mik I had ever tasted was strong tasting, to me. I gave up milk years ago due to stomache cramping. But the leg cramps had been horrific past 6 years. Our goats milk is mild and sweet. No strong “goat” taste what so ever.
    Last month the younger goat gave birth and now gives us a half gallon of milk twice a day, along with the older goat. That is two gallons of milk a day!

    Leg cramps are less, digestive track is very happy and I love drinking a large glass about three times a day.

    We would love to sell our milk for $5 a half gallon, we have not found anyone interested. For now we freeze the excess and use it for cheese.

    Thankful in Arizona for this amazing food group.

  • Pete

    Less fat, (sugars, carbs etc) = CALORIES, Fatty acids are good minerals that aid in weight loss if consumed properly (examples found in Fish Oil, CLA, Avocado etc..) Do some research before you jump to conclusions. Plus not to mentioned the advantages bacteria in goat milk has in digestion vs Cow Milk. Maybe the specific brand you buy has some fillers to mask the unique taste goat milk offers thus making it more fattening if you are comparing it to regular Milk.

  • Jacqui Thomson

    It depends on the individual farms, but here in Devon, UK, we have a very large organic farm more or less on our doorstep. The animals are all kept outdoors on grass, the milk that comes from them (and all the other dairy produce) is all sold in their own shop. The meat is also sold there in their butchery department, and along with all the fruit and veg that they sell, plus organic home-made bread, they’ve got it pretty well sewn up.
    They are pricey, but they’re also always busy. We know that the animals are free to roam, as they are all in the fields when you drive up to the shop. They are so popular now, they even send out huge lorry-loads of produce and veg boxes to the European continent, as well as all over Britain.

  • soniafv

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and when I would drink cows milk from the store I would have bad flareups to the point where I would be unable to walk so even though I love milk I had to quit drinking it util someone told me raw milk would cause flair ups and I couldn’t find raw cows milk but I am able to find raw goats milk. I drink almost 2 gallons a week and have not had bad flareups since. Thanks to the person that told my husband about it I am now able to drink my milk that I love so much.

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  • Maria Elena

    Ok, When I was age 2, I had horse shoe brake on my right leg. After in the hospital, Mother had to give me Goats milk for awhile. Now for some years I have 4 kinds of arthritis. Would the milk maybe help me? All meds taken had bad side effects. Help me……….

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  • sharifah

    If you are still interested in selling, i am interested in buying

  • Marina

    In general whole goat milk has higher fat content as compared to cow milk. I am not sure why Dr. Group thinks the opposite?

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