Is goat milk better than cow milk? Here’s a list of health benefits

glass of milk

While cow’s milk remains one of America’s most common daily drinks, it is interesting to note that it may also be the reason why many Americans experience gas, bloating and other forms of indigestion.

When the average cow is given growth hormones, antibiotics, GMO feed, vaccinations and exposed to toxic conditions, it is no wonder that many humans experience negative effects from consuming pasteurized cow milk.

Goat’s milk is a much healthier alternative, especially when it is raw and organic. Goats produce about 2% of the global milk supply and it is interesting that most of the populations of people who consume goat milks cite a lower incidence of allergies and digestive complaints.

The Benefits of Goat Milk

Goat’s milk offers a wide variety of health benefits, with very few of the negative side effects of drinking regular cow milk.

1. Reaction to Inflammation

Some research suggests that one of the main benefits of goat milk is that it may benefit inflammation. Another reason why it is easier for people with bowel inflammation to drink goat’s milk, instead of cow’s milk.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Goats requires far less space and food than cows. Typically, you can comfortably raise six goats on the same acreage as two cows.

3. Metabolic agent

Studies done at the USDA and Prairie View A&M University, link goat’s milk to an increased ability to metabolize iron and copper, especially amongst individuals with digestion and absorption limitations. Besides drinking goat’s milk, you can also take a digestive enzymes supplement to help with this also.

4. Bio-availability

Another main health benefit of goat milk, is that it is closer to human mother’s milk than cow’s milk is. Because it has a chemical make up that is much closer to human milk, it is easier to digest and assimilate in the human body.

5. Lower in Fat

Goat’s milk is a great option for people who want to lose weight. It has less fat, but still maintains the high levels of proteins and essential amino acids found in cow’s milk.

6. High in Fatty Acids

While cow’s milk has about seventeen percent fatty acids, goat’s milk averages thirty five percent fatty acids, making it more nutritionally wholesome. In fact, up to 50% of people with lactose intolerance to cow’s milk find that they can easily digest goat’s milk, especially if it is raw.

7. Calcium-rich

Many people worry that they need to drink cow’s milk for calcium intake and the prevention of bone loss. Goat’s milk also offers high amounts of calcium, the amino acid tryptophan, and much less side effects of drinking cow’s milk. It’s just one of the many foods high in calcium.

8. Anti-Mucousal

While drinking cow’s milk is a common reason for allergies and excess mucous, goat’s milk is not. Cow’s milk is high in fat, which may increase mucous build-up. Moreover, the fat globules in goat’s milk are one ninth the size of those found in cow’s milk, another possible reason why it does not produce irritation in the gut.

9. Ultra-nourishing

In Naturopathic medicine, goat’s are referred to as bioorganic sodium animals. They are also associated with vigour, flexibility and vitality. Cows are calcium animals known for stability and heaviness. Bioorganic sodium is an important element in keeping joints mobile and limber. Goat milk has traditionally been used in medicinal cultures to nourish and regenerate an over-taxed nervous system. Goat’s milk is also extremely nutrient dense. It has almost 35% of your daily needs for calcium in one cup. Extremely high in riboflavin, just one cup of goat’s milk offers 20.0% of our daily needs. Add to that high amounts of phosphorous, Vitamin B12, protein and potassium. In fact, Ghandi himself rejuvenated his own health after extremely long periods of fasting through drinking raw goat’s milk [1].

10. Less toxic than Cow’s Milk

Whereas most cow’s milk is pumped full of bovine growth hormones as well as a substance known as bovine somatotropin, a hormone specific for increasing milk production in an unnatural way, goat’s are rarely treated with these substances. Because of its use on the fringes of big agriculture, goat’s milk is not only more nutritious for you, but also less toxic.

11. May Boost Immune System

Goat’s milk has the trace mineral, selenium, a key essential mineral in keeping the immune system strong and functioning normally.

Why You Should Drink Goat Milk Over Cow’s Milk

These are just a few of the many health benefits of goat milk. Not only does it contain more nutrients your body craves, but it also has less additives than cow’s milk. Go with the healthier choice.

– Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


  1. Time Magazine. Great Britain: Ghandi’s goat. 1931 November 2.

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  • criolle johnny

    Where do ya get it?

    You have my email, please reply.

  • jerry

    you can get it at walmart or just about any grocery store. walmart carries it around the teas, creams, and such in a 12-0z (i think) can.

  • Chris

    If you’re comparing pasteurized, big dairy cow milk to small farm, grass fed, raw goat milk, then yeah sure it’s healthier. How does raw, grass-fed cow milk compare? I’ve had several gallons of raw, Jersey cow milk, it’s great but you can’t get it down at the local grocery and you can’t get raw goat’s milk there either… only at the farm in my state.

  • Brian

    “Goat’s milk is a great option for people who want to lose weight. It has less fat, but still maintains the high levels of proteins and essential amino acids found in cow’s milk.”

    Fat doesn’t make you fat.

  • Casey

    Don’t worry, last time I had goat milk, it tasted very similar to cow milk.

  • Stefanie

    Great post! I’ve been telling people about the benefits of goat milk for years now. But nobody seems to believe me, they usually just respond with something like, “Goat milk? Yuck!”

  • Eiji Fuller

    Im a believer in the health benefits of drinkng goat milk. My son has a reaction to casien and so he drinks it and eats goat cheese and goat yogurt. I cant stomach the awful taste though. Its too bad goat’s milk has a distinctively awful after taste.

  • Puzzled

    I’m a big fan of goat milk, and have recently stopped drinking raw cow milk and started sticking to goat milk. That said, I have to take issue with a couple things. For one thing, I consider the lower fat content a drawback of switching to goat milk, not an advantage. If I can get organic, grass-fed cream that isn’t ultra-pasteurized, I add a dash of it to my goat milk to increase the fat content. Another thing – why all the talk about the toxins related to cows? The correct comparison is organic, free-range, grass-fed goat milk to organic, free-range, grass-fed cow milk, not the chemistry sets sold in the grocery store.

    Something to watch out for – if you look in your grocery store for goat milk, it’s usually ultra-pasteurized, which is even worse than pasteurized milk. You have to use the Weston Price website to find good raw sources.

    Here’s another advantage of goat milk over cow, especially if your sources are hard to get to – it freezes much better. If you freeze cow milk, then thaw it, it often comes out thin, with chunks of butter floating in it. Goat milk doesn’t do that.

  • Elle

    I never knew that goat’s milk had that much more fatty acids than cow’s milk! It definitely seems beneficial to drink it. However, I think that goat’s milk is not necessarily less toxic than cow’s milk depending on where you live. Injecting bovine somatotropin in cows is not legal where I live (Canada) and milk is always tested for traces of the hormone before sold for consumption.

  • Petra

    Hi Dr. Group –
    Question: my dog has mandibular osteosarcoma (bone cancer of the jaw) and is on a raw diet + raw goat milk (recommended by his holistic vet).

    He is taking a cancer supplement called “Artemisinin” = Artemisia annua (also called “sweet wormwood”). Artemisinin is not to be given with food that contains iron (e.g. meats), or within 4 hours of eating ferrous food.

    As I understand it, one component of raw goat milk is Lactoferrin, which binds to iron, hence making it unavailable for germs. If that is correct, would it not interfere with aforementioned cancer supplement?

    I am a member of a cancer blog, and offered information on raw goat milk given to dogs affected with different kind of cancers. Now, we are all trying to find out if certain components of foods or medications/supplements are interfering with each other or not. We have concerns if it is advisable to combine raw goat milk with Artemisinin.

    Can you perhaps help to clarify our concerns?

    Thank you for your help.

  • YS

    So Why is pasteurized goat’s milk worse than cow’s milk?

  • YS

    Eiji Fuller,

    Are you giving your son Pastuerized goat milk or raw? I am boiling it at home. Cant bring myself to giver her raw milk

  • Barb Yates-Hansen

    I pasteurize my goat’s milk for their babies only. We practice CAE PREVENTION. CAE is Caprine Arthritic Encephalitus wich is passed from mother to kids through milk. I myself prefer raw milk, also, the goat disease is not transmissible to humans. I have about 30 show Nubians and live the animals! Drink goat milk!!!!

  • Maria Teresa Enriquez Norman

    i never realised goat is better than cow’s milk and i heard from my old folks goat is good for sick patient.Now,i’ll go for a goat milk that has good benefits and healthier.

  • Sam

    Goat’s Milk is also a lot sweeter than regular milk. I enjoy it as a dessert substitute almost.

  • Sam

    a goat provides all the necassities you’ll ever need in life. a goat can provide milk, friendship, & eventually meat (humanely, of course)

  • Sam

    also you have to be careful WHERE you get your sources from…… this is the problem. something is discovered as the greatest health secret in the world then major marketing companies get all technical about it and commercialize the hell out of it without stopping to think where it comes from. there is such a thing as manufactured goat’s milk same as manufactured “Greek” yogurt…. i actually rather enjoy the latter even if it’s not entirely good for you. where milk is concerned we have to be extremely careful and wise where it comes from. and we can’t forget about the Goat’s feelings on how we get it.

  • Sam

    Goats have feelings, too! Be wise on how you get your milk.

  • Francis K

    Been taking goat’s milk for less than a month and my leg cramps have improved tremendously. I can sleep now longer than before. Imagine everytime I move when in bed both of my legs cramp and can only sleep a few hours in an inclined position which is very uncomfortable. Thanks to goat’s milk, one of God’s natural healings gifts to mankind. From Francis of Cebu, Philippines.

  • shooting star farms

    if the goat milk you drink tastes bad then get it from another source, it is what they are fed mostly but breed plays into it as well. we run Nigerian Dwarfs and the milk is sweet. there is no ‘ goaty’ flavor. if they are your goats, then adding baking soda to the feed helps the flavor alot.feeding alfalfa or letting them free graze can affect the flavor tremendously. especially eating weeds. Good luck.

  • sue

    hello. I have had a serious autoimmune illness for over 20 years. I am trying to change my diet. a test showed I am sensitive to cow’s milk but not goat milk. sadly, the goat milk I can find in my city (tastes horrible, with that goat aftertaste I cannot stand). I cannot find Nigerian dwarf goat milk anywhere. do you have any ideas?
    thank you:)

  • Esmae

    I’ve been drinking goats milk for the last few years due to finding out about type A cows…I find that in the USA goats milk is much more expense then cow’s milk, here in England however it’s a much fairer price and we also have goat butter, something I couldn’t find in the US at all. Thanks for posting.

  • ghc_health

    Thanks for sharing, Esmae. I haven’t seen goat’s butter either but I suspect if you got close to a farmer and had a source for cream it may be an easy at-home project.

  • Roo

    In Australia, GMO feed, hormones and drugs are banned.It is physically impossible to force a cow to produce more milk with drugs and hormones . She can not produce anymore milk than her body will allow.

  • maeandmario

    wow! im very impressed with what i found out about goatmilk and im very happy for it since me and my husband was giving our 1 year old son a RAW GOATMILK(UNPASTEURIZED) and since then, he is very helthy, very calm, good mood, happy baby than he was before..because we’re giving him powdered milk for 7 months and we noticed the difference…its way lot better than any other milk can..
    we are very satisfied with the raw goatmilk!

  • antoniobucci .

    why is soft goat cheese sour(tangy)??? Is it better as probiotic than hard goat cheese???

  • Fai

    First off, goat milk doesn’t have less fat than cow milk; it has more. I see the higher fat content as a good thing, but get your facts straight. Second, the size of the fat globules has no relevance to gut irritation, as evidenced by homogenized cow milk (even smaller globules) causing gastrointestinal troubles in a notable percentage of the population. Fact issues like these make me doubt the entire article, even if I (would normally) fundamentally agree with it.

  • Fai

    I’m in Canada and can find goat butter. Liberte (a quebec company) makes it – I think they distribute to the USA as well.

  • Stacie Lay

    Interesting, thank you. I will try this. Have you tries coconut water or coconut milk for your leg cramps? My understanding is that a lack of salts can be part of the cause and so coconut water replenishes the salts well. Nature’s gatorade. (I’m not sure if this is the type of leg cramping you mean though.)

  • Abdulla Ponani

    good ..informative

  • Rose

    My grandmother was told I would die in two weeks from Bronco=pneumonia. My grandmother nursed me with Goat’s milk for two years. Then I was seven years old, now I am seventy one years old. Goats milk help me lived today.

  • Dee

    Can you order goats milk from England

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  • EdieJane Snow

    Well, I ended up on this site because I was searching to see if goat’s milk is beneficial for my Poodle pets. I drink it myself, but can someone tell me if it’s okay for my pets?

  • Global Healing Center

    Haven’t seen any research and you’ll want to verify yourself but a quick Google search has found a few resources that suggest it can be just as good for them as it is for you.

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  • Judth Schook

    I was drinking goats milk I was never sick when I got off of drinking it I was always sick now I am going to find it

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  • Healthy Bambino


    This is a wonderful article thank you.

    My daughter will be 14 months, on 3 April. She has never in her
    life eaten any form of solid food. We chose not to feed her ‘grown-up’ food. No baby cereal, fruit, veg, purity,
    chips, sweets…..You name any type of food, and she has NEVER eaten it.
    I have been exclusive breastfeeding her for the first 6 months
    of her life. Thereafter, she has only ever had fresh goats milk. That’s it!
    She drinks between 1.5 and 2 Liters of milk per day. We still do
    not give her any water, as a baby who only drinks breast or goats milk, does not need water. In fact, the water is not good for them when living of fresh (healthy-natural-mommy-breast) or goat’s milk.

    Goat’s milk is a wonderful food source for babies and contains
    all the required nutrition a baby needs. It is even rich in iron.
    The only time I will add a sachet of SPATONE-pure iron water to
    her milk, is when she is teething, which helps with the inflamed gums.

    She sleeps though the night, every night and has 2 x 2 hour naps
    every day. Her physical and mental development is immaculate and advanced.

    We are intending to keep her on this wonderful ‘goats milk only’ diet for the first 24 months, before slowly introducing solid foods.

    I don’t know of anyone else who is following this method on our planet, however, it works like a bomb and I wish for parents to realize what a perfect and incredible source of food goats milk truly is.

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience about this magical food.

    South Africa

  • Jakk Hakk

    The article says goat’s milk is LESS toxic than cows milk… which means goat’s milk is STILL TOXIC!!

  • Jakk Hakk

    The term FREE RANGE means Nothing! It is a SCAM on the people! I just watched a documentary that showed a company claiming free range, and there was very little difference between standard treatment to the animals v.s. free range. They were still all sickly and no where to roam as they would like us all to believe!

  • bluesky7226 .

    You can now purchase goat’s butter at Sprouts.

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