Foods, Vitamins & Herbs That Boost Your Brain Power

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

Spinach are brain food high in Folic Acid that can help boost your brain power.

The right foods will help you use your brain to the max, and the more you use it, the more you’ll challenge your brain to grow new cells, create new connections, and improve your problem-solving and memory functions.

Before I tell you about the many great foods that will keep your brain performing at its peak, remember — eat organic foods that are fresh and as close to their natural state as possible. Also, drink plenty of pure, clean water, which is 85% of your brain’s weight.

Did you know that water can actually increase your alertness? When you’re feeling sluggish in the afternoon, instead of grabbing a caffeinated, carbonated drink, pour yourself a tall glass of distilled water.

Finally, pick foods your great, great grandparents would have eaten, and stay away from so-called modern, highly processed foods that are filled with nasty chemicals. Many foods today are genetically modified. So, they are not as nutritious as organic, natural foods. And even worse, they can be dangerous to your health.

Foods that Boost Your Brain Power

Research suggests that diets rich in berries reduce, or even reverse, declining brain function. Blueberries, in particular, have been shown to have the ability to improve memory and keep your brain “young.” [1] [2] They can also help you improve your balance and coordination.

Berries are rich in antioxidants which protect your brain cells from oxidation and free radical damage.[3] This means antioxidants may slow down brain aging and prevent disease, while promoting the growth of healthy brain cells. Berries are also some of the most colorful foods you can eat!

The Healthiest Berries

  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Red Grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Cranberries

The South American Acai Berry has more antioxidants than any other berry. Plus, it contains Omega Fatty Acids and is high in protein. Stick to bright colors when choosing other fruits and vegetables, too. Yellow, orange, and green vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that converts to vitamin A in your body. Dark leafy green vegetables and citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C.

Both vitamins are linked to improving your memory and reasoning powers and keeping your arteries functioning properly.

Foods High in Beta-Carotene & Vitamin C:

  • Mangos
  • Oranges
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Cantaloupe
  • Rainbow chard
  • Green, Red & Yellow Peppers

Vegetables and fruits also contain natural sugars that keep you alert. Your brain needs natural sugars to function at its best. Avocados are rich in good fat and vitamin E, while whole and sprouted grains are rich in fiber. Both are good for your circulatory system. And what’s good for your blood flow, is great for your brain.

The Importance of Essential Fatty Acids

Seed Variety(Essential Fatty Acids)

Essential fatty acids are also necessary for maximum brain power, as well as promoting normal brain growth and development. Studies show that eating foods that are high in Omega Fatty Acids can reduce the risk of some disease, too. These fatty acids also help boost memory and your ability to learn new things!

Other sources of good Omega fatty Acids are marine plants, such as blue-green algae, and nut or seed oils.

All nuts, particularly walnuts, “feed your brain” because they keep your arteries clear and boost serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that controls sleep, depression, memory, and other neurological processes. [4] Raw unprocessed organic olive oil, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil also contain brain healthy fats, fibers, and proteins. I recommend 1-2 tablespoons daily.

Foods High in Folic Acid

  • Okra
  • Spinach
  • Lentils
  • Collards
  • Asparagus
  • Black Beans
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Black-Eyed Peas
  • Sunflower Seeds

Did you know that flaxseed and real organic chocolate are brain food, too! They’re filled with vitamin E which keeps your brain healthy later in life. Real chocolate also releases dopamine, to enhance cognition and mood.

Be sure to eat chocolate that is minimally processed and retains the purest cacao – as close to the bean as possible. That means either 100% organic cocoa powder or a dark chocolate bar with at least 75% cacao content. You’ll need to be careful of the chocolate you buy because some chocolate manufacturers use unhealthy and unethical practices.

Vitamins & Herbs that Boost Your Brain Power

These vitamins and minerals help your memory and reasoning powers while slowing down the signs of aging.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic Acid
  • B Vitamins
  • Magnesium

Some researchers suggest that the herbs ginseng and gingko have a positive impact on your brain, keeping you alert and improving memory.

Did you know? Body cleansing can help boost your brain power, too. By eliminating the toxic chemicals and heavy metals that build up in your body from your environment and diet, you can rid your brain of dangerous free radicals that may contribute to disease and poor health.

Eating the proper foods enhances your brain functions. And, using your brain for reading and learning new skills, such as a musical instrument, a new language, or computer skills — even conquering crossword puzzles regularly will keep your brain quick and nimble.

Note: Processed foods are often too starchy, fatty, and sugary and will do more harm than good for your body and brain. You want raw, organic fruit and vegetables as often as possible. Live foods present your body with beneficial energy as well as their natural nutrients.

I also recommend getting a cellphone protector for your phone to reduce any harmful radiation leaking into your brain tissue.


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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • natureheal

    Eating natural food such fruits and vegetable while still young is more effective. The protection is very strong from the vitamins and minerals we get from these foods we are eating.

  • Madeleine

    This herbs Guide is designed to reflect healthy patterns of dietary intake that are not only adequate but promote optimal health.

  • ya

    This comment is not specifically on this post. I liked your blog and went through your formidable profile. You can also think of advising people to go for yoga if you think it will help. Anyway, one post on yoga will be worth it in your so informative blog, even if you write against it!

  • Emma Ogutu

    Thanks for the informative blog. I found out that while we emphasize on eating fruits, it is very imperative that people know what they want from fruits and vegetables so as to make the selection easier…..Considering the world is full of fruits and vegetables.

    I find an Avocado, banana, kiwi and orange smoothie very filling and nourishing in the morning. An average sized avocado has 4 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber in it. It also has over 1200 mg of Potassium and other minerals in it… is more wholesome than milk!!!

    Bananas are good source of potassium too. Kiwi has about the highest source of vitamin C and Oranges do the same besides fiber.

    By having this knowledge, I know what fruits to go for in a market which saves me money and time and gives me what my body needs right now….K, fiber and Vitamin C.
    Hope this can help someone

  • Rose

    thanks for the info.I needed it for a report!! You saved me a lot of typing!!!!

  • vitamins herbs

    I feel my recall in this time have far decreased to be compared to when my age is more young. I distrust this matter is caused by my exasperation eat food which containing many MSG (monosodium glutamate). Suspicion of me it is possible that correctness, or wrong also. But, that make not much difference. All important things I want to say here is: don’t too much using MSG at your foods

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    I just wanted to say Thank you so much! Your site has given me a TON of information for my MLA paper I need to write. Thanks =]

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    Speakie Englie much? By your post I will never eat anything with MSG again…because if eating MSG has done this to you…I can only imagine the impact it would have on my feeble mind…AT LAST I HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR TV SET!!!!

  • sherry

    Thank you for this information. It was concise, clear, complete, and very helpful. I was looking for information on how to build the brain for an important test–and found good information for life.

  • sherry

    This is ironic. The information here is to help the brain function well, but you are using it in an effort to use your brain less.

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    Thanks. This is a very good article, and add my reference about health. But the right size for us in the food-consuming healthy foods that have not been described in this article. May be you can add it?

  • Matt WI.

    The imformation provided here is excellent! I cant wait to re-visit the food store to get the correct food I should have been eating all along! :)

  • increase brain power

    Along with rich brain foods, brain supplements like gingko biloba and ginseng can greatly enhance your brain.

  • Erik Strahl

    There are a number of tonics, tablets and other medications that have been proved to be very good to improve the memory of a person. Daily exercise helps in increasing flow of blood to the brain and in turn increases the oxygen level enabling the brain to process articles at fast speeds.

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    Isn’t it true that natural herbs like ginseng can balance your “yang” and make your wang go “bang-bang”?

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    Hi. I dont know about Ginseng but you should DEFINITELY try a ZINGER-WINGER for your wang to go bang-bang! I’ve seen them on Craigs List for cheap!!!! Just a suggestion!

  • Chas Warren

    You write that ginseng can help keep you alert and improve memory. I’ve been drinking ginseng tea for years, but I can’t truthfully say that I am any less forgetful.

    Ginseng has helped me lose weight, because it suppresses my appetite. I tend to overeat, so anything that helps me devour less is a good thing. I also write about my ginseng experience on my blog.

  • Johnna

    I have been partial complex seizures in both sides of my temporal lobes and my memory is fading its hard to remember what I did earlier today and they say it will get worse is there anything I can do to improve or stop the decline of my memory loss?

  • Iona Askew

    this is a fantastic blog, thankyou. The info is very helpful. I am caring for an elderly parent who is VERY forgetful, and I will start incorporating this information into her diet straight away. It will be goo for me too! I found another great resource which has helped us immensely, a free book about Brain Food, and we have started following that too. anything to help stave off the dementia which seems inevitable – in my Mum.

  • Restylane

    The information provided here on boosting up the brain power is very nice and useful. We must take organic food as much as possible and should follow the instructions discussed here. The importance of fatty acids are really fantastic.

  • Mark

    I think that it should be obvious that the writer is NOT an English speaker, so your hateful tone is not appropriate. Maybe you should try the brain enhancing diet to see if you can learn tolerance?

  • Mark

    Avocado, banana, kiwi and orange smoothie, hmm sounds interesting, Do you happen to have a recipe you’d care to share?

  • Mark

    You mention avoiding chocolate manufacturer’s that use unethical means. Can you either advise who that may be that we can avoid them, or maybe let us know who is being ethical so we can look for their products?

  • Amy Wike

    This is a great list. If you can’t get to these foods every day, a brain food supplement is an excellent alternative.

  • Loseweightfast

    Hi Dr. Group thank you so much for all this information about brain power boosting foods as well as the informaton about water being a stimulant intead of coffe.

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    supplements or powdered drinks would be helpful can you give me a few suggestions????

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    I like chocolates and I am so happy that you included it here as something good for the body. Thanks for your post. I really need to read something like this to remind me to eat right.

  • spandana

    chocolates are good for health.are they?
    what about dark chocolates.they also good for health?

  • Justin Thompson

    Actually dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a good amount of antioxidants.

  • Justin Thompson

    I am not a doctor by any means. But I have done extensive research on health. Brands you should stay away from are the most commonly heard of brands you will find at stores. Brands like Nestlé, Hershey’s, Wonka…ones like that. If you look on the ingredients of their products they contain things in them like caranuba wax…I have products I use on my car to detail it that contain caranuba wax. Not something a human should consume. And almost all of them contain high fructose corn syrup…which they mentioned in the article to take in natural sugars…high fructose corn syrup is a processed sugar.

  • Tricia

    i Love dark chocolate who dosen’t ?

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    The imformation provided here is excellent! I cant wait to re-visit the food store to get the correct food I should have been eating all along!

  • Gregg Denning

    I enjoyed reading this article. I am a college student and my final paper this semester for my English class was to argue how healthy foods are better for your brain and are just plain better for you period. I wanted to add as well that there are foods that also improve sex life. I know this may seem immature but your brain is an amazing organ that really does need the proper fuel for all aspects of life from healthy memory to a healthy sex life. Black beans are also a great aphrodisiac on top of being good for a source of folic acid. So those who are trying to conceive, it is a good source of food both both parties. Oysters, as slimy as they are a great source of healthy sex/brain development. They are packed full of complex sugars and proteins and are loaded with zinc which is a key ingredient to testosterone production which helps sexual performance for both genders.

  • Cedar

    I have an urgent need to improve my declining brain power. I believe it is caused mostly by my low blood pressure condition. Is there some medication or vitamins or food/fruits that can correct my blood pressure permanently?

  • rachel

    try kelp rich in iodine. iodine supports the thyroid. the thyroid hormones stimulate release of adrenaline to raise bp. forgetfullness, constipation, cold hand and feet and low mood are symptoms of a sluggish thyroid-as well as raised cholesterol. most people are deficient

  • joe

    my pennis is short (4.5 inches)can it be increased by natural food and i am not able have two stokes ,so can anybody help in making me strong

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    i’m still young but my memory seems to be old already .. i’m a college student and it makes me less confident of showing up because i’m afraid not to remember the right terms i might tell .. what else i should do ?

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    I ,know that I can contribute,or be of some help to your cause’s,1st;I’ll start off my telling you that back in 1976 I was Hit by a car,was a pedestrian riding a bicycle;I went into a Coma for 95 days-severe brain stem injury;and during this time I regressed back to a Fetal been taking position,went down to 73.lbs,My whole body was constricted,I had to be Tube Fed;had to wear diapers,like a baby,had speech therapy,and all forms of therapies.well I’am Now 51 years of age;and and have been raking vitamins,and supplement’s for “Many Years”,I just think that I can collaborate on certain things with you? If not? keep your Quality work up,and Affirmative attitude.;Thanks Anthony Zotto Jr.-12/8/2012.

  • Dave Krug

    Exercise is a great way to boost brain power as it increases blood flow to your brain (helping to deliver more brain boosting nutrients to your brain). Exercise is not an option.

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  • Aicha

    Try every morning with a cup milk 7 pieces of dates, 21 red raisins 3 figs.
    Hope you feel better

  • yeni

    hello my dad had a heart attack a year ago and he was in a coma for 1 month in a half, the oxygen didn’t go to his brain so now he has a severe brain injury like maybe you had one day he’s not able to walk without help or his walker, because he doesn’t have a good balance,he doesn’t speak clear, he get confused and upset and he lost his memory, I would like to know how did you get better? thanks

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