16 Foods High in Vitamin C

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on November 24, 2015
Strawberries - Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C is an important, naturally-occurring nutrient. From preventing colds and flu, rebuilding tissue, bones and blood vessels, to boosting the body’s ability to synthesize calcium, vitamin C is something we need on a daily basis.

Studies have confirmed the need for vitamin C to boost brain function, heal from injuries and recover from illness. A potent antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals, a diet lacking vitamin C may cause health problems over time. In fact, the Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommends that we eat vitamin c foods on a daily basis, with men getting 90mg and women getting 75mg daily [1].

The following list of foods high in vitamin C will help teach you how to super-charge your diet with a major serving of this essential nutrient.

1. Strawberries

One of the tastiest and healthiest berries on the planet, strawberries are extremely high in vitamin C. Strawberries aren’t just a vitamin c food, however, they’re also high in fiber and the antioxidants responsible for reducing oxidative stress and protecting the heart from excess LDL cholesterol. Just one serving holds about half of your daily vitamin C needs.

2. Acerola Cherry

Acerola Cherries - Foods High in Vitamin C

The Acerola cherry, Malpighia punicifolia, is a small red fruit that is packed with vitamin C! It holds about 65x the amount of vitamin C than an orange. Fresh, raw acerola cherries are available, but if they’re not in season, you can also buy it in powder form.

3. Citrus Fruits

Oranges, grapefruits, lemon and limes! Citrus fruits pop a powerful vitamin C punch. Peel one medium orange for a whopping 70mg. A small glass of OJ has up to 93mg of vitamin C, and a small glass of grapefruit juice has up to 70 mg of vitamin C. Even though oranges are probably the most popular vitamin C food, it doesn’t have the highest amount in it.

4. Papayas

Papayas are another food high in vitamin C, with one serving holding 100% of your daily needs. Try throwing some in your next smoothie or yogurt. This bright fruit it also high in vitamin A.

5. Black Currant

With its deep dark purple hue, its easy to imagine that this fruit would be high in Vitamin C. Black currants hold around 180mg per serving, as well as plenty of potassium, iron, vitamin B5 and phytochemicals.

6. Kiwi

It may surprise you to learn that this small bright green fruit from New Zealand has more Vitamin C than an orange! They are also high in flavonoids and have as much potassium as a banana. Studies have shown that children who ate these vitamin C-rich fruits experienced stronger respiratory tract than children who did not.

7. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are another food high in vitamin C, as well as beta carotene. These colorful veggies have been studied for the cardio-protective health benefits, and have also been shown to prevent cataracts, blood clot formation and may help us reduce our chances of heart attacks and strokes. One half cup of raw red pepper holds over 140 mg of vitamin C. All bell peppers are high in vitamin C, but yellow are the highest and red peppers come in second.

8. Guava

Guava - Vitamin C Foods

This exotic fruit is another great vitamin C food, with one Guava containing over 250 mg. Over twice your daily needs! They are also rich in dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium and manganese, making guavas one of the best super foods to add to your diet. Many supermarkets are now importing these fruits from the tropics, so they are easy to find.

9. Brussels Sprouts

While not everyone’s favorite food, Brussels sprouts have a great Vitamin C reputation. One serving of cooked Brussels sprouts has almost 50 mg of vitamin C. Brussels sprouts are also high in vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, manganese, potassium and dietary fiber. However, even with all of these nutrients, it’s still near impossible to convince your kids to give them a try.

10. Melons

Many melons have vitamin C. Just one cup of cantelope will provide you with approximately 67 mg of vitamin c, plus plenty of vitamin A and potassium. Additionally, watermelon is another great source of vitamin c, as one serving will give you 112% of your daily needs.

11. Dark leafy greens

Kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, watercress, chard and spinach (as well as most other leafy greens) are all great vitamin C foods to add to your diet. While they all provide different amounts of this essential nutrient, they are all very healthy for you. Kale would be the best choice, as it may have up to 130 mg of vitamin C in one serving. That is one day’s vitamin C needs in a single serving!

12. Amalaki Fruit

Amalaki Fruit - Vitamin C Foods

Another exotic fruit from India, this nutrient-dense super-food is one of the most important medicines in the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia. The fruit is picked, dried and used for its health-boosting properties. It holds one of the most concentrated supplies of vitamin C, so its no wonder it has been valued for thousands of years for its immune enhancing properties.

13. Broccoli

Whether you eat it raw or cooked, you can never go wrong with broccoli. One serving of this little green tree has over 90 mg of Vitamin C. Broccoli is also one of the best detox foods to add to your diet.

14. Cauliflower

While not as colorful as some of our other foods high in vitamin C, cauliflower holds its own with this essential nutrient. Just one cup of cauliflower will give you approximately 46 mg, not to mention plenty of vitamin K, folate and dietary fiber.

15. Tomatoes

The bright red tomatoes are another common Vitamin C food. Try using sun-dried tomatoes as they are particularly concentrated in this essential nutrient. Just one serving of 100 grams holds over 100 mg of vitamin C. This equals 170% of our daily needs.

16. Select Herbs

Many fresh herbs such as cilantro, chives, thyme, basil and parsley are high in Vitamin C. Buy some fresh herbs and sprinkle on every meal. In fact, just one cup of fresh parsley has over 130 mg of Vitamin C. And thyme comes in first, with 160 mg in one cup.


  1. David Zieve, MD, MHA, David R. Eltz. Vitamin C. National Library of Medicine. 2011 August 30.
  • Fiona

    Great information. Love the pictures of the fruit and veg, makes getting your daily vitamin c requirements look very yummy. Didn’t know about broccoli being a detox veg.

  • Susan Parker

    Food enriched with Vitamin C has to consumed by everybody as it is very beneficial to human body for healing wounds and has many other advantages for healthy life. Almost all vegetables have good amount of Vitamin C so ultimately be vegan to have all vitamins.

  • Lychee

    Omnomnom, strawberries are the best! I need to try guava some day… Is it good?
    Oh, by the way, the pictures are funtastic! And thanks for the information, I didn’t know that these fruits have soo much vitamin C inside. And again, thanks for the info!

  • Croup Cough

    I personally find Broccoli as the best choice (mainly because it comes with Vitamin C, Vitamin A and a lot of fiber), it helps me control my weight. I’d also throw in some strawberries in my diet a few days a week.

  • Freida NYC

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    Well, this serum is something completely different – but it’s the first time that skin product gave me some noticeable results. Skin seems … well, just better, sort of more alive.

    Besides, (not very dark) pigmentation I had for years gradually disappeared after a few months of using this serum.

    Since my mother is pharmacist I gave her the list of ingredients and she says they are fantastic.

    When my husband smelt it on me he liked the smell so much that he tried it – and from that day he’s stealing it on regular basis. He has dry, but not sensitive skin and adores it.

  • Shelly

    Hi I have a sunburn on my face and I have read som where that taking Vitamin C can help in recovering. Can you please suggest.

  • daily bargain deals

    Great List ..Thanks for sharing. I think I could not find better than it if I will go for Google. thanks for your guidance
    and information….

  • Aakash

    Its great Sir. Thanks a million for sharing such valuable information so precisely.

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  • Sheek

    If my iron count is too high is it best to avoid vitamin C?

  • cmac

    I dont know if you tried it yet but guavas that are pink inside are sweeter than guavas that are white inside. The white ones tend to be sour. My sons eat the outer part and throw away all the seeds. One way to try it is to blend with cherries awesome drink!! Some pple have a problem chewing the many little seeds but i enjoy it.

  • Shannon DAWSON

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  • chella

    i have uric acid 5.7 mg if any problem and how to reduce so tips

  • chella

    what are the food be decrease the uric acid and what food be reduce the same

  • Charmaine Edwards

    goats milk contains a large amount of vitamin C,,as-well.

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  • judy

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