10 Reasons to Buy Your Fruits & Veggies at Your Local Farmer’s Market

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on

farmers market

Which of these two scenarios sounds more vibrant for overall quality of life and health?

The wind on your face, the sun on your skin, you talk with a local farmer about the size and taste of this year’s harvest of peaches, as you pop a slice in your mouth. After tasting several different varieties, you choose your favorite one, walking away with a great memory of the farmer in your mind.


You stand shivering in the freezer section at your local mega-mart, your eyes begin to glaze over from the halogen lights and the neon-colored cardboard boxes containing substances claimed to be food products? You decide on the one with the least amount of additives and make your way to the self-check-out line, excited to get in your car and out of the supermarket.

Clearly, most of us would agree that the first scenario, at the local farmer’s market, is much more appealing than a trip to a big chain grocery store. But what, besides the aesthetic factor, are some of the other benefits of supporting your local farmers market? Here are ten reasons why I believe you should shop at your local farmers market.

1. Buying Locally

farmers market vegetables

Buying from your local farmer allows you to support local agriculture. This means that the food you are eating comes from nearby, and does not require us to waste lots of energy and petroleum to ship the food halfway around the world. You are eating food in your own environment, where it has perfectly-created nutrients for your specific climate and region. You are also supporting the environment by reducing the usage of fossil fuels.

2. Cheaper Organic Fruits & Veggies

You can find a variety of fresh, organic produce at more affordable prices than in a supermarket. There are also many farmers that carry products that are not technically “organic,” (as this is a costly and often beurocratic-heavy process), but have many low-priced foods that are pesticide and herbicide free. The advantage at a farmers market is that you can actually talk to the farmer, learn about their methods, and then decide for yourself and in most cases they will allow you to come and visit their farm.

3. Supporting Your Local Economy & Farmers

You are supporting human beings and the local economy, not massive agribusiness GMO food conglomerates.

Not only will your money be staying in your area, but you will happily please the farmer that worked to grow that food. Your belly will remember the farmer’s smile as they handed you that juicy peach.

4. Eat Seasonally

By shopping at the local farmers market, you will eat seasonally, fresh and ripe. This is another great way to increase your overall health. Supermarkets offer too much variety and the food is picked before it has ripened decreasing the vitality. The body does not need to be eating imported pineapple in the dead of a Montana winter!

5. Safer Foods


Food from your local farmers market is generally safer. Remember the recent outbreaks of E. coli in bagged spinach? These things happen mostly in large industrial settings, where business-men work to mass produce food, preserve it and bag it in mass amounts.

6. Fresher Fruits & Veggies

The food from your local farmers market is, quite frankly, fresher. Because it was grown locally, there is a good chance that the apple you buy from the farmer was picked a few days ago. This is virtually impossible in a big supermarket.

7. Great Variety

There is usually an amazing variety of fruits and veggies at your local farmers market. Each farmer may have his own method for growing tomatoes or peppers. This is something that never happens at a grocery store.

8. Better Taste

There is no doubt that locally-grown foods just simply taste better. You will never be able to eat a carrot from the grocery store again!

raw honey jars

9. It’s Healthy!

There’s just no way around it, eating fresh, locally-grown fruits and veggies are great for your health.

Buy yourself some local honey, which is sold at most local farmer markets. It has just the right components for allergy prevention in your neck of the woods, not to mention it’s tasty!

10. Most Importantly — It’s Fun!

We stated it in the beginning, but farmers markets are just plain fun for the whole family. Meeting your local community is an excellent way to feel connected to the world around you, increasing health for body, mind and spirit.

Or Just Start Your Own Organic Garden

An even better solution would be to grow your own food by creating an organic garden in your yard or even on your balcony. Of course, this will take extra time and money, which alot of us seem to lack these days.

Why do you shop at your local farmers market? Let me hear your reasons.

†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • NHE

    We have a huge farmers market in town, the challenge that I find is that so many of the vendors sell “grocery store” produce. Lots of the produce is packaged just like the grocery store – in plastic containers or even has stickers on it – this just makes me suspect that it really isn’t a “mom-n-pop” shop…

    Also, it surprises me that none of them advertise themselves as being pesticide free – I guess I just need to start asking them…

  • Tia

    This is a great article and so true. By buying from organic local farmers whenever possible we are helping our communities and the health of our families. I would love to post it on either of my two websites which are http://www.ladat.com and http://www.vegan123.com.

    In the meantime, keep great stuff like this coming! Thank you!

  • Tia

    I am so lucky because in Miami there is a local organic co-op. They coordinate the weekly produce from the farmers and then have neighborhood deliveries making it so convenient and easy. Check it out and maybe you can create one for your community as well. http://www.AnniesBuyingClub.com

    This is a great post and I would be happy to share it to my readers at http://www.vegan123.com if you would like me to. Best regards!

  • I photograph and write about farms (small sustainable ones, that is), and recently wrote a mini-rant about Whole Foods: the antidote to which is (of course) farmers markets and farmstands.

    It really does everyone good to know their farmers, and to know where their food comes from.

    Tana Butler

  • Good one.. Fully agree with all above points

  • Good reasons to shop locally for vegetables. It’s not just the best thing for your health.

  • venecijaner

    All true what you said, we all need to buy healthy food and help local farmers.

  • Marie Dickens

    That is sooooo true. I learned from one of the vendors at my local Dale City VA Farmers’ Mkt. that they know of several of the other vendors are buying produce from local chain stores and removing the wrappers and piling them on their tables or displaying them in big baskets so that they looked like they had just been picked. And as far as asking the vendors questions to be sure that what you are buying are really from their fields, there is absolutely no way you can be sure they are telling you the truth. It seems that in our country it is hard to be able to trust anyone that you don’t really know. I’ve also bought small plants from nurseries and Lowes and Home Depot and they have turned out to be infected and died. Speaking to other customers in these stores, I find they have had the same experience, and the packaged seeds don’t grow plants like they used to do when I was a little girl and nearly everyone in town had gardens (Houston, during WWII). We are told that the safest and healthiest vegetables are those which are canned or frozen, but even those can’t be trusted to have not been treated with chemicals or are GMO. (sigh)

  • elvina23

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  • Green markets in Croatia are the only place in town where you can confidently buy fresh local products, fruits and vegetables. It’s important to distinguish the types of sellers in the markets, as there are those that sell goods purchased in the wholesale market (the green market) and those who sell their own goods. The second one have lower prices and more quality products.

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