The Dangers of Drinking Cow’s Milk

Dairy Cow

Due to the extreme processes that milk goes through and the high amounts of antibiotics, hormones, and genetically-modified substances that cows are continually exposed to, I believe there are real and eminent concerns associated with drinking milk from cows. All cows release toxins through their milk, as milk is a natural exit-portal for substances that the body cannot use.

“Ingredients” Added to Cow’s Milk

  • A Veritable Hormone Cocktail: including pituitary, steroid, hypothalamic, and thyroid hormones (remember most cows are extremely stressed)
  • Gastrointestinal Peptides:
    Nerve and epidermal growth factors, and the growth inhibitors MDGI and MAF
  • rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone): a genetically engineered hormone directly linked to breast, colon and prostrate cancer. This is injected into cows to increase milk production. [1]
  • Pus: National averages show at least 322 million cell-counts of pus per glass! [2] This is well-above the human limit for pus-intake, and has been directly linked to paratuberculosis bacteria, as well as Crohn’s disease. The pus comes from infected udders on the cows known as mastitis.
  • Blood Cells: The USDA allows up to 1.5 million white blood cells per milliliter of commonly-sold milk. [3] Yes, you are drinking cows blood in the milk and the USDA allows this!
  • Antibiotics: Currently, cows are in such a state of disease and mistreatment that they are continually being injected with antibiotic medicines, and rubbed down with chemical-laden ointments to deal with their chronic infections. Currently, regulating committees only test for 4 of the 85 drugs in dairy cows. This means that the other 81 drugs in cow’s milk are coming directly into your glasses and bodies. Estimates show that 38% of milk in the U.S. is “contaminated with sulfa drugs or other antibiotics,” according to a study by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest and published in the Wall Street Journal on December 29, 1989. A study from the FDA data showed that over half of all milk was laden with traces of pharmaceuticals yet nothing has been done to control this.

How Does This Affect the Cows?

Milk Cartoon

Not only are people drinking these toxins, they are also taking in the energetic effects of the life of the cow.

Studies show that many cows are infected with incredibly painful infections such as mastitis. [4] Due to over-milking, artificial hormones, bacteria and medications, cow’s udders can become chronically inflamed, thus altering the color and taste of the milk.

Over time, this bacterial invasion causes harm to the cow’s mammary gland, reeking havoc on the milk being produced. From parasitic worms to cancerous tumors, these diseases are often passed along to the next generation of cows, and more often, into the milk we drink.

Often times the conditions in which cows live, as well as the rigorous milking regimes, cause dairy cattle to live in a permanent state of sympathetic (stress) response, as well as adrenal over-load. When our adrenal glands are overworked for long periods of time, there is a overload of cortisol in the blood. When we drink this milk, we are then exposed to the millions of stress-response cells in the milk of cows. It is no wonder that we are a chronically stressed society!

Avoid Dangers Related to Cow’s Milk

Here are some ways to avoid the dangers associated with cow’s milk:

  • Replace cow’s milk with healthy natural substitutes: rice milk, almond milk, raw goat’s milk or my favorite – hemp milk.
  • If you do insist on drinking cow’s milk, make sure to buy only the non-genetically modified, range fed, organic raw versions. Even better, talk to your local organic farmer to make sure the cow’s are treated kindly.
  • Eat less cheese and always buy organic versions. Goat’s cheese is the best for you!

- Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM


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  2. PETA. Cows Used for Their Milk. The Dairy Industry.
  3. Adkinson RW, Gough RH, Graham R, Yilmaz A. Implications of proposed changes in bulk tank somatic cell count regulations. J Dairy Sci. 2001 Feb;84(2):370-4
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  • Stephanie

    Nutritious for a calf…humans aren’t the only species that need vitamins and minerals. Also to compare milk to wheat, that is not a logical comparison…

  • farmgirl

    this is a JOKE!!!! look at the dr. he is a freakin hippie… get your facts straight before you publish your opinion

  • not Lisa

    i would say I wasn’t in Asia and that’s why I am healthy. Sorry but what you are saying is illogical.And I can say don’t go to Asia because you will get sick!!

  • marcel

    So don’t drink it, I love milk and i will drink it all my life. I won’t fight it. I will enjoy it

  • bull

    now we can say you are a cow

  • cow lover

    I have spent my entire life on the farm. I drink raw milk, straight from our milk tank. I can promise you there is no antibiotics in our milk, no penicillin or sulfa or anything else (I am allergic to penicillin). There are strict rules on what you can give the cows, some gets in their milk, some does not. Strict rules on beefing the cows also. Our cows are not stressed, they are spoiled. I am very offended by this article. This guy is painting a horrible and dishonest view of life on the farm. A glass of milk is a heck of a lot healthier for you than a can of pop any day of the week! Bunch of hogwash! Also: every load of milk is tested for many antibiotics before it is unloaded at the plant. These test are very sensitive. No milk with drugs is in the food system!

  • farmer girl

    You can’t even spell ‘cows’! People carry diseases too, as well as all of our pets! This article doesn’t display the truth that is the problem! Our cows are family, they all have names and are well behaved. We know each of the personalities. Milk is healthy! It is a healthy meal choice, lots of nutrients and calcium. I live a healthy and active life, because of our farm. I have never been unhealthy because of our cows. It is a lifestyle and it is great. You don’t have to understand it, but do not criticize when you do not have proper knowledge of the situation.

  • ghc_health

    Hi Cow Lover, Thanks for weighing in. Where is your dairy farm located? I don’t have any problems with raw, organic milk straight from the cow. It’s the milk from large scale production, non-organic, GMO-fed, mastitis-ridden cows I’m concerned about.
    -Dr. Edward Group

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  • Jonathan Protiva

    It seems that you may not know the meaning of ‘truth’ my friend… I would prefer it if such a word were not warped!

  • Jonathan Protiva

    What YOU’RE saying is illogical! As if it’s a certainty?! Pshaw!

  • Jonathan Protiva

    I think it’s a person’s or persons’s name(s), Robot(s)! They all demand to be called Robot!

  • Jonathan Protiva

    So how is the calf raised? Then we come full circle to the mature cow… That stuff’s messed up!

  • Jonathan Protiva

    You’re a relative rarity (at least in this part of the world) and that’s a true shame! It’s more about the CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations) than how it is on classic farms. You might want to read up on it, it’s a component of industrial farming. In fact I don’t know how you don’t know, I think it is VERY clear he only means the industrial style farms!

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  • no

    no your wrong

  • no


  • no

    this was written by a vegan

  • swag

    but cows are eveil

  • cjhionjon

    yup its yummy

  • mindjet

    milks prehistoric, find a replacement

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