Are Chemtrails Making Us Sick?

by Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM Published on , Last Updated on


Have you ever noticed a white streak across the sky? The kind that trails jets, it could have been a contrail. Contrails are streaks of water droplets or ice crystals that are sometimes observed behind airplanes, jets or missiles in the sky.

Contrails dissolve in a few minutes. If the streak remains after a few minutes, you may not have seen a contrail at all. You may have seen a chemtrail.

What is a Chemtrail?

Chemtrails are streaks of chemicals that are left in the sky from spray systems on airplanes. Some reasons airplanes spray chemicals are crop dusting (buy organic!) and mosquito control. Sometimes planes have to dump fuel before landing, and this could leave a chemtrail in the sky.


Chemtrails last longer than contrails and they may be shaped suspiciously- parallel lines, Xs or Ss. These shapes and patterns allow the chemicals to disperse and ensure maximum coverage.

Pesticides and jet fuel may not be all that is falling from the sky. In an effort to make us more pliable and less resistant, the government may be dropping pathogens and other, more threatening materials, aimed at making us sick.

If you wake up feeling exhausted, you ache, you feel foggy and lethargic, have you thought to question why you feel this way?

It could possibly be from the array of chemicals being sprayed onto the soil where your food grows, where your water drains, and into the air that you breathe. Allergy and asthma rates are rising worldwide as a result of these chemical sprayings [1].

Spraying chemtrails ensures the continued use of medications to treat the resulting discomfort, makes it harder for natural foods to grow, resulting in the prevalence of GMOs, and lets the government manipulate global warming trends to best suit its needs. Weather modification has long been a central goal of countless government programs, and could be used in advanced military strategizing.

Some chemtrails may be aimed at reducing the global population or even selective population reduction [2].

Chemtrails: Method of Goverment Inoculation?

Chemtrail over wooded area

How do you feel about inoculations and vaccines? I believe that our bodies, if well taken care of, will provide us with all of the protection we need from viral and bacteriological agents that could make us sick. The government has made it clear that it wants your child to receive a number of mandatory vaccinations [3], but many people are wise to risks of vaccination.

Do you think that many people would willingly get inoculated against the possible threat of a biological attack or a man made influenza type pandemic like the swine flu? I hope not. The government is inoculating us without our permission [4].

Recognizing Chemtrails

The chemtrail hall of shame provides links to many articles that detail the many “supposed” purposes of chemtrails (“supposed,” because there are varying levels of evidence and support for the different purposes) [5].

Chemtrails are being sprayed over almost every country (except China) in effort to subdue, control, and manipulate the human race.

We all have to be aware of this. It is time to start grassroots protests and demand our freedom back. When is the last time you wrote or contacted your state representatives? Do it. Do it now.

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†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Global Healing Center does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Global Healing Center are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

  • Tyron

    Good Article, thank you. Their has been heavy chemtrails here in Miami. Alot of my friends are complaining of fatigue, asthma, allergies even rashes. Dr.Group, what can we do to protect our health when it comes to chemtrails? -Tyron

  • Deshaun

    I always wondered what those lines in the sky were. It seemed weird that they stayed so long up there. This actually explains alot… thanks!

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    Dr. G

  • The best thing to do for protection is to have good air purification systems in your home and to cleanse your body on a regular basis. Also stay inside when you see any strange lines hovering in the air. Even more importantly is to send letters and call your local state and federal representatives and ask them why they are spraying us and tell them to stop!!

    You can forward them my article. For air purifiers go to and for body cleansing visit

    Thanks, Dr. G

  • SAG1268

    For a while I’ve been feeling like crap. I wake up ever morning feeling like I’ve never slept, having problems breathing, low energy, depression and mental fog. After reading this article, I’ve starting to believe that chemtrails maybe causing my health problems. I’m see them alot where I live.

  • Matt

    Dr Group,

    From my knowledge, the Barium salts they are using in these chemtrails lead to a potassium deficiency in humans. What are your thoughts on this and Is there an organic potassium supplement out there that you could suggest?

    How would you suggest combating these things from a health prospective?


  • I have heard the same thing. The best potassium supplement is potassium orotate which can be ordered online. I would also have a good air purification system in my home and office since most time is spent indoors.

    –Dr. G


    Dr Group, The trouble with Americans is that we’re all paranoid that “they” will hear us, read our comments, monitor our internet sites…and kill us when we discuss all the wrong doings by our leaders. China might be the only country left some day. I’ve wondered how in the world the Air force pilots can live with themselves when they know what they’re doing to their parents, kids and friends. I’ve read the cancer rate is up to a third of the population so far and the legal treatment for it is just as horrible as the chemtrails. “They” kill our gardens, force poisons into our children, force medications on us….all to thin us out. Why don’t they just make a law that each couple can only have 2 children and if they have more they would be fined a lot of money. That would be a more humane way to control the population. We need to get this on the local news somehow. It’s the only thing most Americans will believe. If more people were aware then maybe we can put a stop to it somehow.

  • White Cloud

    Any idea (backed by evidence) of who is actually doing this and when they first started?

  • viv

    Look out for potassium, it is added to so many foods instead of salt. I was having muscle jerks, confusion, irregular heartbeats and headaches until I removed potassium from my diet. I use sea salt to keep my electrolytes balanced and now have low blood pressure and a smooth heartbeat. Potassium chloride is used in lethal injections to stop the heart and is used in light salt.
    Also, recently ADBAC, a medical disinfectant, is now being used around foods even though it is linked to autism and is lethal if ingested. Even some natural food coops are using it to disinfect their meat counters, so the organic meats are getting contaminated. When I am exposed, I get muscle jerks, confusion and stomach problems. It is why some foods have become so ‘spicy’ and why many meats “boil” instead of cooking properly.

  • Adrian Reid

    back in the 70’s I used to see 10 a day but yesterday I counted 10 in ten minutes!

  • Adrian Reid

    I eat Goji Berries & Cocao nibs & strongly recommend you grab a video or two of David Wolfes. A great promoter of natural medicines. I have many friends who have spoken about your blog so I thought I’d have a look.You have great stuff here, truly informative. Very well written I shall be bookmarking your blog and subscribing to your feed so i can regularly read posts of this quality.

  • charlespearl

    Air Weather Service was created in 1937 and is now know as of 1997 Air Force Weather Agency (AFWA). They are the command and control structure of the Chemtrails and Weather Modification. They have been doing it for over 50 years. Please read the documents listed below to understand it.

    Technical Report 177 An Introduction to Weather Modification

    The Air Weather Service mission includes the field testing and operational
    application of weather-modification techniques.


    D. Designation of cloud treatment techniques.

    1. Seeding agent(s) to be employed.

    2. Method of transfer to clouds (aircraft, ground
    generators, or others).

    3. Location of seeding in cloud (base, mid-level,
    top, other).

    4. Method of dispersal into cloud (Agl generator,
    flares, rockets, dry ice dispenser, etc.).

    5. Time(s) of day seeding is to be performed (if

    6. Duration of seeding in each operation.
    E. Requirements for facilities and equipment.
    1. Operational center.
    2. Meteorological equipment.
    3. Aircraft.
    4. Ground generators.
    5. Seeding devices.
    F. Personnel.
    1. M e t e o r o l o g i s t ( s ) .
    2. A i r c r a ft crew.
    3. I n s t r ume nt t e c h n i c i a ns and o b s e r v e r s.
    G. Measurements to be made.
    1. Meteorological.
    2. Aircraft.
    3. Radar.
    4. Other.

    A review of Cloud Seeding Experiments to Enhance Percipitation and Some New Prospects

    Substantial work has also been conducted in the past 10 years regarding the dispersion and transport of seeding material in both convective and orographic clouds. The use of tracer material to tag a seeded region has been particularly helpful in this effort. The two tracer materials that are used most often are chaff and SF6. Both materials could be released from either the air or the surface. The dispersion and transport of the chaff is monitored by radar, while the detection of the SF6 is usually conducted with aircraft equipped to detect it at very low concentrations. (Stith et al. 1990; Klimowski et al. 1998).

  • Leman

    Very good comment! I wish they stop the spraying! We need clean air to breathe and clean waters and all animals need to stay alive all bees, birds, grass and so on.
    Yes, limit to two childern would be good, even one like they do it in China but spraying us? Way too wrong!

  • bobby

    Lol its funny how the youtube video isnt available anymore because the account got terminated, hmmmmm I wonder why….its a real shame we have to be controlled, no freedom at all

  • Mr Blue


    Monday, June 11 – Saturday, June 16
    High degree of overhead trail activity. Jet trails were straight, except Monday – early morning jet made an “S-circuit” across Toronto. Companion jet made a perpendicular pass shortly thereafter. Trails very long to dissipate. All week – skies silver blue, very hazy.

    Sunday, June 16 – Tuesday, 19
    Haze turned to clouds Sunday, rain on Sunday and Monday. Minimal subsequent jet trail activity on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

  • Brad

    ‘Yes, limit to two childern would be good, even one like they do it in China but spraying us? Way too wrong!’ – NO! Killing us with poison AND telling us how many children we can have are BOTH wrong! It is not the government’s place to tell me how many children I can have. Why do we have to be content with choosing the lesser evil? Global overpopulation is a myth! Do your research. If we are responsible with our resources we have more than enough to go around. The problem is not the population size. The problem is that we are inefficient / wasteful in our management of resources! Don’t be deceived by globalist propaganda!

  • misty

    I am from Arizona and feel exactly all those symptoms in an extreme way as well as my nerves shaking throughout my body like a sprayed cockroach shaking and dying from bug spray. I feel exactly like this and cant explain my sickness, nor can any doctor who usually tell me to lose some weight and take flu like medications but the flu like symptoms never leave me and I am very lethargic, foggy, achy, asthma, chronic upper respiratory infections, constant diarrhea, weak, dizzy, very irritated and forgetful. I am the perfect helpless sick person for the new world order to move in on, where are the men in this country who put down their paycheck and stand up for whats right in each government organization with a stance against the mafia thugs in charge who pay for their agendas, and wrap them in our flag, with our money. I am fuc%ing pissed.

  • D

    Well guys, since I’m already past the “2” children mark,(3), I prefer the government to mind their own damn business! That’s not why they are spraying us. I live in a town of 1500, we definitely are not overpopulated. They do not want people being self sufficient, either. They want all of us dependent on the government 100% so that they can control us. There are just too many of us to control if a widespread amount of people finally caught onto them. They are criminals, the truth WILL find them out. Don’t fall for the overpopulation crap people, and stand together to topple their evil empire. Build greenhouses, grow organic, get your community involved to help those who need it. They declared nutrients to be toxins, and put flouride in our water. Think about it, if it was about overpopulation, why flouride? It doesn’t kill right away. But it does lower IQ’s and make us physically weaker by weakening our bones, and make us more docile. Control, just like Hitler began, using food, air and water as weapons.

  • D

    Yes, and people in China didn’t stop having more than one child, they for the most part kept having babies until they got a boy, leaving a crippling amount of little girl babies in orphanages severely neglected. Those children live and die in the most inhumane ways on the planet, overpopulation, whatever. It is only propaganda indeed, and so many fall for it, wake up people!

  • danieljohnadriel

    Thank You for the Information. I am aware and taking action.!

  • iris

    organic bananas. My kids crave them, maybe that’s why. Both of my kids eat about 6-10 organic per day. Juice fasting can help too. Juicing cleans out heavy metals and toxins and increases your immune system. I’m starting a 10 day fast tomorrow. I hadn’t been sick for a year, but over 2 weeks ago I came down with something and have been coughing, had clogged sinuses, aches and pains, migraines ect… They have been spraying so much where I live that the sky is usually just a thin white veil. I live in the desert, this is not normal. By the way, my kids almost never get sick, and they haven’t been inoculated, they eat lots of Organic fruits and veggies and we practice Qi-Gong. My kids both have IQ’s that are significantly higher then average.

  • djhubberts

    How can you people believe this load of garbage? @IDA JACK, have you ever been to China and seen their air quality? I guarantee its multiple times worse than any suspected’ chem trails.’

    Those “x”s in the sky are where airways (routing for planes) intersect…. if planes at various altitudes are leaving contrails, they eventually cross and leave the Xs in the sky.

    Really, this is a stretch… chemtrails for weather modification are distributed in such minor amounts the can’t have an effect.

    You want to start talking about goverment poisoning, how about talking about flouride in your tap water… otherwise known as an industrial waste product and a poison.

  • Over it

    Look, if the controllers are so f___ing determined that they spend centuries manipulating society and go to such lengths as to spray the entire planet, maybe we should just leave them to it. It obviously means a great deal to them, and they are clearly motivated by deep compulsions beyond anything we plebs can comprehend. ie. Its a crazy planet, lets find somewhere sane.

  • Nanny Wolfe

    I am feeling the same way …my doc also can not find anything wrong! this all started in 2011 same time i noticed the 24/7 spraying! I know chemtrails started before that but not 24/7!!! 2011 IS ALSO THE Yeay Cable started adding chemtrails in every tv commercial, news show and movie! ALSO CHEMTRAILS ARE IN ALL TYPES OF ADVERTISING NOW!

  • Nanny Wolfe

    chemtrails ARE CAUSING THESE PROBLEMS! CHEMTRAILS MAKE HEALTHY PEOPLE SICK AND SICK PEOPLE SICKER! they need to wipe out the older traditional americans that’s why they wont close the borders! these s americansd are already used to no gun rights and the communist agenda!

  • Nanny Wolfe

    I have never seen lingering expanding contrails in the 70’s! YOU MUST BE TALKING ABOUT THE RARE CONTRAIL! even when i was a kid it would be a rare event to see a contrail …what we used to see as kids was planes way high up with nothing behind the jet! now you will lucky to see that once a year! THE OTHER DAY I SEEN 2 jets flying at 36 th ft. a min apart same flight path (you can track planes on plane finder) ONE HAD NOTHING BEHIND IT THE OTHER HAD A CHEMTRAIL THAT LINGERED AND EXPANDED AT LEAST 50 MILES! explain that!

  • Nanny Wolfe

    You are correct! My Dr said he is seeing an epidemic of patients with dangerously low VIT D and low pottasium! I just had my blood tested to see if we really are being bombarded with aluminum (like geoengineering scientist david Kieth admitted they soray in the atmosphere) and my alum levels were at a 4. we should all be at 0 or 1. 7 is the highest! SO WHERE IS THE ALUM COMING FROM? my doc said three year ago i was at .3 now david keith also said they use “modified commercial jets” to spray 20 million tons of sulpheric acid, aluminum, barium salts into the atmosphere and more and more every year after to dim the sun and cool the earth! Just like we are all seeing! I am a private investigator and have been investigating chemtrail for three years! I have video, pics, blood samples, tree and plant damage, soil ph up over the last 3 years. everyone i know is getting severely sick with severe fatigue on top of that and just as i predicted everyone is getting cancer! BARIUM AND ALUM WEAR DOWN THE BODY add that with low vit D and cancer creeps in! people are also getting strange flus that last 5 week long, sinus infections that last 5 months and upper respitory infections with pneumonia EVERYONE is getting upper respitory infections with pneumonia lately. also severe fatigue dizzyness agenda 21

  • Nanny Wolfe

    absolutley! once i started jucing raw fruits and veggies my health improved dramatically! Chemtrails make healthy people sick and sick people sicker

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    credit card debt. Author “The Art of Debt Guerrilla Warfare, how to beat debt collectors when your back is against the wall.”

  • Mark Stolzoff

    Stop being morbidly obese and watch those symptoms disappear

  • AJH

    I’m a liberal thinker, and I only want to know the truth, so when I ask the following questions, I am neither disagreeing nor agreeing. My questions are; Who exactly in our government is responsible for these chemtrails? And, wouldn’t those people also be at risk? Afterall, they walk this earth too. So, why would they intentionally risk their own health/live? Thank you for allowing me to play devil’s advocate. 🙂

  • Steve Svensson

    They are being sprayed in China too.

  • Steve Svensson

    The evolutionists will swear by natural selection until it comes to humans, and then they rely on science to keep mankind under control when God has it under control already.

  • derick

    They are going to hi-jack the weather, see when they have enough barium, metals etc in the atmosphere they can control the weather with HAARP. They are using this to depopulate the USA and bring about the NWO. For this to happen all currencies need to go, look out for that because it’s right around the corner. I’m positive Greece will exit the eurozone tomorrow and our IMF will topple , like domino’s. Russia’s ruble will fall, Chinese yuan will fall..Don’t forget the USA has more debt than all the countries with debt put together..Also the anti-christ is on the scene, rejoice brother’s and sister’s our Lord and Saviour is close!

  • Marleena

    The people running the government who are behind these evil things will suffer the wrath of God. No need to run out and become an environmentalist. God wants us to worship Him, not the earth. We have a heavenly Father, not a mother called earth.

    In the day of God’s wrath, rich men will pray for their mansions to fall on them to hide them from God’s anger which will be greatly kindled against them. He’s tired of them oppressing the poor and messing with people. Especially his people. God’s had enough. Almost time to pay the piper. I wouldn’t wanna be any of them in that day. Their time is coming.

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  • Mysterious guy

    That is truly terrifying. I’m totally speechless.

  • Tad_Kimball

    “contrails dissolve in minutes” REALLY!!! So I guess clouds dissolve in minutes…snark

  • bob

    CC spray, cracks me up people sure does

  • bob

    not as much sleep wonder why?!?!?!?!?

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  • NyttNorge

    It’s amazing that people don’t rise up to stop this chemtrails madness. People don’t even see it or think it’s normal, it’s so creepy.

  • marshall

    so…who is behind the spraying and why…it has to be a government operation and the purpose is probably make the population way less aggressive and more controllable, prevent riots and formation of militias. There are always side effects and it could be permanent altering human genes….very scary

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  • Per Klaveer

    See : Ditt livs viktigste information ( youtube ! )
    How they do it and change weather and block out the sun

  • Per Klaveer

    Government is Already Spraying Us

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