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Back in January, we laid down a challenge on Facebook. We wanted to talk to people who were serious about 2014 being the year they took charge of their health and got in shape. But more than just wanting it, we were looking for people who were going to do it. We were looking for people to take part in the Global Healing Center Get Fit Challenge, a 6 week competition to get in shape. Global Healing Center provided each participant with a Get Fit Kit, they provided the heart [...]

Are you sick, tired, bloated, or feeling bogged down? Every day, your body absorbs of toxins from genetically modified foods, pesticides, refined sugar, and more. Impurities contaminate nearly everything and most diseases are caused by toxins that have polluted your body. It’s Time to Rejuvenate Yourself! I’m pleased to announce the Secret to Health Seminar! Join us Thursday, May 22 at the Heights Villa in Houston Texas for The Secret to Health seminar! Yours truly will be there to teach you why internal cleansing is so important and how it [...]

The most important natural health conference of the year, California Jam 2014, took place in Costa Mesa California last month. Along with amazing individuals like Dr. Joseph Mercola and Andrew Wakefield, I was invited to speak. I have to say, it was an incredible experience. We had brilliant presentations by many chiropractic and natural health experts and thousands of great people were in attendance. It was an honor to be a part of the it! Stay tuned, we’ll soon be offering a video set of selected presentations. Whether you attended [...]

I wanted to let everyone know to tune into www.StreamingForTheSoul.tv next week for a new show called “Transforming the Times with Suzanne Strisower”. It’s an original series that’ll feature transformational people who are doing incredible things. Suzanne will shed light on spiritual happenings and spiritual “about to happens”. Join her as she navigates our unfolding quantum reality, explores spirituality, sustainability and conscious causes, and reviews new spiritually aligned films. The program will also feature a segment about Cosmic Impacts, a quantum energy forecast by psychologist and astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox.

Fluoride in the water supply. The routine drugging of children with “mind medicines”. Artificial dyes, sweeteners, and excitoxins. What do these things have in common? They diminish your brain power and make you susceptible to control and complacency. I recently sat down with Alex Jones and discussed how to escape the globalist social engineers and their attempts to control your mind. EVERYBODY needs to watch these videos and be aware of the tactics being used against all of us!





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