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Do you deal with dry skin? Dry skin is very sensitive and uncomfortable unless a moisturizer is applied on a daily basis. Dry skin has a low level of sebum and usually looks parched or chalky due to its inability to retain moisture. Dry skin feels tight, uncomfortable, and sometimes itchy, unless moisturizer is applied. Chapping and cracking are signs of extremely dry, dehydrated skin. Dry skin is often worse in the winter, when dry heat and extreme cold combine to rob even more moisture away from the skin. Wind, […]

Aside from vaccinations, home birthing is one of the most controversial issues involving pregnancy. In some countries, like Hungary, midwives have been sentenced to prison for helping out with home births. [1] [2] Sadly, though, the same is true in many states of the US where it’s either outright illegal to practice midwifery or, though not officially banned, it’s impossible to get a license. Only 26 of the 50 states allow the practice of midwifery, [3] but there are efforts to change this intrusion into women’s rights. [4]

At some point in your life, you have probably experienced uncomfortable bloating and constipation, both of which can be quite debilitating at times. Constipation is merely a symptom with an underlying issue. By approaching the root cause, it is very possible to relieve the constipation, even before it starts. When constipation happens, you can save a little time and money by utilizing natural remedies, many of which you probably have around the house. Before you run to the pharmacy, give these 10 natural remedies for constipation a try.

Thanks to California law TB 117 from 1975, your comfy recliner better resembles a chemical waste facility than it does a relaxing chair. What do I mean? Well, TB 117 requires the foam in sofas, love seats, recliners, car seats, electronics, and insulation be treated with ultra toxic flame retardants. Although they may prevent your wares from immediately going up in a blaze, they are not without serious consequence to your health.

Maybe you haven’t felt the urge in a while. Perhaps it just hasn’t felt as good as it used to. It could be stress, or it could be something more. When it comes to boosting your sex drive, the topic may seem a bit taboo to discuss. Regardless, a healthy sex life is important for reducing stress, building a healthy relationship with your partner, and improving overall wellbeing. Diet and exercise offer the best solutions for stimulating sexual desire; yet, a number of herbal tools may also provide support. When […]





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