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Despite the positive discoveries of Vitamin D over the past decade, many researchers are still unsure as to the extent of which vitamin D deficiency plays in disease development. [1] Many experts also disagree on whether or not supplementation or sun exposure is best, with many believing that natural sunlight promotes more balanced blood levels. Despite the barrage of research hitting the scene, organizations continue to differ on recommendations for vitamin D intake.

Aluminum pervades our natural environment, making it practically impossible to avoid this element completely. Not only is it present in our water, soil, and food, but many of our cooking appliances and food packaging also contain aluminum. Conventional antiperspirants and antacids, products used by millions of people every day, contain aluminum. This metal has been linked to a number of neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, and some research has even linked it to cancer. As aluminum has become increasingly prevalent in our industrial civilization over the past 150 years, the […]

At Global Healing Center, our mission is to provide a source of unbiased education for health-conscious consumers. We believe that every individual has a right to choose, for themselves, what they put into their body. Genetically-modified organisms, or GMOs, are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world’s food supply, and many people today are completely unaware that they are consuming these genetically-altered Frankenfoods. Society has become an unconscious laboratory Guinea pig, undergoing a mass experiment to determine the safety of GMOs. What is understood about GMO food, however, is painting a clear […]

Many women and men see their hair as an important aspect of their physical appearance, a fact that is deeply reflective in hair dye’s continued popularity. Females of all ages use hair dyes to enhance their physical appearance and to provide a change in the way they view themselves. While this is by no means a bad thing, using cheap and synthetic hair dyes may cause issues in the long run.

Dextrin is a natural fiber with a lot to offer. It can support your body’s ability to remove wastes. Fiber may also support satiation and healthy weight loss. Dextrin also has the ability to lower the glycemic load of a high-carbohydrate meal. Because it’s a water-soluble carbohydrate, it can act as a natural binding agent and that’s what we use it for in our Detox Foot Pads. Without a natural binder, the ingredients would disperse and deprive you of the product’s benefits. Let’s take a closer look at dextrin…





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